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We thoroughly enjoyed this trail. As my first hike at 64 it seemed difficult to me. We had been doing some town walks of 3 to 4 miles but they seemed like a piece of cake in comparison. Will do this trail again someday

The trail is a little “wild” there are quite a few fallen trees and a few overgrown areas, but overall it is a nice easy day hike. The entire trail is shaded and while there is no great sweeping ocean view at the top there are some great little views along the way so be sure to keep a look out for them!

24 days ago

Lots of fallen trees in the way and overgrown areas

Did this hike back in October of 2017, great views!

good hike ...despite a few fallen trees here and there.⛰

The east trail had probably two dozen tree falls to cross. Pretty unenjoyable. West trail was a lot better. The summit has no coastal views so if that’s what you’re looking for I’d go with another trail. Minimal coastal views on the switchbacks. Good workout.

To many down trees come on Oregon State this is such a great trail but the down trees made it a bummer.

Beautiful Day to be out with Family!!

Parked in the day use lot to go on a quick hike, I was the only car there. My girlfriend and I were approached by a man at the beginning of the trail and asked us a random question then we saw him walk into the woods and stand there thinking we didn’t turn back around a minute later. Eerie feeling we left immediately. Remember you can be out in the middle of no where quick. Use your wits

This is a sweet hike uphill. The ground is soft and the forest is impressive with it's current wildflowers and stream. A mile up you choose between the East Trail (2 miles to the summit) and the West Trail (1.5 miles). The East trail has 11 major tree falls blocking the trail. You can get past them all, we did (and we are elders), but it takes some flexibility and care. The West side has one climb over, maybe two. There are other step overs along the way. A great climb that we did with ease in less than 3 hours.

The trail had multiple washouts and trees down. It was a great workout.

4 months ago

Awesome up hill workout with a few small peaks at the ocean.

Great views of the ocean.

7 months ago

We did this hike for the first time in eleven years. Boy has it grown up. If you're looking for a gorgeous view of the ocean, you'll get about three chances through branches. If you're after a great workout then this is the trail for you. We enjoyed it. My two year old hiked about 80 percent of it, then rode in the back pack the rest of the way. It was a lovely hike with the wonderful smell of damp to underbrush and sounds of water trickling down the mountain. 1700+ ft elevation gain pretty quick.

This trail was a nice hike if you're looking for a good workout, but we were underwhelmed with the view at the summit. All you could see were trees. There were some glimpses of nice views along the trail, but by and large, less than we expected. Would not recommend if you're looking for a hike with spectacular views.

I post every section of the Ca and Or coastal trails i can and this is another piece of the Oregon Coastal Trail. Recently I've met 3 PCT hikers on different sections who had to get off and form a new plan because of fires on the PCT. One came all the way from Korea... This trail is always going up or down but not steep with some very nice ocean views. If you start this trail from the opposite end I did it most of it would be great for a wheelchair. Please note the pic posted of the gate.

9 months ago

Nice little trail through Humbug. You either have to camp there or park at Humbug Mtn parking lot and walk under the road through a tunnel to get through the campground. Very nice place to camp as well.

10 months ago

Unusual trail... Starts out as a little single track that has some nice wild ferns. It then turns into the Or Coastal Trail which is asphalt. Along the road it has raised planter boxes with different types of ferns that are labeled. One and done for me.

10 months ago

Beautiful day and very beautiful beach. Red Rocks to the south and Port Orford to the north with some beautiful rock structures to photo. I met a hiker from So Korea who got burned off the PCT and decided to dot the Oregon Coast Trail as a backup. Met a hiker and bicyclist from Wyoming and Chicago as well today.... Small world!

Did this while looking for another trail in the area I saw online but was unable to find. Great looking creek... Makes me wonder if the salmon spawn here. This area is salmon rich with the Sixes and the Elk both being great small salmon rivers..

Nice little brochure in a box on the trail but it was the 2nd worst so-called trail I've ever been on. The other was just down the street. I only found the two by taking a back street in Port Orford looking for the lake. Saw the trail signs and when I see a trail sign I hike it....shouldn't have. Don't waste your time doing this one.

Driving by and saw the sign and couldn't resist another trail. Should've..... Not worth doing but but my dog enjoyed it as part of hiking all day. The bridge with the sign was amusing. First time I've given anything one star.

Awesomely beautiful area especially when the wind isn't blowing and it wasn't today. A lot of beautiful rock formations including the arches you'll see in the pictures. Exceptionally beautiful beach with Red Rocks out in the distance as well as Humbug Mountain to the south. Highly recommend this one to all!

Did this in the winter along with the trail around the point that was onsite. When I got around to the end I got to see the cove and the ramp used to get the lifeboat in the water. Wild times back then and a nice somewhat protected little cove.

11 months ago

Beautiful scenery all the way up the mountain.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A small but beautiful beach that is connected to the campgrounds located at the park. It has a fresh water stream running into it with rock cliffs on the north and south edges of the beach.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Nice hike! Bring your trekking poles and water. It's a little more challenging than you would think. There are a few benches on the trail. I would recommend the East Trail up and the West down due to the grading.

Monday, July 31, 2017

This is a fun trail! It is definitely a climb.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Some pretty views of the coast.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Some pretty views of the coast.

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