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The trail starts off with some switchbacks that will have you over looking the ocean pretty quickly. During the majority of the switchbacks you will be out in the open and the trail will be pretty tight, but not too bad. Once you enter the trees the trail opens up, but you will have to be mindful of mud and roots. Towards the top the trail is very smooth until the final climb to the summit. Last 50 feet is a little rocky and has a slightly steep climb to the summit; the rest of the trail is a mild incline. Great view a summit. Looking at the beach there will be another peak to your left that allows a wider look at the mountain range, but you’ll have to traverse a pretty narrow ridge to get there. Take your time on the way down through the mud and you’ll be fine. Hike takes approximately 2 hours to complete without breaks.

This is definitely a beautiful hike. But, every person who has commented before me about the trail being a challenge, not well maintained or mess, is not exaggerating. After about 2 miles of traversing root systems and trying not to slip in mud, I turned around. I crossed the road and did Elk Flats instead. The way that trail is maintained is drastically better!

Parked at the south trail head ( not available in this app) and it was 2.3 miles but still steep for a somewhat beginner. Felt like a good workout but not completely exhausting. beautiful views along the way but also overgrown with bushes. At the top, you do have to rock climb a little but worth it.

The trail was not overgrown but there are lots of old tree roots obstructing the path, which was not a problem for me, but may be for other hikers looking for an easy trail. The trail follows a stream that you can see for a portion of the hike. You can hear the sound of the waves and the stream as you walk along the trail. At one point, I came across a part of the trail that had completely fallen out and was difficult to cross. The remainder of the trail was great and easy. The beach is protected and there is little wind. I arrived just in time to see the sunset and the views were spectacular. A great surfing spot as well!!! If you walk down the right side of the beach and the tide is low, you may see a few starfish!

This is a great trail, done it many times over the past 50 years, even with grandparents who were in their '70's!

Hike should be rated as hard, and is not suitable for young children. Ok, that being said, this is a gorgeous hike through old growth timber. Wear long pants and sleeves as the first 3/4 mile climbs through thicket that overgrows the rocky path, which is washed out in spots. Once through the thicket the path opens up into the cool, magical old growth. Climb over, around and through the maze of roots, upward for 2 more miles. Ack a lunch for the top; you may. Want to hang out for the fog to clear, hoping to get a glimpse of the stunning view, which is often socked in. Trekking poles will really help on the way back down. Be sure to be out well before dark.

The trail was in bad shape. Most of the trail was overgrown, and some parts of the trail were very eroded.
The view from the top was very nice, it might be worth going on a day when the sky is clear.

Did this hike three weeks ago with some friends and family (12 & 14 year old). The trail was beautiful, and the tree root systems were awesome. It was not muddy at all as prior reviews indicated but I can see how it would be of course earlier in the year. I am not an experienced hiker, and I know it says “moderate” but it was a bit harder than I anticipated, though I don’t regret it at all.

23 days ago

I actually did this trail from the southern entrance, but don’t see that hike as an option in this app. That hike is shorter, at about 3 miles. It’s a nice walk up through thimbleberry thickets it and the woods. The view from the top is gorgeous but the final hundred feet or so to get to the top are a real scramble. Older folks and people with not great balance might not want to go up. Also, on Wednesday it was packed, so I can’t imagine how it gets on the weekend.

Amazing view from the top, as well as changing scenery throughout the hike! I definitely recommend this one!

We did the 5.3 mile round trip hike, out and back. Ample parking across the street from the trail head. View is worth every bit of the hike (which was beautiful too). Trail is a bit overgrown in parts but in no way a deterrent. Berries all along the trail!

Beautiful, easy hike. Was getting more crowded w field trips as we were leaving.

Incredible views at the top- so well worth it. Another person at the top told us it was the highest point on the Oregon coast! Took the south trail- about 1.5 miles there and back. Took under an hour each way.

Another fabulous Oregon Coast Trail. You can also park at the south end of the trail and hike to the top making it an in-and-out hike. Going this way, the total in-and-out distance is about 3 miles. Elevation gain is about 1200 feet and I would classify this as a moderate hike.

No idea what the previous review is talking about... except maybe he's trying to keep this excellent hike to himself.

Note to hikers: This is an Oregon Coast trail and the Oregon Coast is essentially a rain forest -- so guess what that means? Muddy trails. Also, not surprisingly, there are lots of trees and plants growing here... which means, not surprisingly, there are often lots of roots on the trails. So, if muddy trails with lots of roots are not for you, you might want to consider skipping hiking on the Oregon Coast all together.

Another fabulous Oregon Coast Trail. You can also park at the south end of the trail and hike to the top making it an in-and-out hike. Going this way, the total in-and-out distance is about 3 miles. Elevation gain is about 1200 feet and I would classify this as a moderate hike.

Nice easy hike down to the beach and back. Kids managed just fine. Would definitely do again.

Beautiful views all along this hike. I recorded this hike and it said 5.3 miles round trip, however. The view at the top is well worth every drop of sweat. Great place to enjoy lunch! I recommend insect repellent as there are quite a few insects and the trail is over grown at parts.

Super easy walk to a gorgeous beach with bathrooms, a waterfall flowing into the ocean, and lots of surfers !

1 month ago

Started at the South end and hiked to the summit and back. I was not impressed with this trail. From the south end the trail we hiked through the forest without any views. Just looked at ferns, moss, and cedars. The view at the top was pretty cool. There is a spot you can scramble up and have great views. Over all I wouldn't do this trail again. It was approx 1.5 miles from South end to summit.

Amazing views! Once you get to the opening of the view, keep going a little bit and there’s a rocky path up to a higher point, go there! Vegetation was overgrown in the beginning but it clears out. I took my 2.5 year old in my pack and she did great!

Nice secluded beach with surf breaks. I stopped here for snack on recent OCT hike. Great spot to replenish water, there are bathrooms and trash cans.

Tough hike to the top but rewarding views! We brought our two dogs, but I can’t say that I would bring them back. The trail is narrow and often overgrown which it made it difficult with the pups, especially when we ran into other hikers

2 months ago

Stunning views at the top!
This trail is very narrow and the vegetation overgrown at parts. It’s a weird combo of beach, jungle and forest. Beautiful! Very wet, a little muddy and slippery at times. Well worth it!

This is a very nice day hike with a great view at the top of what I think of as the Nehalem River Delta. The trail is fairly demanding- steep and very rocky with lots of roots and difficult footing. At times the vegetation nearly covers the trail and towers above head height (and I’m 6-5). Busy on this holiday weekend but you still go for long stretches without seeing anyone. We hiked from the oceanside trailhead.

Hiked last week. It was my first hike and i found it worth sweating for, safe and amazing view point.

This is by far my favorite beach hike. I've taken my 5 year old up to the peak. With the kiddo it's a bit more slow going, but worth the time it takes. The view is absolutely amazing! The people I've met on this trail have all been amazing, and wonderful.

This is probably one of the best beach hikes near Seaside. It was straight uphill the whole time but I feel if you push yourself and take some breaks the novice hiker can make it. It was muddy in some spots this day so wear boots that are waterproof just in case. The view at the top is breathtaking (Make sure to climb to the top of the pile of rocks for the ultimate view). If you want to check it out before you go, I did a YouTube video on it so Copy/paste the link below!


Still very muddy, dress appropriately and wear shoes that can take a beating. Hiked it both ways from one parking lot to the other and back, one way takes about 2 hours at regular speed. Make sure to take the 0.1 mile side-trip at the parking lot near the ocean - there's a beautiful lookout point! Top part can be covered with clouds, so carrying a rainjacket is a good idea.

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