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beautiful hike with great views of diamond peak and a few smaller lakes along the way. I started at 740 am and was at the base of mount yoran at 845 or so. I had planned on scrambling to the summit but holy hell the mosquitos in this area are straight out of hell. I must have killed a hundred of them and still got dozens of bug bites. the evil little things were even able to keep you with me while I was hiking and eventually drove me away from the summit as I couldn't move fast enough up the scree fields to get away from them. I'd only reccomend this if you're covered in long pants and long sleeves with a buff over your head and neck and even then you'd better jump in a vat of feet before heading out.

7 days ago

Short, but beautiful hike. The falls are gorgeous. While the hike is short, the falls are pretty enough to spend a while taking in the view. Bring a book and a picnic, and hang out for a while. Dip your toes in the cool water.

8 days ago

This hike was a good climb with even better views at the top! Hit a small snow patch, but it was easy to pass. Beware of the mosquitoes! 6/24/18.

One of my favorites

Nice short hike to beautiful falls. Would be a lovely place for a picnic with young kids. Easy to get to,

17 days ago

attempted the Creek trail, but due to excessive burn out from the summer before, we probably only got .5 mile in. The Creek is pretty, though, and worth the stop if you come up FR19 from the south. It is still blocked from the north due to a rock slide at Cougar Reservoir.

25 days ago

It’s a great trail to see some awesome views 365• of diamond , sisters, Jefferson, Waldo & Odell lake.
It’s pretty easy, has a good elevation gain that zig zags up to an incredible flat peak with extremely steep cliffs and an amazing view.
Recommend you drive there in an SUV or a vehicle w good bro if clearance as you have to drive approximately 5.7 miles up a gravel road ( we did it in our 07 VW Passat which is a little low)

We went @ 1030 am and didn’t see another person the whole time, tons of beautiful areas to go off trail & picnic, etc.

Beautiful crisp hike this morning. No bugs due to cool air. Peaceful!

Love the variety of scenery here. There was still snow on the ground in areas, but trails still easily accessible. the uncollapsed mine was flooded at this time of year.

1 month ago

There are several driving routes to find the trailhead to the falls and our first attempt was unsuccessful.

Second attempt was grandly rewarded by an easy, beautiful hike to the uplifting Spirit Falls.

2 months ago

trail is still very muddy, but definitely hikable. really easy hike with a beautiful view

2 months ago

For those who want to do both routes up Maiden Peak, one can drive on Highway 58 to the PCT TH on the north side just past MP62. Here, one can do a loop from Willamette Pass through the Rosary Lakes, the trail to Maiden Lake and up Maiden Peak from the south, where the views are as described--spectacular. One then descends west to the PCT and take it back to the trail near the Skyline junction, not too far from the junction of the trail to Maiden Lake. NOTE: there is significant climbing (700') on the PCT heading south, which after the rapid descent from Maiden Peak, after a lot of hiking, is difficult. One may finish by going back out the Rosary Lakes, but it's possible to hike up to Tait's Loop and then hike it (I am in charge of the diamonds on that for winter use) to the Tie Trail back down to the PCT. When I hiked it on 30 Sep 17, I went over to the ski area, right near Tait's Trail, and hiked down to the bottom and back to Willamette Pass. That was 18.8 miles. It is a beautiful hike with four lakes, a mountain peak, the PCT, overlook over Lower Rosary, nice woods, a nice shelter along the PCT about 1.3 miles south of where the Maiden Peak trail joins it, and even a ski area.

Beautiful falls, very full right now. Trail is pretty muddy in spots though and sometimes huge puddles take up the entire width of the trail, so I would suggest hiking boots at this time!

3 months ago

3rd place in the race of the 3 falls in this area. See also: Pinard and Moon. It is a nice n easy .75 mile hike down to a beautiful wide and full falls; in late March. It also offers a bench and a picnic table down by the falls if you wanna take a load off and have lunch with a view. Another hidden Oregon gem.

Great trail for toddlers! The waterfall was huge and beautiful! The trail was muddy and wet.

From the parking area, the trail is difficult to find. Park your car and walk up the road a little further (towards the camping area) and the trail will be on the right side of the road. If you visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon, be prepared for tons of mosquitoes (you’ll basically be walking through clouds of mosquitoes). The first time I came out here, I actually turned around because the mosquitoes were so intense and I was not adequately prepared. The hike to the top of the mountain is short but very steep. Once you get to the top, you receive one of the best views of the Cascades I have ever seen. You also see the ghost town down below and the nearby fire lookout.

