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This State park is open (dated 06/01/2020). This trail leads you to a rock cave where you can see tide waters come in and out of it. You can also walk down to the beach and see the rock formations across the beach. Recommend timing it with low tide. Beautiful views and highly recommend it. Easy enough to have kids and dogs come along.

16 hours ago

Very nice and well marked single track trail. Goes amid the forest, crossing a couple of very small creeks. The first mile is steeper and then the train splits between the East and West paths, forming a loop. We did the West trail up, which is a greater incline than East. Gorgeous area at the top with a few benches to enjoy a 360 view of the Coast nearby. Easy parking at the bottom.

First mile is a thigh-burner with steep grades but lovely scenery and easy creek crossings. I took the east trail at the fork and enjoyed the quiet and views of the north-facing coastline and heavily- wooded forest. The summit is a stunning view of nearly 180 degrees of coastline — trees have been cleared up top to make for a better vista. I descended via the west trail and enjoyed a little shorter, smoother path. I saw 4 people and 2 dogs on the trail. Time - 75 mins up, 45 mins down. Totally worth the sore legs (I’m not currently in the best shape).

Nice hike, but I expected better views. Tree growth at top occludes any ocean view.

East and west trails were fully cleared and open to pass. Markers every quarter mile, benches ~every mile. Mainly tree covered, a good 4-5 streams for pups to hydrate, great clear view pad at the top w nice makeshift bench/tables for snack stop. ~2.75 miles to the top. Steepest in the 1st mile, but really all the way up, switchbacks help. Doable, just worth knowing. East loop seemed more level, so could be an easier uphill route. Largest redwoods near the top of the east loop.

This trail has beautiful ocean views while being somewhat buffered from the wind. All trails loop back to the parking lot.

5 months ago

Well marked and easy to navigate. A couple of small creeks and waterfalls in the first mile. Took the west loop up but couldn’t take the east loop down due to fallen trees just below the summit. They’ve done some work at the summit and there are several places to sit and enjoy an amazing view looking south along the coastline.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike out to the two hill formations. Easy to moderate trail is wide open to the area and then the ocean. Beautiful views of the ocean, rocks, and waves. We watched a few fishing in the surf below us. Enjoyable time out and back.

this was a great hike. the first mile is pretty steep but it's not as bad after that. well worth it for the incredible views

The first mile is the steepest, but very doable! After that it levels out to a steady, easy incline to the top. Beautiful view at the top, but most of the trail is forested with just short quick peeks of the ocean on your way up and down through the trees. It was a popular hike. When we got to the top, there were about 10 people and 8-10 dogs. I did get stung by a bee on the hike, but that can happen anywhere! The hike is closer to 6 miles than 5.1.

8 months ago

Gorgeous place to spend a few hours hiking. Weather is changeable as you go. Spectacular views!

Nice little walk with great views

I was a little reluctant to do this trail with some fog but the fog actually ended up making the hike more beautiful! The weather was great. It was a sunny day. I agree with other reviews that the first mile is the hardest but not really all that hard if you exercise regularly. There are plenty of switchbacks which make it easier. Make sure to bring plenty of water. That was one mistake we made, not enough water. The views while trekking to the top are breathtaking. I stopped a few times to get some pretty landscape shots. It does take some time to get to the top but when you do, there is another gorgeous view. Unfortunately due to the fog, we weren't able to capture the beauty of the ocean but nonetheless it was still amazing and the fog actually added a more surreal effect. Then going down is a piece of cake, time consuming, but easy except on your knees, of course. I'm super glad I achieved this hike. I felt like I accomplished a lot and gained some adventure and exercise for the day. Mission accomplished!!!

Great trail, tough workout. Trail in great condition, single track most of the way. Incline all the way to the top, the trees have been cleared away for an amazing view of the coastline looking south.

Saw a few grey whales right at the head. Not a long hike at all, but some uphill parts on the loop.

View at top is fantastic....I was barely in shape for this one...lots of elevation gain. Make sure your lungs are capable for the way up and your knees can handle the way down. I was quite the the slow hiker with lunch on bench at the top. There are several benches along the way. Took this pokey hiker 4 hours.

The first mile of the trail is fairly steep, but the entire trail overall has some nice viewpoints! The summit has an amazing viewpoint of the south coastline. You definitely don’t want to miss that view!

Wonderful scenic view that stretches for miles on the way up and at the top.

This is a wonderful trail with many scenic views and benches along the way to stop and rest. Start with the Headland trail to make the loop. This will save you having to hike back up this part of the trail and it is easier to hike down than up.

10 months ago

Did entire trail but didn’t notice is wasn’t recording. Nice trail! Easy. Saw whales.

10 months ago

Nice loop trail. Great view to south where they’ve recently cleared trees at the top.

10 months ago

10 months ago

Beautiful views. Wildflowers everywhere. A sea tunnel to explore. And we had the place completely to ourselves!

Nice, easy hike. Beautiful views all the way around. We even saw a whale!

Awesome hike! The trail is well beaten so it’s very easy to follow. They also recently cut down the trees that were blocking the view so it’s an awesome look out at the top.

What an incredible view. Saw harbor seals on the rocks believe. My two-year-old loved it.

My family and I came to this trail thinking that it would be an easy trail with amazing views based on what the National Park trail guide said. It turned out to be an unmaintained mess with no view of any "100 foot waterfall". There are two strange people living at the parking lot as well, so I would watch out for them. If you really want to see this trail for yourself, you have to go to the left through the mowed area from the entrance, the paved path does not lead anywhere. Would not recommend in any case.

Well marked trail. Took 2 hours up and one hour back. A good workout for sure! We started our hike at 2:00 pm and were back at our car at 5:30. We rested and took in the beautiful view at the top for about 30 minutes.

Great hike. Shade all the way up. Nice view at the top. Well maintained. 6.7 miles including hike from parking lot/campground.

Had a great Sunday morning hike and didn't see anyone the whole way. Gorgeous views from the top and peaks between the trees on the way.

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