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Best summit hike on the coast.

1 month ago

Started at south trailhead and scrambled up the rock at the top. A clear day is a must for the incredible view!

Beautiful trail! Not as heavily used as other trails to Short Sand Beach, and can be used as part of a “loop” to and from the highway if you wish to explore different trails in the area. There are a few slide areas where the trail gets narrow, and several roots to trip over, but it’s a very pretty and quiet trail.

Short, easy trail. Great for families, and always lots of dogs. There is a nice little maze of trails in this area to enjoy if you’re there for a day. There are bathrooms, tables, and benches at the beach.

1 month ago

Fun, easy, well groomed trail which takes you from a parking area on Hwy 101 to Short Sand Beach. The beach is small and beautiful. Lots of dogs and surfers, and usually pretty busy. You can access other trails in the area from this one.

I went two weeks ago with my roommate. We got there around 8:30, and had the trail to ourselves for about 3 miles. It was beautiful. It was an overcast day, and had off and on showers. Parts of the trail were slick. Once on top, the view is great! When we went there was quite a lot of ash and smoke coming in from the forest fires down south. We didn’t stay on the summit long, because of the smoke was a bit hard to breath through after awhile. Loved the trail! We completed it in 3 hrs.

It starts with switchbacks and can get a little tight at times, but gets broader after a mile. There are some roots you have to look out for, but it’s a hike through a forest and to be expected. The majority of the elevation climb is in the switchbacks. We came across a danger turn around sign about a half mile in. We had to pull out the trail map. When you see the sign on your right, take the path to the left. About a 1.5 miles in, there’s a tree down and you have to climb over it. Watch where you’re walking, and look for white spray paint markers on trees.

I would recommend this hike and probably will hike it again!

Just a beautiful hike along hwy 101 and parts of Oregon coast. Although some of the trail intersects with the road you barely notice it’s there.

My husband and I hike from the south trailhead. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the summit. We arrived at the viewpoint and noticed a large climbable rock behind us. It was indeed climbable and we had incredible views from the top. There was an easier way down that can be clearly seen from the top. Going up it is on the right of the trail just before the view. After a good hour on top trying to memorize the view we continued to the north trail head and were rewarded with more incredible views as we were nearing the trailhead. We ran the 2 miles back to our car

2 months ago

Great trail for small kids and families. Gorgeous secluded beach with surfers! In Oregon! Will be back.

Go early to avoid a crowd at the top.

I have hiked this trail thousands of times to surf at Short Sands Beach. In the dark after a full day of surfing you might need a torch or something to illuminate the trail. For me, it’s a classic.

Tougher than expected. Trail is only moderately groomed/maintained - not bad, at all, but just be aware. Very slick and steeper than anticipated.

Great quick hike with views.

The view at the end makes it worth the long uphill hike. Def not easy but also not that bad. My 2 small dogs were able to do it with no problem and there were lots of kids on the trail. Recommend good hiking shoes. Lots of roots to climb over and a little muddy.

Easy hike for family. Beautiful. Spent a couple hours exploring and ate lunch on the beach before walking out. Waterfall, tide pools, picnic tables, fire pits. Bathrooms at trailhead and beach. Beach is much longer than it looks in photos. Next time we're bringing a kite!

nature trips
3 months ago

Beautiful scenery with waterfalls and tree lined cliffs. Trail from highway to beach is shaded and gorgeous and runs along a river.

Easy and fun to walk down to the beach on

beautiful and easy little hike.

Beautiful little beach and easy to navigate to. Easy hiking.

Hiked from Oswald west parking area to elk trail across the bridge, to devils cauldron, to north neahkahnie mountain trail, then went down on the west side and finished on the 101 going back to Oswald west parking area. The north side of the trail is over 60% over grown, the trail is very narrow and when it's not overgrown there are gnarly tree roots to cross with steep drop offs. In the beginning the trail was very slippery. The west side of the trail was a lot more easier and I saw many people and dogs on the west side. On the north side I only came across 2 other hikers.

The trail starts off with some switchbacks that will have you over looking the ocean pretty quickly. During the majority of the switchbacks you will be out in the open and the trail will be pretty tight, but not too bad. Once you enter the trees the trail opens up, but you will have to be mindful of mud and roots. Towards the top the trail is very smooth until the final climb to the summit. Last 50 feet is a little rocky and has a slightly steep climb to the summit; the rest of the trail is a mild incline. Great view a summit. Looking at the beach there will be another peak to your left that allows a wider look at the mountain range, but you’ll have to traverse a pretty narrow ridge to get there. Take your time on the way down through the mud and you’ll be fine. Hike takes approximately 2 hours to complete without breaks.

This is definitely a beautiful hike. But, every person who has commented before me about the trail being a challenge, not well maintained or mess, is not exaggerating. After about 2 miles of traversing root systems and trying not to slip in mud, I turned around. I crossed the road and did Elk Flats instead. The way that trail is maintained is drastically better!

Parked at the south trail head ( not available in this app) and it was 2.3 miles but still steep for a somewhat beginner. Felt like a good workout but not completely exhausting. beautiful views along the way but also overgrown with bushes. At the top, you do have to rock climb a little but worth it.

The trail was not overgrown but there are lots of old tree roots obstructing the path, which was not a problem for me, but may be for other hikers looking for an easy trail. The trail follows a stream that you can see for a portion of the hike. You can hear the sound of the waves and the stream as you walk along the trail. At one point, I came across a part of the trail that had completely fallen out and was difficult to cross. The remainder of the trail was great and easy. The beach is protected and there is little wind. I arrived just in time to see the sunset and the views were spectacular. A great surfing spot as well!!! If you walk down the right side of the beach and the tide is low, you may see a few starfish!

This is a great trail, done it many times over the past 50 years, even with grandparents who were in their '70's!

Hike should be rated as hard, and is not suitable for young children. Ok, that being said, this is a gorgeous hike through old growth timber. Wear long pants and sleeves as the first 3/4 mile climbs through thicket that overgrows the rocky path, which is washed out in spots. Once through the thicket the path opens up into the cool, magical old growth. Climb over, around and through the maze of roots, upward for 2 more miles. Ack a lunch for the top; you may. Want to hang out for the fog to clear, hoping to get a glimpse of the stunning view, which is often socked in. Trekking poles will really help on the way back down. Be sure to be out well before dark.

The trail was in bad shape. Most of the trail was overgrown, and some parts of the trail were very eroded.
The view from the top was very nice, it might be worth going on a day when the sky is clear.

Did this hike three weeks ago with some friends and family (12 & 14 year old). The trail was beautiful, and the tree root systems were awesome. It was not muddy at all as prior reviews indicated but I can see how it would be of course earlier in the year. I am not an experienced hiker, and I know it says “moderate” but it was a bit harder than I anticipated, though I don’t regret it at all.

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