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4 days ago

Short, but beautiful hike. The falls are gorgeous. While the hike is short, the falls are pretty enough to spend a while taking in the view. Bring a book and a picnic, and hang out for a while. Dip your toes in the cool water.

Nice short hike to beautiful falls. Would be a lovely place for a picnic with young kids. Easy to get to,

Just an update. This loop and other parts of the Grasshopper Trail were cleared of all down logs by the Scorpion crew of the High Cascades Forest Volunteers. The views on top were great and the wildflowers abundant. Some brush cutting was done, too. It was good we worked this loop on Summer Solstice. A long day of packing saws and other tools but the trails are in good shape.

Beautiful crisp hike this morning. No bugs due to cool air. Peaceful!

1 month ago

There are several driving routes to find the trailhead to the falls and our first attempt was unsuccessful.

Second attempt was grandly rewarded by an easy, beautiful hike to the uplifting Spirit Falls.

easy trial, short hike. Couple of really nice spots along the river. Chuckle springs is in a burn area (2010) so it's pretty exposed and not too scenic. The middle fork trail is nice though.

2 months ago

We the company of 9 tried to make it today to the lake. Honestly tried but had to bail because the higher the more the trail was covered with snow and thus hard to find. We reached Fall Creek Falls and took pictures, will probably give it another try in summer.

2 months ago

trail is still very muddy, but definitely hikable. really easy hike with a beautiful view

Beautiful falls, very full right now. Trail is pretty muddy in spots though and sometimes huge puddles take up the entire width of the trail, so I would suggest hiking boots at this time!

3 months ago

3rd place in the race of the 3 falls in this area. See also: Pinard and Moon. It is a nice n easy .75 mile hike down to a beautiful wide and full falls; in late March. It also offers a bench and a picnic table down by the falls if you wanna take a load off and have lunch with a view. Another hidden Oregon gem.

Great trail for toddlers! The waterfall was huge and beautiful! The trail was muddy and wet.

easy hike , beautiful and clean trail.

This is a good training hike for overnight backpacking. It goes from Salt Creek Road to Waldo Lake Road. To follow the trails you follow the Blue Arrows. Some can be kind of confusing when there are multiple arrows in the same spot, but that is usually on a hill where the trails switchback formation.
One thing to be aware of is that there is not any water at either end of the trail. There are several lakes and there is a decent creek. This creek is approximately 3 miles from the Waldo Lake Road Trail Head. It also marks where the incline increases significantly. We came back to the creek and spent the night there.

9 months ago

really beautiful.

9 months ago

See my review of Moon falls trail. 3 falls in one location. Which is your favorite- hard to say but I liked Moon falls.

Very easy trail with a beautiful lake as reward!

a great trail for a beginner hiker or a family with small kids. loved it.

