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Very pretty falls, good viewpoints, and an enjoyable trail in between. Great for anyone looking for an easily accessible moderate trail.

Overgrown in some areas with fallen logs can get around a good trail running trail for conditioning. The waterfalls are best viewed in the spring/early summer with the snow melt.
There are little blue diamonds throughout the trail that help guide you through the trails/overgrowth. When in doubt look for the blue diamonds.

Salt Creek falls was incredible. It’s accessible from the parking lot and a quick walk on a cement path. Diamond falls is a couples miles in, and there are two viewing points. Depending on which fork you take on the loop (I recommend going left first) you’ll get to see diamond falls from the upper view first. The second viewing point is the lower point. Part of this trail is washed out, I didn’t feel comfortable proceeding to this view point. From what we were told, the view is about the same as the upper point which is completely accessible, and just a view of the falls from a different angle. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make it, part of it is pretty sketchy. Go at your own risk.

Side note: there is a trail that will proceed off to Vivian lake, which is what I believe the primary hiker did on the main recording. A couple of miles in you reach a crossing that gets pretty deep. If you don’t mind getting your shoes soaked, or want to brave the cold water bear foot, then take this trail. Even if you don’t make it to the lake, it’s still pretty awesome to see because there’s some snow left in this area.

Overall, this trail was completely worth the drive wherever you’re coming from!

9 days ago

We the company of 9 tried to make it today to the lake. Honestly tried but had to bail because the higher the more the trail was covered with snow and thus hard to find. We reached Fall Creek Falls and took pictures, will probably give it another try in summer.

Breathe taking. A must see!

Hiked on 4/26.
Gate still locked about .7 miles from parking lot. Snow on about 1/4 if the trail, so make sure you have waterproof boots. Blazes are easily visible when you can’t see the trail.
Both falls are in full volume so if you enjoy solitude, don’t mind a bit of snow, now is the time to hike.

25 days ago

For those who want to do both routes up Maiden Peak, one can drive on Highway 58 to the PCT TH on the north side just past MP62. Here, one can do a loop from Willamette Pass through the Rosary Lakes, the trail to Maiden Lake and up Maiden Peak from the south, where the views are as described--spectacular. One then descends west to the PCT and take it back to the trail near the Skyline junction, not too far from the junction of the trail to Maiden Lake. NOTE: there is significant climbing (700') on the PCT heading south, which after the rapid descent from Maiden Peak, after a lot of hiking, is difficult. One may finish by going back out the Rosary Lakes, but it's possible to hike up to Tait's Loop and then hike it (I am in charge of the diamonds on that for winter use) to the Tie Trail back down to the PCT. When I hiked it on 30 Sep 17, I went over to the ski area, right near Tait's Trail, and hiked down to the bottom and back to Willamette Pass. That was 18.8 miles. It is a beautiful hike with four lakes, a mountain peak, the PCT, overlook over Lower Rosary, nice woods, a nice shelter along the PCT about 1.3 miles south of where the Maiden Peak trail joins it, and even a ski area.

Salt Creek Falls is really impressive. The road is closed .7 miles from the trailhead. Unable to reach the other waterfall due to the trail being covered in ice

Two epic waterfalls can be seen here, Salt Creek and Diamond Creek Falls. Salt Creek is a quick walk while Diamond Creek is longer. This is a good spot to get into snow shoeing. Here is a video of my time here:

Stunning scenery and beautiful waterfall, great for a brief stop on the return from Crater Lake (especially if the lake is veiled in fog and you’re seeking redemption...)

6 months ago

Just camped at this place. Was awesome! Quick hike in. Very secluded compared to Waldo. Gotta check out the small peninsula at the south end. Here is a video I made on the place:


Beautiful waterfalls! Will definitely come back!

This is a good training hike for overnight backpacking. It goes from Salt Creek Road to Waldo Lake Road. To follow the trails you follow the Blue Arrows. Some can be kind of confusing when there are multiple arrows in the same spot, but that is usually on a hill where the trails switchback formation.
One thing to be aware of is that there is not any water at either end of the trail. There are several lakes and there is a decent creek. This creek is approximately 3 miles from the Waldo Lake Road Trail Head. It also marks where the incline increases significantly. We came back to the creek and spent the night there.

