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Mt Hood, Oregon Map

Wonderful trip! Did this as a 4-day backpacking trip with my wife in August of 2017. Breathtaking views, wildflowers, historic shelters, and snow fields. This hike has a little bit of everything. If your itinerary allows, camp at Dollar Lake on the north side of the mountain. It’s a short climb from the main trail, but has excellent campsites, a beautiful view of the mountain, and a nice place for a swim or washing clothes. Water crossings vary significantly with temperature and rainfall. Sandy, Coe, and Elliott were the most challenging for us. It’s a fantastic and challenging hike.

Lots of trail options that all end up going to the top. Well, unless you find yourself on the Timberline trail going around the mountain, which would be wrong. If you don’t follow the GPS once you pass the shelter you will more than likely take the incorrect trail and make your hike more difficult and more dangerous, as I saw a few do traversing the ridge along the glacier drop.
Was completely socked in at the top. Snow the last mile or so as of 9/17 from the previous day.
Stopped at the official trail end of Tie-In Rock, even though the GPS goes a bit further. It’s called Tie-In Rock for a reason; going beyond it not properly prepared to do mountaineering could prove fatal.
The mileage seemed a little longer than described, and I neglected to turn on my tracker until maybe a mile or so in. Doh! The hike itself isn’t bad, but the elevation in combination with my asthma created a big challenge.
After your hike continue up the road from the trailhead/campsite parking lot to see the old Cloud Cap Lodge, built in 1889, now maintained and used by The Hood River Crag Rats as the oldest Search & Rescue organization in the US!
The 9 mile road going up is well maintained, but as described by others, very rough!

5 days ago

Beautiful place to hike for summer!!!

9 days ago

one of my favorite day hikes near portland! i would say this trail is more of a moderate to hard. if you start in the morning, say 10:45/11 am and take a break at the a-frame, and continue back down, you should be done by 2:30/3 pm. it may be cooler when you start but once you break out of the trees and into the open parts of the trail, it gets warm fast (you are in the sun for 70% of the hike). its a hike to take on if you are in decent shape, bring plenty of water and food and take your time. views don't happen until you are closer to the a-frame (about 1-1.5 hours in or so). when you make your way back down, the wind may pick up, so be sensitive to weather. you can use hiking poles, they help but not needed if only going to the a-frame. side note, no restrooms around the area.

This was a fun trail for me & a family friend (kiddo that is 10 yrs old) to explore! The trail was clearly marked, dusty, rocky at points, and beautiful to walk along water the majority of the way. I would recommend this if you want a quick morning/afternoon hike. Enjoy!

Loved the waterfall view! Rocky in some spots but not too bad. Wasn’t too busy on a Thursday during the day which was great.

13 days ago

The hike was short and fairly easy. However it was very rocky so be careful; it’s totally doable tho! I’ve seen people bring kids and pets though some parts of the trail might be a bit rough for your pets. The trail was also very scenic and shaded. The waterfall itself was super gorgeous!! I would recommend getting there early because by the time it was noon today, the place was packed with people. Also bring bug spray. Our lunch was disturbed several times by horseflies and yellow jackets. Definitely recommend the hike tho!

‘This IS a must stop & hike if in the area. Trail is a never boring mix of vegetation, large boulders, ascending & descending paths. Most of all the fresh pine smell and sounds of rushing water keep you pressing towards the awesome waterfall at the end. Enjoy!!

17 days ago

Lovely little hike on well maintained trails. The trail tracks the creek terminating in the impressive Tamanawas Falls. Recommended.

Very nice walk thru the woods

I loved it. Good workout with beautiful view of Mt. Hood and Rainier. Love the different terrains.

Spent one night at elk meadow. Plenty of water to filter.
No trouble with Newton Creek, as there was a log across. Gnarl ridge was worth the hike up. Great view of Mt Hood.
No issue with bugs. The camp robber birds were especially aggressive/fearless when we had any food out at camp in the meadow.
Days were gorgeous with clear skies and great visibility. Night was cold, down to 31 degrees!
Also went to visit umbrella falls which was beautiful but a lot of work getting to it as we lugged our packs with us.

