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Perfect trail if you’re looking for an easy stroll-in-the-park style trail. Loops around Lake of the Woods and is great for pups and hikers of any level. Almost zero incline. Would carry bug-spray.

We started at the Summit Snopark/PCT trailhead, not realizing there was another trailhead specifically for McLoughlin. We got a little turned around at the beginning, so if you start from here make sure you take a right at the first fork in the road, about a quarter mile in!
Other than that, be prepared for a tough scramble up rocks for about the last hour or so to the summit. The views of Shasta and all the lakes from the top definitely make it worth it!

Great challenging hike! Starts off with a nice trek through the woods, then you get to a moderate, rocky climb and finish with a tough scramble. Views are totally worth it but you have to remind yourself of that when you’re in the suck zone. Brought my dog, who’s a great little hiker, and she was pretty tired by the end so something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about bringing your pup. It can be especially tough for a dog up top in the scramble. We met a couple who turned around because their older dog couldn’t make it over the rocks. Recommend bringing lots of water and snacks, for you and your pup. And don’t forget sunscreen! It’s cool up there but the sun is strong. Tons of butterflies up top which was kind of magical. Highly recommend this hike.

Definitely a rocky trail! Great views and its about a 10.5 mile rt hike. Thanks to the markings on the trail: orange ribbons and white markings on the rocks. It was a hard hike since I have not been out hiking for a bit. Took me about 7 1/2 hours round trip. Would I do it again? Yes, maybe hike up and camp overnight.

you gotta love rocks for this one. starts out as a stroll in the woods then never ending rocks to break your pace and rhythm. trail is void of snow

not a hard hike by any standard, great views at the top, and bouldering for when you get bored.

the trail was poorly marked after the Ridgeline, added about 20 cairns to help. look for small white dots spray painted on rock as well as orange plastic ribbon on trees to help wayfind.

A nice little walk for the first half of the hike, not secluded enough for my taste.

Hiked 6/24/18. For a somewhat experienced climber this summit is very straight forward. I read several reviews that mentioned getting turned around and even lost, but as long you follow Karin’s and white dots the trail is well marked. You almost never see the mountain during the hike, it makes the climb rather unusual, but once you finally beak the tree line the summit shot is fairly short. No snow at this point, limited skree field, mostly boulders to keep you out of the dirt. It’s hot in southern Oregon so bring plenty of water and start early! Signs say 11 miles, reports of 9 but I didn’t bother to check, be ready to climb (hike) a mountain and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of this summit. A good pair of trail runners and camelbak should be more then sufficient for this one.

21 days ago

This was far from a difficult hike. It really should be labeled as easy. Very little elevation gain and a great maintained trail. We seen quite a few families out here and bicyclists.

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25 days ago

Hiked up to the 9000 ft level on a Friday afternoon to spend the night. Watched a lightning storm over Lake Klamath and it was also the first night of the Perseid Meteor showers. What a great experience. Climbed up to the summit and watched the sunrise. Then hiked down.

Incredible hike with an amazing view! Started today (6.16.18) just after 5am. 3 Hours to summit. Then back down in 1hr 50 minutes. Rocky and some loose gravel near the top but the trail was easy to find and follow (not much snow on the trail). Follow the white dots and the cairns left by previous hikers. Easily done solo! Highly recommend!!!

The end result is amazing! The trail itself is a little hellish. You definitely need a machete to get through some of the over growth. There are fallen trees all over the trail, so bad in spots that you have to find a new way through. Some places, the trail disappears and you have to search for where it starts up again. This slowed us down a lot!
There are pink flags, blue markings about half way, and sporadic cairns to help guide you. Thanks goodness for those because without them, we would have never made it through!
According to an old cowboy we met on the way out, moss creek is an abandoned trail that is no longer maintained by the forest service. He was shocked to see us there.
We had the lake completely to ourselves but there were signs of previous campers. The lake is small and it’s easy to hike almost completely around the lake in just a few minutes. The lake is shallow and crystal clear. The water is cool and refreshing. Moss creek is beautiful as well.
If your wanting to get to Lake Harriett but don’t want to get lost in the woods, I suggest taking the Varney creek Trail. It’s maintained and easy to hike.

on Mount McLoughlin Trail

1 month ago

Great both in October and May with snowshoes

Very easy trail with very gradual elevation changes, nothing hard. Hiked in mid-May 2018, about 4 miles in & back & no snow on the lower portion this year. Pretty views of Mt. McLouthlin & the lava flows. Lots of highway noise about 90% of the hike, but nothing too irritating. Not challenging for an avid hiker, more of a nature walk than hike. Trail very well maintained. Make note of which trail you come from at junctions, for your return. Would be great for kids. Pleasant day out & about.