Very easy trail with a beautiful lake as reward!

7 months ago

Early snow! A dusting at the trailhead gradually built up to about two feet by the time I got to Divide lake. Was hoping for a scramble up Mt Yoran but no dice. Great opportunity to see animal tracks you might not see up in the high country in the winter though. Bobcat, coyote, deer etc.Loaded up on the bumper crop of huge huckleberries around Notch lake on the way in and out Yum

An amazing hike. Diamond creek falls is incredibly beautiful!

My wife picked this one out. Little hidden gem right off Hwy 58. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we experienced lightly travelled trails with a few great viewpoints and waterfalls. We ran into only a few other hikers, and had a nice quiet outing. Great waterfalls!

Very nice loop. There is a way to walk down to the bottom of salt creek falls as well as diamond creek. Too much bear lake isn't much of a lake but you can get up to it. Also went to falls creek falls which is on the way to Vivian lake. A separate trail off the loop. Not my favorite fall. Did not make it to the lake due to time restraints. Hiked closer to 8 miles by seeing all 3 falls. Adding Vivian lake would have made it closer to 10. The loop is a pretty easy trail. Falls creek has a steady incline after the railroad tracks

Very beautiful. Explored the area and backpacked the trails. Camped by lower diamond creek falls, had an amazing experience. I recommend this Trail system for exploring. :)

Beautiful hike! Three beautiful waterfalls. My 11 year old son is picky about hikes. There was enough variety (foot bridges, wooden stairs cut into a log, creek crossings via stones/fallen logs, train tracks, etc) that he was well entertained.

Hike is ok. I thought Salt Creek Falls were great but Diamond Creek didn't compare. Forest is lovely on the way to falls. I used Skin So Soft bug spray and had no issues with skeeters. Finding the trail was difficult. You have to use the paved trail to the left of bathrooms and continue past picnic area to bridge over creek. That's the first place I saw a sign marking the trail.

Nice easy hike with some great views. Was ruined a little bit by the swarms of mosquitoes. We used bug spray liberally and were still attacked by the swarms.
Still a really nice hike. Well maintained trail.

lots of mosquitoes! use DEET.

Bring bug spray! Ended up leaving early due to mosquitos - beautiful though!

Mid-July, bring mosquito repellent or the like!

Hiked to the bottom of Salt Creek Falls. A lot of loose rocks so be careful. It was well worth it. The view at the bottom was amazing!

The hike itself is great, but there are way too many mosquitoes. We tried to go all the way to Vivian Lake and had to turn around because the dog already had 20+ visable bites. I would not advise taking dogs, but spray did the trick for me. Really great views and a nice trail.

I started this hike at 6 PM Wednesday, July 5 and literally did not encounter another person on the trail the entire time! This made it so much more enjoyable truly getting out in the wilderness and the falls were phenomenal. Amazing vistas on the return leg past Diamond Creek Falls and Lower Diamond Creek Falls. My new favorite evening hike.

trail running
10 months ago

I visit these lakes every year but this was my earliest visit ever. Lots of fresh, clear water in the lakes which are connected by beautiful waterfalls you will pass along trail. Lots of mosquitoes in June, July and into August. Treated clothing was effective along with 38% deet lotion. Camped for 2 nights, woke up to two pairs of Bald eagles fishing and chirping in response to each other's movements around the middle of the three lakes. Awesome up close interactions with the eagles as they had no fear of humans, sometimes choosing a perch directly above my camp. Osprey nest here too, and they struggle to keep their catches from the Eagles in terrific aerobatic battles. Nearby, the 5.4 mile Irish Mt trail offers a nice view of the cascade crest. The Skookum campground at the trailhead has a bathroom (but no water) is a nice car camping option. Erma Bell lakes trail is truly a gem!

11 months ago

Trail isn't open as of 6-19. Mosquitoes are killer. Water is wet.

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