Great hike! Lots of huckleberries. Arrived at the trailhead at 830 am. Tons of people on the way back but still a good time. Newton Creek was easy to cross with some downed logs.

Great hike! Perfect weather for it. Started at umbrella falls. Didn’t realize you have to cross two roads to continue trail. We turned around and ended up doing some of elk meadows and then found out about the roads cause there’s no sign to continue the trail. Anyways, finished the loop, and saw both waterfalls. Cool to see the ski resort in the off-season.

Great hike. Pretty intense incline at beginning and Sahales falls didn’t have very good signage so we didn’t see it. Still overall great hike.

There’s just something about hearing the roar of the falls as you get closer and closer. And then when you finally spot it—you’ll be smiling. The day I went, the sun was shining brightly behind the falls which gave the mist created a scintillating sight. And while the trail isn’t very challenging overall except for some rock scrambling mid-way and at the very end, that mist is such a fantastic reward!

I highly recommend continuing to climb up and around the falls so that you get behind them for some amazing views of the rushing water and tree-scape complimented by mossy rocks.

This is a wonderful spot. It was a bit busy when I went due mostly in part by the approaching holiday weekend, I’m sure!

Did this hike today and it was beautiful! the trails were well kept. I've heard they can be slippery in places, but for the most part, they were fine. I brought a dog, which proved challenging on the rock paths near the end, so it's something to keep in mind when looking for a hike to do with a pet.There was also a lot less room at the end than I expected, and not much place to sit and rest, but the view was amazing! I would say this is a good beginner hike as it is about 1.6 miles in and 1.6 back out without too many steep hills.

We really enjoyed this hike. The information about elevation gain is wrong. Another app said we climbed over a thousand feet which is more accurate. Crossing Newton Creek was no problem. Get there early on the weekend as the trailhead parking fills quickly. Signage is good for staying on your desired route.

25 days ago

did this trail yesterday. really beautiful. all trails says 3.3 but my fitbit clocked 4 miles. it’s an easy hike and worth doing. lots of greenery and the sound of water the entire hike. it just gets more beautiful as you get closer to the falls. the falls are really pretty and the mist from the falls cools you off just enough. quite a few people and dogs on this trail. i would hike this one again.

This hike was incredible. I didn’t see a single other person. The views are great, the terrain is gorgeous, and the lake is beautiful. The solitude definitely helps.

26 days ago

We ended up parking on the street right by the sign for the falls which we saw 1/4 mile in. We continued onto Sahalie but first had some huckleberries and some other blue-purple berry! The descent was tricky as was going back up. Very sandy and slick with a few roots to grab here and there. We decided to go back the way we came instead of making the loop and the little bit of gain worked us out (we did Mirror just before)! Nice hike.

Great hike!! Did this hike in 2 days.

Great hike. Awesome views of Mt Hood and the Falls were great too!

took my family hiking with my 7 year old and she did awesome on this trail. a bit crowded for my liking but lots of parking. the only thing I didn't like were the flies they're bad! the hike was easy and views were beautiful couldn't ask for more! the waterfall has limited space for viewing on the bottom as it gets crowded . would do it again though .

28 days ago

Fun trail up to the falls. Not too hard, but there is a large boulder field before you make it to the falls. It's was a little challenging with a dog, but nothing that was impassable.

The falls are pretty and worth the hike. Couldn't make it up to the cave with my dog but pretty views around.

My Westie loved all the water stops along the way. Enjoyed the sound of the water most of the hike and the waterfall was just lovely. Will definitely do this one again.

1 month ago

Lovely little hike, not too short, not too long, not too busy, with a perfectly beautiful waterfall at the top!

Amazing hike! I just wish there were more spots overlooking the other mountainous areas.

1 month ago

A nice walk through the woods and over a creek. A small meadow at the top in the middle of the loop but didn’t see the abundance of wildflowers I expected. I did not want to go off trail and maybe there were more views had I done that or maybe they have already peaked. There’s a small log bridge along the loop that did not seem sturdy. I heard it crack as I walked over it....be careful! Also, be careful crossing the creek. It took some steady footing. This hike was relatively easy otherwise.

Great hike with minimal to no other hikers (we saw 1). Amazing view of Hood and Adams.

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