10 months ago

I hiked "The Twins" in mid-August on a sunny but "smoky" day (the result of several forest fires in the Central Cascades); this made for less spectacular views from the top than would otherwise reward the moderate 3 1/4 miles hike up.
The parking area (off the Waldo Lake Road) can accommodate a dozen cars. However, I had picked my hiking day to coincide with the Waldo Lake 100 Kilometers foot race. So, no parking space when I arrived shortly before 8am. This should not be a problem on a normal day. I decided to park .75 miles away at the Bobbly Lake trailhead (allowing me to combine The Twins and Bobby Lake for a 11.5 miles loop-ish route). You can however park alongside Waldo Lake road itself if The Twins is your sole destination.
Most of the hike is through dry forest (parched ground and sparse canopy) but there are a few ponds after crossing the PCT and, of course, much water if you combine The Twins with Bobby Lake (or Found Lake to the North).
As others have noted, the 3.25 miles to the top are basically all up. However, the three sections of the trail are noticeably different. The first section, from the trailhead to the junction with the PCT, is a series of short ups and longer flats, making it a very good way to warm up for the rest of the climb. Immediately after crossing the PCT, the grade increases and the pattern is reversed: short flats and longer/steeper inclines. About .75 miles from the summit, the last sections starts after the junction with the Charlton Lake trail. This third section is the standard ascent up an eroded volcano; steep climb for the required cardio and a bit of scree (not too much though) to make you feel you ARE climbing a Cascades summit. Most of this section is above the tree line and the views are sweeping (I guess they are....when there is no smoke to blot out most of the distant summits).
The summit(s) area is rather spacious (especially on the North Twin side) and provides many good spots to sit down, take in the views, snack/lunch, etc. The South Twin summit (higher) combines a rocky outcropping (true summit) and a small -partly wooded- saddle that can offer some protection from sun and winds. The saddle between the two peaks can also be used to take cover from the sun/winds if needed.
I had initially planned to retreat down the summit the way I came; However, I noticed a use trail starting from the saddle just below the South Twin (with bike tracks too) hugging the North-East side of the South peak. This descent offers some very pretty views -from below- of the South Peak rocky summit. The use trail (about a third of a mile) rejoins the Charlton Lake trail just at the tree line. Making a right there I got back to the Twin Peaks trail (.5 miles) and then to the PCT.
The PCT section South to Bobby Lake is mostly flat and a good change of pace / posture from the climb and descent of the Twins. The last .5 miles or so also goes through denser / greener forest as it approaches Bobby Lake. Bobby lake is a short .25 miles to the left/East and its relatively vast expanse is soothing/refreshing after much walking across dry land. Another good spot to rest/snack/lunch/dip.
The 2 miles return to the Bobby Lake trailhead is (surprisingly?) mostly up, although not to the point of exercising you.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised about how enjoyable this hike was (I chose it a bit as a 'make do' considering the many area closures due to forest fires). All trail sections are well cut and well maintained, the progressive increase in grade from parking to summit makes is perfect for managing your efforts, the summits area is spacious and combines views and protections from elements, the views are (likely) worth the effort and, if you combine this with a side trip to a lake, there are opportunities to refresh your sore feet (or more) as a reward.

10 months ago

Love Spirit Falls! Hidden gem off a long forest drive. Never heavily used which is amazing. My dog loves it because he can swim in the waterfall. Beautiful and an easy hike! New favorite place to hike!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I visit these lakes every year but this was my earliest visit ever. Lots of fresh, clear water in the lakes which are connected by beautiful waterfalls you will pass along trail. Lots of mosquitoes in June, July and into August. Treated clothing was effective along with 38% deet lotion. Camped for 2 nights, woke up to two pairs of Bald eagles fishing and chirping in response to each other's movements around the middle of the three lakes. Awesome up close interactions with the eagles as they had no fear of humans, sometimes choosing a perch directly above my camp. Osprey nest here too, and they struggle to keep their catches from the Eagles in terrific aerobatic battles. Nearby, the 5.4 mile Irish Mt trail offers a nice view of the cascade crest. The Skookum campground at the trailhead has a bathroom (but no water) is a nice car camping option. Erma Bell lakes trail is truly a gem!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Love these falls. It's smaller than some others I've gone to but the first I actually got into because of that. It's not so big that the wind from the waterfall wasn't too cold. The hike to it is beautiful and not very long. There's a little pick nick table right near the falls too. Not muddy right now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

...a bit muddy in some spots. It is getting close to drying out but wear shoes you don't care about.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Great hike, but wear your boots and clothes to get muddy muddy muddy....

Thursday, May 04, 2017

A gorgeous site for sure. It was muddy but not too bad. The way down was more difficult than the way up mostly because I was carrying my DSLR camera at my side with a fear of slipping on the mud. The mist wasn't too bad I had fear for my camera reading previous reviews but I was able to get great shots without any water getting in the way and I did not walk away completely soaked as in previous reviews. A must see.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Close to Eugene! Easy day hike to accomplish Spirit, Moon, and Pinard Falls in the same day.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Short and sweet, but if you go in winter you might want to wear boots and be prepared to slide your way down the steep parts through some serious mud soup

Sunday, March 12, 2017

From when you get out of your car, and look at the trail you can feel your in for something different. I wouldn't call it easy but it's not much harder then easy. to get to the water you could easily slip and fall. I went after a hard rain and the water was flowing hard.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Water is flowing HARD, from the picnic table you get soaked because of the mist from the falls.

Monday, February 13, 2017

This was my favorite of the three. You get really close to the falls that you get pretty wet.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Lovely short hike. The falls are spectacular!! Definitely worth going to. Might as well go to the other two falls in the surrounding area as well since you'll be so close

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