Nice views, great for older kids to explore the geological offerings of the area!

I've summited several peaks and I won't do this one again...too hot in August (which is really the only time it's not snow packed) due to sun exposure and reflection! Typically smoky this time of year which creates difficulty breathing and seeing the views...a lot of scree at the peak, dangerous and crowded as there is only a cement platform where the lookout used to be...then of course the difficulty with finding the correct route out on the descent...so many have gotten lost and ended up on the PCT...Also a very steep trail in the open...Love Theilsen, Bailey and Union peaks! I recommend those instead!

Excellent trail so close to cabins

5 months ago

‘‘This trail is a bit challenging to stay on especially near the top. Awesome day hike! Took about 11 hours but I stayed at the top a while.

Love going here just make sure you go during the right time of year especially if you are camping the mosquitos are every where during certain times

Difficult hike, but worth the view! Pack extra water, I ran out the first time I hiked it. Start off early in the morning, it's gonna take most of the day. 4000+ elevation change. Stick to the ridge on the way down, otherwise you might lose the trail down.

on Mount McLoughlin Trail

8 months ago

Hard but worth it. Very windy Oct 7.

9 months ago

Such a fun, rewarding hike. I was worried about finding the trail, but the white dots made it suele easy to follow. It was super windy at the top and I'm glad I brought my wind breaker!

Beautiful. Very difficult to get to the top. Worth it.

9 months ago

Great hike. Visibility around 20 miles only but still worth it. First time up there on a Saturday and i was able to still get a half hour at top alone. Cold today but also was refreshing. Well at thought it was cold. There must of been 10 people in spandex pants, running shoes and tank tops. i'm apparently a woos. The ridge trail is really well marked with little white dots. Thanks to who ever did that no matter how many times I thought they were just bird poop. Great Hike. Ended a great week of hikes.

Was a great day. Plus it was so nice to get above the smoke. Boys did great but were very tired once we got back to the car.

10 months ago

Took us 10 hours, with about 1.5 of breaks, and a slight hour long detour on the decent. The trail at the top is not marked well, we took a wrong turn and stared going down the wrong face of the mountain, Had to double back to the top and restart again. Bring gloves, sunscreen and don't just wear regular sneakers. The trail is very rocky 2/3 of the time, sturdy hiking shoes are a must. Very difficult, but worth the hike.

Bring gloves to protect your hands from the boulders at the top of the mountain. Keep your eyes peeled for the white dots on the rocks, they are marking the trail. Use the app for directions to trailhead, not Google.
* Bring a new notebook if you want to leave your name in the log. The signature log is full and needs to be replaced.

10 months ago

Definitely need a 4x4 to get to the trail head. Very rocky in the beginning. Easy to follow as trail was well marked with flags but will take a while to get to the peak due to all the fallen trees. Beautiful scenery being deep in the woods.

Beautiful walk through the dense forests with the lake on one side. Make sure to bring your change of clothes so you can jump into the lake :) The trail goes through the resort area and very close to recreational areas so it isn't very secluded, but a worthwhile hike nonetheless.

on Mount McLoughlin Trail

10 months ago

took us 12 hours to walk the 10.9 miles. made it to the top!! very smokey today.

Awesome hike- was definitely an 11 mile hike like the map suggests not 8 miles like this app. Plan for an all day trip, take lots water (my husband and I each has a camel pack plus a small water bottle each and we drank it) take snacks and lunch too! We did not have any bugs :) way up was a steep incline especially towards the top. Lots of loose rock! The end was totally worth it! On the way down the loose gravel made it seem harder than it probably is. We also lost the trail for a bit, but headed east like the map suggests. I suggest wearing shoes that have good traction- the way down was harder because of my shoes. Well worth the day trip!

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