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16 hours ago

great hike, still a bit of snow on the trail, but should be gone within next couple of days (weather is hot right now!) fabulous views. the only downside, trail is short, would have been nice if it was a bit longer. but if you're looking for a nice stroll and vistas. this is a good hike!

I would not call a 2,000+ feet elevation change in 2 miles “easy”, but AllTrails did! Once you get past that, the trail has amazing views and levels off for a bit. I did not make it down to the lake, as I did not have another 1,000+ feet elevation change in me.

Great Trail and definitely worth making it to the end! Much easier coming back than going in but a lovely day hike with family.

great hike. its 4 miles round trip though not 3.3 fyi! not hard though!

We couldn’t make it to Elk Meadows. The Newton Creek is huge and fast. (It’s more like a river). We were too scared to cross by foot through the water or over the log. We ended up going up the Newton Creek Trail and hitting the Timberland Trail. That was a pretty strenuous hike but what beautiful views of Mt. Hood. Worth it!

Great Trail and definitely worth making it to the end! Much easier coming back than going in but a lovely day hike with family.

Hiked this waterfall today it was one of the hottest days of the summer so far it was a nice waterfall with a nice spray some nice cool spots along the trail. I would do this one again.

Did this over 2 days (Timberline Lodge—>elk cove, elk cove—>Timberline lodge). Would absolutely recommend this trail, but not this pace— it’s worth it to enjoy 2 nights outside. Beautiful scenery.

Bring trekking poles for the river crossings— they weren’t terrible, but they were more significant than anything I’d ever done before, and they get worse in the afternoons, when there’s more snowmelt.

Overall, this is an excellent hike— can’t wait to go back!

We made it he hike fairly easily. The falls are worth every step. Once there you must go behind your he fall and experience this with a nice lunch.

The roughest part about this trail is the bumpy road getting to it. The trail is wide and easy to traverse. The little meadows are nice, with lots of flowers and bugs(depending on the season). The view is stunning, arguably better than Flag Point. You can get to Fret Creek and even Flag Point if you take the Divide trail this trail connects to. Definitely check this out sometime.

10 days ago

Great hike. Puts you in at The Elk Meadows trailhead then connects you to this trail. Don’t forget to walk back to where the trail turns off to Sahalie Falls trail. The first half is harder than the second, so after the payoff of the gorgeous falls, it’s a pleasant hike. Would do again.

This is a great hike if the road is closed to Cloud Cap. If the road is open, and you don't mind the abuse to your car, I'd drive up and spend more time exploring higher up.
Start early, it's worth it!

12 days ago

We’re new to hiking and took our girls (7 & 9). They were starting to moan a bit towards the top, but once they saw the waterfall all complaining stopped. There is one part closer to the falls where I think some rocks fell so they are directing everyone to a lower path. When trying to get back up to the main path it was steep and the dirt was very loose which was challenging with younger kids. Overall, the falls make it all worth it.

Access road is closed so it’s a five mile walk to the trailhead. Tons of fallen trees and debris blocking the trail and it’s difficult to identify and navigate. However, if you commit to the climb there are some amazing springs and meadows with beautiful wildflowers and epic views of Mt Adams. About a 12 hour round trip so make sure you pack plenty of water and/filter. There is access to water via springs. This could be an amazing hike if they cleared the trails. It was still worth it nonetheless.

Definitely has a great view; however, its not quite wilderness as you are (seasonally) surrounded by the ski and snowboarding business.

Also, we had a hard time finding the right trail. The "locals" didn't know any "Meadows loop" trail and gave us vague instructions for how to get there. Follow the GPS closely to make sure you're on track.

