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Firstly, this map is not accurate. The hike has you ending at a campground, on the other side of the road from the lake. The hot springs are right along the lake side. You can park .1 mike from the hot springs at Hot Springs Boat Ramp. Secondly, the walk along the trail from the other boat ramp/campground was silly. If you want the walk then walk along the lake shore.

12 days ago

It was a fantastic trip do you only thing I would recommend taking this trip in July is lots of mosquito repellent

Meh.. it’s pretty and the water is beautiful but the bugs were OUT OF CONTROL! So many nats and mosquitos. The “hot springs” are saying it nicely... they’re shallow but do provide a lot of heat.

A nice easy hike with loads of waterfalls! Very dusty, but worth the hike up to the bridge.

Fun trail with great views of the lake. Definitely recommend starting early and wearing solid hiking shoes as some of the terrain can get a bit sketchy. Otherwise very easy for pros, maybe a little challenging for novices. Took about 3 hours.

I hiked to Mink Lake in late June, on a sunny and only slightly breezy day.

I mentioned the breeze because the combination of June and countless lakes, ponds, bogs, etc ,makes for legions of mosquitoes and other assorted "bugs". I came prepared with Deet and a mosquito net; both were put to constant and good use!

There is ample parking (plus a pit toilet) at the trailhead. The trail sign say "SIX LAKES TRAIL" and mentions Doris Lake, Blow Lake and the junction with the PCT at 6 miles (both heading out and coming back, this section barely clocked at 5.5 miles).

As others have mentioned, the trail (or trails) are well graded and well maintained (even if vegetation was encroaching in places around Mink lake). The whole route is pretty much going through forested areas and I did not have to worry about sunscreen (stopping in open areas for a while may change that). The elevation profile shows that the first section (from parking lot to PCT) is a long and sustained ascent (3+ miles) followed by a 1.5 miles drop to the PCT junction.

At the PCT, I deviated from the direct route and continued west on the PCT to visit Horseshoe lake (instead of heading directly to Porky lake). This brought the total distance out-and-back to just short of 21 miles. On this bright sunny June Saturday, I only met two other people during the course of the 11 hours on the trail; both were PCT section hikers on their way north. No campers, no one fishing. This does not appears to be a high traffic area -- it could also be because there are really not many "views" to speak of beyond the lakes and a few and brief views of the Sisters and Bachelor.

Mink Lake is definitely worth the visit. It feels like a "little Waldo" - minus the crowds -- with deep clean waters, forested shores, a trail along its shoreline. There are a few primitive, but very good, campsites just off the trail (there might be more if you go a bit off trail but I did not check). The size of the lake and the lay of the land did allow for an afternoon breeze to come through and push the mosquitoes away. There is an old shelter, quite dilapidated, on the southeast corner of the lake, with camping spots around too (the shelter itself does not offer much with half the roof gone and only two walls standing.

19 days ago

La Pine State Park is a mostly overlooked gem along Highway 97 as you near La Pine south of Bend. There are certainly more scenic highlights in the area, but this park is well worth a visit. The trails are usually not very crowded. The Falls River Loop is probably the best trail in the park. The Deschutes Loop is a close second. Mom and I completed the loop along with some extra wandering for just over 7 miles.

While not much elevation gain/loss, there is varied terrain throughout this hike. Dirt, rock, gravel, sand; need to watch your footing as it's easy to trip. The views around the lake are gorgeous. I recommend starting your hike about 10 - 11 am, hike to the hot springs on the edge of the lake (about halfway around and marked), each lunch and relax, then finish.

I've hiked quite a few trails around Central Oregon and really enjoyed this one. Would do again.

The lake was pretty, but it was congested with campers. The views of the lake were the same the whole trail.

Cool hike but the view was the same throughout it.

great hike! Hiked at night with headlamps with a few other friends. if you know the trail well enough, you can find the natural hot springs! very cool.

Super cool formations and kid friendly! We had a 4 & 6 year old and they did great!

The trail is beautiful !! Once we got to it❤️
However, had we followed the directions given on “all trails” I have no idea where we would have ended up. They are wrong!!!! Please review this carefully. Instead if turning on the dirt track where the directions tell you to turn, go one mile further down Paulina East Lake road and then to the left is a paved road leading to a parking log and to the trail head.

Easy loop trail around the lake. Views are spectacular. Water on the far side of the lake is emerald green. Could sit and look at Paulina peak for a long time. Weather cooperated in a beautiful 65 degree cloudless way. Saw a soaring bald eagle and several osprey.

Awesome! I’m ok with the 9 miles of washboard dirt road... I had the place to myself and it was so cool. I’ve never seen formations like this before. Come see it before it gets turned into a natl park or the road gets paved and you have to fight the crowds

This trail is an easy out and back that follows the river to beautiful falls. Children would like it because there are lots of opportunities to wade in the river. My watch showed it was closer to 4.5 miles round trip. We went in late April and it was perfect.

Hiked on 2/18/18 with several inches of snow on the ground. The falls were extra beautiful with Frozen water around it.

5 months ago

Super easy trail, great for anyone that wants to take a quick walk through the woods. Quiet, lightly used (I ran into one person on a warm Saturday) and offers varying views, from the river to pockets of dense forest and everything in between. Lots of anglers fishing on the first 1/2 mile, the rest of the time you'll be alone.

7 months ago

Part of the trail is wheelchair-accessible. Walked/ran the trail in the pouring rain. Worth seeing. Kid-friendly.


Great hike with some very good views of a gorge and falls. Easy to find and good parking. Would do it again!

9 months ago

Cool casts! Great geological formations.

10 months ago

Awesome lake! Super pristine water and not a terrible climb to get there. We actually backpacked in with the intent of camping at Cliff Lake, but there wasn't a decent place close to the lake to camp, so we continued to Porky Lake and did Mink Lake as a day hike. Next time I'll skip Porky and head right to Mink Lake.

10 months ago

Lovely and easy short trail. Very quite. We whent at the end of the day and got some "dramatic" beautifull view with the sun and some forest-fire smoke.

10 months ago

Parked near the camp grounds and walked the little crater trail then on to the "hot springs". Nice view of the large obsidian flow south of the lake from the little crater trail. Continued on along the lake trail to the "hot springs" past a cool pumice and obsidian flow. A couple of wet marshy areas along the way had some bugs but not too bad. The "hot springs" were really one or two holes dug into the grassy shoreline, and not what we were expecting. Great views, beautiful lake, and a very easy trail at least on the east side. Would have done the entire lake lol but the kids were burnt out for our previous days trips.

Great for swimming, fishing and extremely shallow hot springs.

Easy hike. The casts are cool when you read how they are formed. Impressive lava flow and breif views of the 3 sisters

Good hike with varied terrain; water along the way at campground-spotted a snake along the trail.

Just follow along the shore if you're trying to reach the springs, you will have to scale some rocks and it can get dicey if you're trying to reach the main hot pool. There are smaller pools that are about half way along the shore from the boat ramp, but they were a little murky. There is also a strong sulfur smell!

11 months ago

Mink Lake is a beautiful location. The hike in is equally impressive, high desert, lakes, meadows, long ascents and descents, and quiet. We encountered three groups on our hike, all on the trail. The lake was cool, refreshing, and crystal clear. We tried our hands at fishing, and despite seeing them rise we had no luck. Mosquitos were brutal on the hike and at the lake so plan on taking some form of repellant. We used spray and the sweating caused it to wear off quite quickly. Despite the bites I will be visiting Mink Lake again in the near future with our son.

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