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Just walked this peaceful, beautiful trail. Easy, with a moderate incline at the beginning. 'Peace'.

I normally don’t write reviews but I have seen some negative reviews here lately that I wouldn’t want to persuade anyone not to go. The first thing to point out is that the trail it shows you on AllTrails is not the best trail to take and I think many people who are taking this hike and leaving bad reviews are not going to the best spots. Study the map before you go, or better yet, download it to your phone or GPS so you can track where you’re at. You will want to follow the trails (sometimes logging roads) that take you to the highest point in the area. While there is not any INSANE views, there are some pretty good views towards Dundee and Carlton that you can see from the top of the hill. If you get up to these, I find it hard to believe that you would be leaving a negative review on this hike. Even if you don’t see these views, there are many different unmarked trails that you can explore throughout the area. Yes, they are unmarked and overgrown in some spots but that’s what makes it fun. AllTrails says it’s a 2-3 mile hike but I walked 6 miles the first time I came here and felt like there was still a lot to explore. The area is beautiful and peaceful and there are many different ways you can take. Please don’t be turned off by the bad reviews, I think the people leaving them are not doing this trail correctly and have not adequately prepared for the hike.

I’m pretty confused about why this is rated as moderate. It’s not a hike at all, it’s a walk. It was short, boring, and difficult to very figure out where the trail was at times due to overgrown grass. And honestly, it made me feel very uneasy. Something about the environment was eerie and I have never felt anything like that before on a hike or nature walk. Based on others’ reviews, it seems I’m not the only one who had an uncomfortable but difficult to explain feeling there. But besides that, this “walk” or “trail” did not impress me, and there was really nothing to see.

I took my 5 yr old a few weeks ago it was not my cup of tea....I won’t be going back.

Very nice trail. Nice of whomever owns the property to allow people to hike here. Very secluded, plenty of bugs, birds and other critters buzzing around. No ridiculous views but a nice hike.

The trail is not well marked, for first time in a long time I did not enjoy my hiking.
I do not know if I’ll go again.
Sorry, this is my opinion and I stick to it!

beautiful walk. loop trail is not marked well, we ended up doubling back and walking a total of 3.1 miles.

Absolutely beautiful hike. But let’s be clear, since I feel like many reviews have questioned the “moderate” rating of this hike: it’s short but CHALLENGING. It’s pretty much hiking up a mountain on a short trail. It definitely deserves its “moderate” rating, and if it were twice as long I’d say it could even be considered hard. Having said all that: be prepared to climb for about 45 minutes, wear good shoes for muddier hiking and enjoy the beauty! The shrine at the top of the hill is gorgeous!

It should be noted that the very last bit of the trail as marked on the map goes directly through the monks’ private enclosure. It is just as easy, and far more respectful, to take the outer path around the monks’ garden when heading back to the parking lot! Otherwise a wonderful hike! Yes, the elevation is a little challenge at the beginning but not too difficult and so worth it!

it is a nice easy hike. I hike it often

nice trail. easy walk. a little elevation to get the heart going. some wildlife. beautiful!

Went on this hike today, it was a good hike. Many different smaller trails that are a lot more in the brush which we liked. Weather was fantastic and people were friendly.

This hike can be easy or difficult in the climb, we only hiked a couple miles last summer. Hiked it with 3 kids; 15, 9 and an baby in a pack.

Great hike! Dog loved it too! Beautiful views! We will def be back!

Never hiked before. A buddy and I who have been working out and losing weight for a month now decided to try this out and whoa! A lot of reviews say easy - for us not so much haha! The hill at the beginning seemed like it would never end. The views are nice. The quiet is peaceful and very enjoyable. The gravel road going downhill is annoying. Some muddy places but not too bad. We were the only ones on the trail which was nice. Saw some people down by the guest house but no one on the actual trail. Reviewing on the trail itself, the views and the overall experience. We recorded 3.3 miles instead of 2.7. Also,, the elevation recorded said 581ft but the trail map we were on says 769ft at our peak. Not sure what that's about.

We are excited about exploring more trails and can't wait to keep pushing ourselves to be healthier and see some cool places along the way!

It was really challenging for someone that’s never done it before, but I loved every minute of it. I’ll be back for sure to beat my personal record.

Lovely, quiet, easy!

A great family hike. We’ve been here several times, but never this time of year. Expect some mud; The kids had a blast getting dirty!

Nice and easy walk if you’re looking for that. Beautiful and quiet. Love the difference in trees in the different elevations. Not necessarily worth going out of the way to get there but great for me since I live nearby.

Great Sunday morning stroll basically in my backyard. Lots of side trails to extend the distance a bit! Definitely bring towels if you’re taking your pup.. Very muddy this time of the year! :-)

Expect some mud..

Great hike for young kids.

fun little quick trail, first part is a bit exhausting as it's all uphill, but after that it leads way into the Forrest with ferns and moss covered trees. fantastic!

Beautiful trail, but we only made it to the logging road. Because it has been so dry, the logging road has a thick layer of very fine dirt that rises up and gets in your shoes. Wear appropriate high-top shoes that you don't mind getting dusty.

Awesome good views

it was a nice hike but the trails are poorly marked. also, the gravel rocks on the main trail were really hard to walk on. some were almost golf ball size that hurt my feet going downhill.

A bit confusing at beginning and end of loop. It is a logging road with heavy gravel on second half of loop. Nice views of woods and meadows.

Did this hike 7/1/2017 and found that I had to keep moving due to large numbers of biting flies. More of a nuisance than a serious problem, but I wanted to do some photography (landscape and wildflower macro) and that was problematic. Don't know if the flies are just a transient phenomenon, so my star rating ignores them. Main loop trail is as described. Side trails are not maintained and there is quite a lot of poison oak. Description says 2.7 miles but I measured about 3.3. Your mileage may vary (literally :-) They will give you a map at the guest house but it covers only a hike to a small Virgin Mary shrine and not the full loop.

One of my favorite quick hikes that only minutes away from me! Beautiful views!

Peaceful and such a nice walk. Not clearly marked. And is 2.7 the out distance? We may have missed a turn, but ours was significantly longer than 2.7. Still had a great time

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