It is uphill and cross country (you won’t find a marked trail) for 1.5 miles to the summit of Aspen Butte with sits at 8200 ft. The hike starts at a trail head elevation of 6800 ft which corresponds to an elevation gain of 1400 ft. You will have to go up as straight as you can from TH (there’s no such thing, just start at any point facing the mountain which is to the right of the road) to the summit: the lodges and fallen trees will make this a little bit complicated, but it is enjoyable.

Aspen Butte is the high point in the Mountain Wilderness, which is located between Ashland and Klamath Falls. The view from the summit is outstanding. You will see 5 other peaks and 5 lakes below you. It’s a great place for lunch. The hikers will need to stay together since cross country means no trails to follow. If you have a GPS and can use it, bring it along.

From Ashland, drive east on the Dead Indian Memorial highway towards Lake of the Woods for about 28 miles. Turn right on Clover Creek road and drive towards Keno. Stop at mile post 11 and turn left on gravel road 3828, then drive 8 miles on the gravel road (it is a dead end). It’s a good road with a few small scattered rocks on it. There is no snow on the road at the time a posted this.

This is not an easy trail, but not difficult either. The moderate description is accurate from my point of view, but it will depend on your shape. It took us 1:30 hr. to get to the summit and 1:15 in the way back, plus the time you will spend enjoying the views. You will also find some good shades from trees up there.