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1 month ago

It was a beautiful trail straight down through beautiful woods to a cool beach with cool rock walls entering the beach. It was a real ass buster going back up!

3 months ago

We only went to the viewpoint today, the weather was incredibly windy, the trail is okay, we much prefer the the south trail from this TH. Maybe if we had gone all the way to the beach we would give it a higher rating, some spots were very overgrown & appears to be a little used section of the coast trail.

on Lola Lake Trail

8 months ago

Fantastic trail to beach. The lake was more like a pond, but had a mind blowing amount of frogs making a racket, so it was not a waste of energy. Large, unstable log jam to scramble over, or drop from a sand dune to get to the beach. Again, worth the energy and doable for relatively agile hikers.

Found some old photos from a trip up the California and Oregon coast I took 8 years ago. Absolutely loved this place got out of the car to explore for a few hours. Some of the most unique landscape in the US. Highly recommend this gorgeous place

Very nice little trail with no signs of being hiked in awhile. Had a back flare up and thought I would do a little trail I came across last week that would be short and flat. It seemed like more gain than my GPS said it was. There were a few small trees down and across the trail but easy to get over or around. A beautiful trail that I will do again!

10 months ago

Beautiful section of the Oregon Coastal Trail. A very nice seldom traveled single track through the forest to the beach after going through a little tidal creek. Took a friend who doesn't hike much. He didn't enjoy the climb out as much as me and the lab. Definitely recommend this one... and I'll be back!

Great secluded trail I came across while doing Cape Sebastian North and decided to go back and do today. The trail goes to the beach and back up....95%+ up or down. Maybe a few hundred yards of level trail on this one. Very nice beach on the bottom. Only sign of humans was a single horse track going down and along the beach.

Great trail through the dunes, on the beach with some beautiful rock formations and through a nice little forest. Maybe my dogs favorite hike! All or part of this we hike quite often. We saw one other group this time around with 3 labs that my lab, Brook enjoyed very much.

11 months ago

Really a 3 1/2... At the TH to Cape Sebastian the trail forks and this one goes north. I saw it when I did the other trail and decided to do it today in the rain. Very, very nice trail with a lot of diversity in forests and far better than I expected. Equally as good as Cape Sebastian if not better and really enjoyed it. Along the way I also found a section of the Oregon Coast Trail that I will get back to... Most of the climbing was in about a mile that might rate it difficult for some...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

if you like soft sand and beach grass this is the trail for you... Did I forget to mention old horse poop? Plenty of that too... I've passed by what looked like a trail sign for years and today driving home from another trail decided to stop and take a look. One and done... Beautiful ocean destination so I couldn't rate it as a 2, but a trail in my area has to be ventured! Really a 2-1/2 at best.....

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

One of the most beautiful and scenic hikes in the area when the wind isn't blowing. Only intended to do the beach today but the bottom part of Cape Sebastian is beautiful so I did it as well... very good choice as you'll see in the photos. The beach here is nice and firm on a low tide to walk on and the rock features on this part of the coast are awesome. The top part of Cape Sebastian is ugly but the bottom portion is gorgeous. A hike I highly recommend to all!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This is my go to trail with the dogs... I hesitated posting because I seldom see anyone here. Hopefully that doesn't change too much... Very few locals know about it even though almost all have driven by. The trail is sand based with much of it being soft. It goes around a pond and out to the ocean. It is a very private beach with no easy access except this trail. I've done this trail more than any other in the area. My dogs love it... I will update the track when I do it again.

If you want a long walking of running on the beach, then this is the place for you. Starts by walking over the sand dunes to the beach. Turn left and follow the beach to the rocks.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Best views ever. Fun for the kids.

Great for the kids.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Some of the best views of part of Oregon Rocks on the coast. Absolutely gorgeous when you can catch it on a day without wind. Even better when you can catch it on a sunny day... It's a nice flat hard beach that would be great for running as well. One of my favorite beaches and the river is great for Brook to get in a little swim.

My 7 month old Lab would definitely give this one 5 stars because she really enjoying fetching sticks in the river. This is a great little coastal hike for you and your dogs. Today there was a seal very interested in my Lab and it's not the 1st time. So be careful if you have a dog that plays in the surf.

Friday, June 30, 2017

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