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This is a good trail for hiking but not trail running. Quite a bit of incline and switch backs in the beginning, but it levels out once you reach dogwood/wildwood. Pretty flowers and scenery. Only saw 3 people on alder the whole time!

trail running
2 days ago

Started on 53rd. Less populated the further up you go. No incredibly steep inclines.

Great trail with awesome views but was a little challenging to navigate with so many trails attaching to the main trail. Parts are very uphill!! Quiet trail, well maintained.

great walking trail and easily accessible in the middle of the city.

nice relaxing walk.

Probably a great trail running trail but pretty boring otherwise. Probably my least favorite trail as far as scenery goes.

A literal walk in the park.. Boring and not too much for scenery right now. Very wet and muddy!!

3 days ago

I would rate this moderate instead of easy. Only because you should be prepared to feel the burn as you hike uphill the whole way. We managed fine while wearing a baby and having a 8, 6, and 3yr old hike along too. And the hike down is a breeze. When you reach the top you will want to take the trail to the left towards Bear Gulch. Just a few feet away you will see the tunnel. The opening is small, but it's a bit roomier once you are inside. Adults will have to hunch over to walk through, but your kids will be able to stand up and have the time of their lives. There is a sign in front that gives some history of the hydraulic gold mine, which is really cool. Definitely a unique spot and we enjoyed the views along the way. The climb is always worth it!

This is actually Powell Butte.

used to drive it in the late 60s and early 70s.

anything in the city, in this case West Linn, that has old growth Douglas Fir is sweer. lots of intersecting trails so you can stretch it oht.

going back for more when the wildflowers bloom

muddy and steep. that is all.

Great hike on an historic old one lane road thats covered in moss.(barefootin it)
The lane is very pretty.
It leads to the historic cemetary that is private with fencing around it.
from there you can hike over to the other trails that go up the hill.
best to take the Slide trail from the spot you come to the main trail. its a road. go the trail off of it again, as the other way it is a very steep rise you would rather walk down than up.
just a warning.

nice trails but too close to the freeway.
will go again.

best time is right now in April because the trilliums are pretty thick in here.
easy and pretty.
Wetland where springs are is interesting.

Finally made time to try this trail. It was a nice easy trip up and back to get back into hiking for the year. Slightly muddy in spots from the mountain bikes going down after the recent rains we got.

4 days ago

This was a fun little hike!

I’d probably put it at moderate and not easy, as the entire hike to the tunnel or other connecting trails is uphill. It’s steady, but all uphill. The kids, and myself, were starting to feel it towards the ends.

NOTE: once you finish the trail and it intersects the Bear Gulch Trail, you’ll want to go to your left (like you are starting the Bear Gulch Trail) for a few feet and the tunnel will be on your right.

The trail is easy enough for most kids to get there and smallish adults. I’m 5’8 and towards the end of the tunnel it becomes narrow and I had to crawl a few feet.

It was fun for sure and there are some stunning views along the way.

You have to bounce around through hundreds of people playing Pokémon Go. Everyone was like zombies transfixed on their phones. The area is gorgeous but we will never be back.

It's a nice trail. If you are looking for a place with lots of zig zags and a lot of up hill action, this is the place!

One of the best hikes (if not the best) I’ve done on the Oregon coast. Saw a heard of elk, and it was gorgeous out.

If you go to the main entrance there are two paths you can take once you approach the large sign with the map. If you take the left you won’t be disappointed. Pretty short but very steep, lots of rocks, and the view from the top is amazing. Found myself wondering if I was even on a trail at times! Go down the other side to head back to the parking lot once you’re ready to leave the top, will make your hike just a bit longer.

6 days ago

Hard to beat this hike on a clear day. Beautiful old-growth forest and breathtaking coastal/ocean views! Great wildlife viewing too!

This is a decent path, not trail. It begins at Dorris ranch on the main trail that you follow to the river, through the orchards and forest. Once you meet with the main "path" it is a wide newly poured concrete walk. It is clean and nice, and it follows the river, with scenic views and a few benches for relaxing. It is more of a Sunday walk path and not much of a hike. Still beautiful though and nice to get down to the river without having to drive out of town.

nice views of the valley and Mt. McLoughlin on the Manzanita trail!

Good for a family hike to let the kids run and explore. Seeing the gigantic ships was awesome! There is a nice little beach area (someone told me it’s a nude beach; not sure) and picnic tables along the way. Good place for a day outing. Can’t remember if there’s bathrooms, though.

This really shouldn’t be labeled ‘Easy’. The last little part basically follows a power line and is strait down. It was pretty muddy as well, although we just had a huge rain storm. It was a great trail, though. A bit hard to know exactly which direction to turn sometimes because there can be up to 4 options and the signage isn’t that great. There were not many people, so it was nice and quiet. I would definitely recommend it, but maybe when it’s a bit drier and not for someone who is recovering from an ankle fracture =)

Pretty muddy, and difficult to navigate sometimes, but the river was beautiful!

we could see deers, such an easy and beautiful walk! some parts can get muddy, so bring proper shoes!

10 days ago

this is a fun, really pretty trail. Several switch backs, not a whole lot of people the two times I've been out there. warblers in the summer!

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