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follow white dots and stacks of rocks on way up

Beautiful hike and well worth the miles, but there are some ailments!
First off, just an FYI, when you get to the pay station you DO NOT have to pay the day use fee! That’s only for the actual swimming and picnic area. When you drive through the campground, you’ll come to a trailhead and a big sign that says “trailhead parking, no fee”. It doesn’t say this at the pay station, which was a pain bc we ended up paying the fee!
You’ll actually start at the Badger Lake Trailhead and not the Fourmile one. Once you start, you’ll see a sign that will point you in the right direction. Throughout the rest, the hike is very poorly labeled. We got turned around multiple times and ended up on a portion of the PCT for a third of the hike (making us miss the top of the loop where a multitude of lakes and a canyon is). The PCT cut off will spit you back on the trail, but other than the trail head, none of the directional signs say Fourmile. So when you get to splits, make sure you check your GPS and go the right way. We ended up taking on almost 3 extra miles bc of this. There are also many fallen trees across the trail towards the last half, one pile so bad you have to leave the trail and trek around it to hop back on trail. This did not bother us, but may cause problems for others. Also, when you reach the end of the trail and try to go back to your cars... it’s super hard to find the trailhead again. Just hit the main road in the campground and walk back around. Save yourself the trouble we had of walking in circles trying to find the end trail where we had specifically started. Woo, that is all. Ps: bring deet.

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5 days ago

More of an access road than a trail and they are being very liberal with the word "falls" but still a nice place for a quick run/walk.

12 days ago

Great hike, although the mosquitoes by some of the lakes were pretty intense. I used PCT as a cutoff to avoid the unmaintained far sections, hike still came in at 14.2 miles

Wouldn’t rate as hard.

beautiful but walk the game trial a bit more difficult but much better pictures

This specific trail head is no longer an active trail. There is no trailhead and the trail itself is no longer kept by ODFW. There is a closed fire road with walking access, but it is supposed to veer off to the left and hit the trail. We followed the GPS for 2 miles where it says there is a trail and there was none visible. Completely overgrown.

21 days ago

amazing hike!! killer on the the legs but well worth it. spent the night in my hammock at around 8200 ft super Smokey and windy. got up around 4 am to summit and to see the sunrise. I highly recommend this trail it will treat you right!

New trails opened. 5 additional extending East!

Great hike that consisted of a trek out of the woods to a scramble over the rocks and a little bit of shake to huff up. Views were beautiful,and looking across the horizons you can see the top of Shasta standing proudly above the clouds. Majestic site. 2 liters of water is more than enough. We hit the trail at about 6:30 which made for a great day.

HOLY MOSQUITOES. but good easy hike.

Very easy trail, save or about 40 ft of steep incline 1/4 of the way in the trail. A very relaxing walk into the woods. Can't wait to transverse this trail once it snows. Seemed almost bug-free, save for butterflies.

Ignore Shoen Davis, this is not a 4 hour hike unless you get lost. I had a three-year-old lead the way and it only took us about an hour and 30 minutes.

1 month ago

Gorgeous hike!! Terrain changes from rocky to dusty. Not a ton of traffic (such a plus) and the lakes are STUNNING! Crystal clear and surprisingly warm compared to other mountain lakes. Mild mosquitos and inclined most of the hike. Great swimming hole. This particular part of the trail is only the first two miles of the Nannie Creek Trail (Puck Lakes Trail and Nannie Creek Trail are the same trail), so reaching the lakes would be doable for beginners.

1 month ago

Definitely would not call this a “hard” trail. Slight incline until you reach the lakes. The trail signs also change names right before the lakes. If you want to follow the loop, keep to the left. Going right will take you to sky lakes trail (take this to follow through two of the lakes). There are quite a bit of mosquitos in the shaded areas and the trail is pretty exposed through the burned sections of the forest. There are a few lakes up here that are awesome for a swim! Can also camp. Just make sure you’re not in a preservation section of the forest (there’s signs). This trail is a big eye opener for how important fire safety is! The scorched trees and ashen trail is devastating. Over-all a beautiful hike with great scenery!

Perfect trail if you’re looking for an easy stroll-in-the-park style trail. Loops around Lake of the Woods and is great for pups and hikers of any level. Almost zero incline. Would carry bug-spray.

1 month ago

Gorgeous hike and beautiful views! There is no water on this hike, so make sure to bring enough to share with your pups!! The first half of the hike is also mostly inclined and in the sun, so come prepared with sunscreen and dress accordingly when hiking during spring/summer. The second half of the trial is mostly downhill and super fun due to run due to the trail being built for bikes. So, be prepared to share the trail with mountain bikers and be courteous enough to step aside to let them pass. Didn’t have a mosquito problem in spring. Four stars due to the lack of shade and water.

