Neahkahnie Beach

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I went two weeks ago with my roommate. We got there around 8:30, and had the trail to ourselves for about 3 miles. It was beautiful. It was an overcast day, and had off and on showers. Parts of the trail were slick. Once on top, the view is great! When we went there was quite a lot of ash and smoke coming in from the forest fires down south. We didn’t stay on the summit long, because of the smoke was a bit hard to breath through after awhile. Loved the trail! We completed it in 3 hrs.

It starts with switchbacks and can get a little tight at times, but gets broader after a mile. There are some roots you have to look out for, but it’s a hike through a forest and to be expected. The majority of the elevation climb is in the switchbacks. We came across a danger turn around sign about a half mile in. We had to pull out the trail map. When you see the sign on your right, take the path to the left. About a 1.5 miles in, there’s a tree down and you have to climb over it. Watch where you’re walking, and look for white spray paint markers on trees.

I would recommend this hike and probably will hike it again!