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Nice hike. Still very little snow. Gear: trail shoes, shell pants and top, thermal. Was upper twenties to start (9:30ish) and warmed up quickly. Trekking poles would have been nice. Once you are about a mile from the summit stay close to the ridge and avoid the scree field.

Nice easy trail. Beautiful day

I went again after the first attempt and I can say this is my favorite trail so far. It is really hard and demanding and also dangerous. I agree with the fact that this trail could be marked better. Even when I loved the snow the first time I went, I would never do this trail in those conditions, following the trail in the snow is really complicated and it was overwhelming for me. The second time,I got lost twice, one in the way down from the top. Fortunately I was able to follow a group of ladies that guided me to the main trail. I was by myself and I started late, I would recommend to get there really early if it’s the first time, so you can have time in case you need it. Besides everything I said, I would do it again and again. Loved it!!

24 days ago

Difficult trail that starts out easy and exponentially slows to a crawl scrambling through boulders at the top. The trail could be marked better! There are white dots on the rocks for the middle third but are mainly on the uphill side. Only 10% are visible while ascending making it a bit hard to follow. Near the top markers consist of small red ribbons in the few trees. If the trail was better marked I would probably rate it 5 stars. Great workout. Scenery good but many others better.

Great trail. Missed a fork. Poison oak in patches.

great trail with awesome views

1 month ago

very nice

We went today, there was a blizzard, it was crazy! We weren’t able to climb up to the summit due the lack of visibility. Hopefully next time. We got some awesome views from the ridgeline. Took us 7 hours both ways, but we didn’t get to the summit. I definitely need to come back to get there.

Great hike. Made it to the summit in 3.5 hours. That was with a few breaks here and there. Took us about 3 hours to make it back down after resting on top for 30 minutes. Would do it again for sure!

Easy hike with not much for views. The small Squaw Lake is nice at 2 mile turn around. Ignore the start of trail shown in this app. The trail is marked with a sign on edge of parking lot, but this app has you start across the road and walk through several campsites unnecessarily. Follow the black dashed lines shown on the base map.

Easy hike on a well marked trail except the trail head. Park by lake on the loop close to trail head shown on map. Walk a short distance down the road that is gated where dam is on your left. Just past the dam the trail head starts and is marked there with a small sign. Hike is past a few small lakes little elevation gain.

up to the dam, there is a lot of bird activity to observe. after that the road is hot and nearly devoid of interest. the way back is prettier than the way out, as you have a better view of the river. the falls we're disappointing. still, from the lake to the dam there was an amazing concentration of water birds, both variety and number. we also spotted a bald eagle.

This hike is an all day thing.. bring a hammock for when you get to the lake, and don’t leave without jumping in. It’s so beautiful.

Great fun

1 month ago

Beautiful little walk. Lots of birds and the butterflies followed me most of the way. I wouldn't consider the "falls" actual falls but they were still pretty. I went down one of the little slopes to where the river was calmer and it was so peaceful and kinda hidden.

If you stay to the right and follow the white dots, drawn arrows and pink trail markers when you get into the ridge line, the trail is somewhat easy to stay on. It is super easy to take a wrong turn and end up off trail, so pay attention! Amazing views at the peak! If you don’t like climbing rocks/boulders and scrambling straight up, this trail is not for you!

Also: there is a $5 mandatory parking fee! Wish I would have known this ahead of time!

Great hike. Awesome views.

1 month ago

Hiked in early September. I lost the trail about a thousand times on the way up, but made it anyway just by climbing over boulders and trudging up the sandy mountainside in the general direction of the summit. It’s cold and windy at the top. Wear gloves. Total time just under 5 hours.

Wanted to shake out all of my gear so I took the trail to Badger Lake from the 4 Mile Lake trailhead and stopped for the night. No bugs other than the usual yellow jackets and dragonflies. I think I saw one mosquito the whole time, yay! I unfortunately packed out a lot of other peoples garbage, but that's the breaks sometimes. It got a little chilly that night, but not too bad. All of my gear worked so I was pleased about that. I had some sputtering from my canister stove because of the cold morning, but once it got going no worries. I had a great time and really enjoy the great wilderness we have in this area.

Very hard hike but incredible views. Lots of slick gravel areas and rocks to climb over, but worth the effort.

horseback riding
2 months ago

Took the horses up there this past weekend. Wonderful trail for riding! Beautiful scenery, a couple of bridges to cross FYI. Lake Como is a really pretty little lake. Beginning of September so the bugs weren’t bad. There were a couple of big blowdowns that we had to detour around; one of them was on a pretty steep hillside. A handy horse can make it no problem but an inexperienced horse or rider might find it a little intense. All in all a wonderful day ride!

Just amazing. I went up Varney Creek for four miles in the afternoon and camped at Como lake. In the morning I stashed my bag and took just a day pack on the Mountain Lake Trail loop, counter clockwise. At one point I left the trail and crossed over a stunning boulder field before meeting back up with the trail and descending to Lake Harriet. finally I made it back to Como Lake to finish the 10 mile loop, pick up my bag and head downhill the final four miles back to the Varney Creek trailhead by early evening. Late August so no mosquitos, cool nights and perfect hiking weather. I saw eight lakes and only one other person. UNREAL. Except it was real ;-)

did 12.1 miles with my dog on september 1st in 3hrs and 10mins. there werent any bugs that day which i was thrilled about. i was expecting to have the trail to myself based on past reviews but i did pass about 6 groups. i guess it was labor day weekend. pleasant forrest hike, mild incline, pretty lakes.

Beautiful hike. Did take about 5 hours round trip. Lots of people hiking. Very easy to see the trail.

trail running
2 months ago

Great for running, flat and easy. Beautiful view, trees, ferns, wild flowers, and sky. But I did not rate 5 stars because there is barely any view of the lake and it's very close to the road, so a lot of traffic noise.

Nice easy walk along the river. Picked enough blackberries to have berry cobbler for dessert!

2 months ago

Exceptionally beautiful Trail, I didn't do the whole thing as I'm trying to build up endurance in my children. We made our own 3-mile loop ( you can see in my recording), which goes off trail and connects with the other side of the main loop. Definitely give this trailer shot.

follow white dots and stacks of rocks on way up

trail running
3 months ago

More of an access road than a trail and they are being very liberal with the word "falls" but still a nice place for a quick run/walk.

beautiful but walk the game trial a bit more difficult but much better pictures

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