This half of the trail is rough. More of an incline than the first half on Varney Creek and there are more fallen trees to hurdle over. There are several lakes on this loop. Wouldn’t recommend hiking it until mid-summer. At the top of the loop there was still quite a bit of snow pack (2-3 feet) when I went in May. Come mosquito prepared!

This trial is gorgeous! It is an incline most of the way up with slight alleviations here and there. You’ll pass Lake Como on the left after the trail split to Mtn Lakes Loop before you reach Lake Harriet. Both are stunning and are stocked with rainbow and brook trout! Fishing is great! We packed in and stayed a few days. I wouldn’t recommend setting up at Lake Harriet though due to the winds. It’s always windy due to the location. Lake Como would be a great one to set up at. Four stars only due to the mosquitos - come prepared!!

We started at the Summit Snopark/PCT trailhead, not realizing there was another trailhead specifically for McLoughlin. We got a little turned around at the beginning, so if you start from here make sure you take a right at the first fork in the road, about a quarter mile in!
Other than that, be prepared for a tough scramble up rocks for about the last hour or so to the summit. The views of Shasta and all the lakes from the top definitely make it worth it!

Great challenging hike! Starts off with a nice trek through the woods, then you get to a moderate, rocky climb and finish with a tough scramble. Views are totally worth it but you have to remind yourself of that when you’re in the suck zone. Brought my dog, who’s a great little hiker, and she was pretty tired by the end so something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about bringing your pup. It can be especially tough for a dog up top in the scramble. We met a couple who turned around because their older dog couldn’t make it over the rocks. Recommend bringing lots of water and snacks, for you and your pup. And don’t forget sunscreen! It’s cool up there but the sun is strong. Tons of butterflies up top which was kind of magical. Highly recommend this hike.

1 month ago

Definitely a rocky trail! Great views and its about a 10.5 mile rt hike. Thanks to the markings on the trail: orange ribbons and white markings on the rocks. It was a hard hike since I have not been out hiking for a bit. Took me about 7 1/2 hours round trip. Would I do it again? Yes, maybe hike up and camp overnight.

you gotta love rocks for this one. starts out as a stroll in the woods then never ending rocks to break your pace and rhythm. trail is void of snow

not a hard hike by any standard, great views at the top, and bouldering for when you get bored.

the trail was poorly marked after the Ridgeline, added about 20 cairns to help. look for small white dots spray painted on rock as well as orange plastic ribbon on trees to help wayfind.

1 month ago

Backpacked with 3 other friends to camp on the north side of Lake Harriette. Pretty difficult with 30+ lbs strapped to you but worth it. I advise taking the left side to get to the Lakes quicker when you hit the fork on top of the mountain.

1 month ago

Very easy and relaxing trail, definitely a way to fix a bad day. Make sure to check out the falls before you leave.

A nice little walk for the first half of the hike, not secluded enough for my taste.

Hiked 6/24/18. For a somewhat experienced climber this summit is very straight forward. I read several reviews that mentioned getting turned around and even lost, but as long you follow Karin’s and white dots the trail is well marked. You almost never see the mountain during the hike, it makes the climb rather unusual, but once you finally beak the tree line the summit shot is fairly short. No snow at this point, limited skree field, mostly boulders to keep you out of the dirt. It’s hot in southern Oregon so bring plenty of water and start early! Signs say 11 miles, reports of 9 but I didn’t bother to check, be ready to climb (hike) a mountain and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of this summit. A good pair of trail runners and camelbak should be more then sufficient for this one.

1 month ago

This was far from a difficult hike. It really should be labeled as easy. Very little elevation gain and a great maintained trail. We seen quite a few families out here and bicyclists.

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1 month ago

Hiked up to the 9000 ft level on a Friday afternoon to spend the night. Watched a lightning storm over Lake Klamath and it was also the first night of the Perseid Meteor showers. What a great experience. Climbed up to the summit and watched the sunrise. Then hiked down.

Trail is overgrown but still nice. Very easy to find trail head.

Incredible hike with an amazing view! Started today (6.16.18) just after 5am. 3 Hours to summit. Then back down in 1hr 50 minutes. Rocky and some loose gravel near the top but the trail was easy to find and follow (not much snow on the trail). Follow the white dots and the cairns left by previous hikers. Easily done solo! Highly recommend!!!

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