14 days ago

A beautiful hike today! We started at Elk Meadows Trailhead and traveled counter-clockwise. Super pretty with lots of wildflowers and expansive views. Umbrella Falls were flowing well and we ate lunch on a log around there before heading down past Sahalie Falls. We almost missed the trail to Sahalie, but saw the sign last minute. We decided not to go all the way down as it looked relatively steep and we couldn’t fully see where it ended. So we got to see it from the top

16 days ago

Awesome family hike, and a great hike if you have dogs on a warm day - as there are plenty of places for dogs to get water.

Really pretty hike through some beautiful meadows. We did the full loop suggested here. Umbrella Falls was really flowing well. Took a picnic on some logs before the falls. We're out of shape so we took some breaks along the way. The first leg of the trail (umbrella falls trail) gains a good amount of elevation quickly. A tree is down at the very end of the loop before you get back to the parking area. We had to rock hop across a steam and squeeze through some overgrowth.

17 days ago

Completed on July 4th. We accessed Elk Cove from the Vista Ridge TH to avoid the possible construction issue at original trailhead. It's approx 8.8 miles going this route-> http://www.oregonhikers.org/field_guide/Elk_Cove_from_Vista_Ridge_Hike
Snow on the trail in spots on the upper vista ridge section through to nearing Dollar Lake & Elk Cove, but was not an issue, easy to walk on.
Very up close views of Mt Hood & various flowers throughout.

Did the loop on Jun 30 - July 2. The trail was awesome and was completed in 2.5 days. Start and end at the Timberline Lodge going clockwise. No parking permit needed but you need to park by the edge wall while leaving the main parking area to lodge guest. 1st day (18 miles) camp at McGee Creek; 2nd day (17 miles) camp at Heather Creek; 3rd day (6 miles) out to the car. Make sure to fill out wilderness permit at trailhead.

Great hike. Moderate difficulty. Worth the trek.

Just completed the trail. Amazing views of Mt Hood, and gorgeous scenery. So happy to have hiked it. Long first day (30 miles), and super windy just after Cloud Cap.

All river crossings were reasonable. Many had convenient logs across them, some had a few jumps between rocks, but never had to get my boots wet. Crossed White at 9am, so possibly was lower than it would have been in the afternoon.

Still some snow on sections, but nothing to worry about.

Loved the streaming water along the pathway and magnificent falls at end to view as we ate our lunch!

Beautiful hike with lots of wild flowers. The falls are lovely. Great elevation climb!

Started around 820am, took a half hour break at the top and got back around 4pm. Be mindful of the trail splits on the way down or you’ll take a nice detour like I did. Fortunately there’s a few other routes on the mountain and ended up on the Timberline Trail.
Bring sunscreen as you’ll spend most of the time above the tree line. The snow will reflect the UV rays so make sure to apply the sunscreen under your chin and nose.

22 days ago

We started at the Elk Meadows trailhead, note you need a forest pass $30yr or $5 day you can buy at this trailhead. There are about 3 other trailheads you can start this hike on but we chose this one. During the summer there are TONS of beargrass and other wildflowers we enjoyed seeing. I would not rate this as moderate but a little less. There was one stretch of uphill during the first quarter mile or so. We were fortunate to finish this hike without crossing paths of anyone and we started at 7am. Umbrella falls was pretty and Sahale falls was also a fun adventure to hike down to as well. The trail was well marked no doubt but we did also hike it during the summer when all the snow had melted. When in doubt turn on your alltrails app and boom no hesitation at all. I would hike it again as an add on while in Hood Mt area for sure.

trail running
23 days ago

Awesome path for trail running. Will have to slow in some sections to scale rocks, but isn’t too much of a hassle. Great views, definitely climb up behind the falls. If you’re running, bring bear bells.

Awesome hike! Pictures doesn’t do this hike justice.

25 days ago

Overall an ok trail. Waterfall is pretty. Completed with wife and 1 year old.

26 days ago

Did this trail in September 2017. Beautiful hike all the way through. Tried to get underneath the waterfall, but the spray was fierce! There had been a rock slide so had to climb over some boulders, but overall pretty easy trail!

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