The road up to the lookout is rough with ruts, potholes, and bedrock. 4WD is recommended but not required to reach the trailhead.

8 months ago

The fire lookout has apparently burned down in the fires of August 2017 so sad

easy hike , beautiful and clean trail.

9 months ago

really beautiful.

Breathtaking views. Definitely coming back in the future.

9 months ago

See my review of Moon falls trail. 3 falls in one location. Which is your favorite- hard to say but I liked Moon falls.

This short out and back is amazing! I will load a picture later. The directions are fairly accurate, Eagle Creek Road/Forest Road 5883 is a decently maintained gravel road. Starts with some deep pot holes and then a lot of washboard areas after that. It's probably about a 40 minute 10+ mile road to the trailhead. Luckily the trailhead parking is well marked on your right hand side. The trail itself was harder, across from the parking there was an old fence post right where the trail started but no sign. We went up on September 23rd and the whole trail was snow, getting up to a foot or more at the higher end. Luckily the blue diamond trail markers are there.
You will reach a fork in the trail about 1/4 mile in, left takes you to Fuji Mtn and right would take you to a much longer Waldo lake trail. Consistent ascent, eventually will start switchbacking. Don't think you've reached the end at the first clearing, although that is a great view point! And then there's another clearing past that one, and you're still not at the top (great view though!). You will really know when you reach the flat top of Fuji and get an amazing vista of the Waldo Lake and the Cascades. The day we went was a bit overcast so couldn't see the tops of the mountains but still amazing!

a great trail for a beginner hiker or a family with small kids. loved it.

10 months ago

Love Spirit Falls! Hidden gem off a long forest drive. Never heavily used which is amazing. My dog loves it because he can swim in the waterfall. Beautiful and an easy hike! New favorite place to hike!

trail running
Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I visit these lakes every year but this was my earliest visit ever. Lots of fresh, clear water in the lakes which are connected by beautiful waterfalls you will pass along trail. Lots of mosquitoes in June, July and into August. Treated clothing was effective along with 38% deet lotion. Camped for 2 nights, woke up to two pairs of Bald eagles fishing and chirping in response to each other's movements around the middle of the three lakes. Awesome up close interactions with the eagles as they had no fear of humans, sometimes choosing a perch directly above my camp. Osprey nest here too, and they struggle to keep their catches from the Eagles in terrific aerobatic battles. Nearby, the 5.4 mile Irish Mt trail offers a nice view of the cascade crest. The Skookum campground at the trailhead has a bathroom (but no water) is a nice car camping option. Erma Bell lakes trail is truly a gem!

on Rebel Rock Trail

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Planned an overnight near the lookout, but the trail has been reclaimed by wilderness at about mile 5. The trail was in fairly excellent shape until then. We came from the north side and did not reach the lookout or any views, though we came very close. Quite frustrating. Might try again from the south side of the loop...

Abundant downed trees and thick undergrowth were too difficult to pass through with an overnight pack. Adventurous dayhikers starting early may be able to find their way, but should be prepared for really gnarly terrain and scant evidence of trail near the top.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Set up base camp at a valley on the south-west side of the mountain. Next day, we cross-country climbed off trail over 3000 feet through the westside. There is a lot of hidden scrambling on that side of the mountain ! Extremely tiring, but saw some amazing sights ! Ghost town was nice too.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Love these falls. It's smaller than some others I've gone to but the first I actually got into because of that. It's not so big that the wind from the waterfall wasn't too cold. The hike to it is beautiful and not very long. There's a little pick nick table right near the falls too. Not muddy right now.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Oregon Hiking - Bohemia Mountain & Fairview Peak

Both Fairview Peak with a fire tower and Bohemia Mountain have beautiful views. Nice paved road up 28 miles, then 8 miles of gravel road (lots of dust), and the last two miles were rough with ruts. I would recommend four wheel drive.

Fairview Peak is up a steep, rough, rutted gravel road. There is a restroom, picnic table and fire pit at the top.

Bohemia Mountain is a trail walk that is steep, narrow, some rocks and some large patches of snow on the trail (mom slipped and fell twice). The trailhead sign is to the right and a bit hard to notice. There are lots of mosquitoes. Lots of mosquitoes. We sprayed three separate times.

You can see Mt. Thielson, Mt Baker, Three Sisters, etc.

We were the only hikers in the group with a dog. Lassen did well.

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