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Klamath Falls, Oregon Map

the first part of the trail was the hardest, I went straight up the mountain from the church parking lot, when I came up there were patches of snow still on the ground and some deep snow at the top, I brought my 2 dogs with me and they did fine, it is a pretty fun trail I like going around the long way a little better, more to see on the way in my opinion

5 days ago

We weren’t aware there was snow and it’s hard to see the trail. It took us like 5 hours to complete most of the trail because we didn’t bring the right gear. The lake was beautiful, completely frozen and we were able to walk through it. I need to come again during summer:).

A great place to hike in the KFalls area.

Awesome trail.. very difficult

The last time I accomplished this climb was way back in July 2009. I have been trying to revisit hikes/climbs I've done in the past but I really wanted to get this pin on the board because it was such an instrumental trail in my life. This was in my "backyard," growing up and it was the jewel of Southern Oregon. I was able to climb Mt McLaughlin five times before the age of 20 and it along with influence from my pops was the driving force for my passion of the outdoors. This climb will always have a special place in my life, heart, and soul. I fully recommend this to any aspiring outdoor enthusiast or mountaineer to get a taste of accomplishment and a smidgen of elevation.

This was a beast of a hike! We did it Nov 18th on a beautiful Sunday. We overdressed and had to shed layers on the way up. The first few miles are on a nice trail and pretty easy, then you get to the rocks. The trail is marked by white dots on rocks and some ribbons on trees. We lost the trail both on the way up and back down which added to our trip and involved climbing more rocks and crossing a scree field. We did a little over 10 miles out and back in about 6hr 45min. We spent a little time at the "false summit" to eat and then continued on up to the top. Beautiful views and totally worth it, but be prepared for a battle. This is a mountain and you best be prepared to climb rocks using all 4's.

1 month ago

it's pretty rough, after the fire in October of 2018 the trail is all but gone, me and my dogs hiked up it anyway and followed the wildland firefighters handline,

A challenging hike with a rewarding view at the top! We went in the winter and it was cold and snowy at the top. Very beautiful.

Did not make it to the trailhead. The road off of highway 140 has a private property access gate (11/23/2018) that is closed to vehicles but is open to foot traffic. Didn't make the trek on the closed road by foot and opted to access by Varney Creek instead.

Some great views very nice hike and bike trails

great hike with the family and pups!

on Aspen Butte Trail

2 months ago

It is uphill and cross country (you won’t find a marked trail) for 1.5 miles to the summit of Aspen Butte with sits at 8200 ft. The hike starts at a trail head elevation of 6800 ft which corresponds to an elevation gain of 1400 ft. You will have to go up as straight as you can from TH (there’s no such thing, just start at any point facing the mountain which is to the right of the road) to the summit: the lodges and fallen trees will make this a little bit complicated, but it is enjoyable.

Aspen Butte is the high point in the Mountain Wilderness, which is located between Ashland and Klamath Falls. The view from the summit is outstanding. You will see 5 other peaks and 5 lakes below you. It’s a great place for lunch. The hikers will need to stay together since cross country means no trails to follow. If you have a GPS and can use it, bring it along.

From Ashland, drive east on the Dead Indian Memorial highway towards Lake of the Woods for about 28 miles. Turn right on Clover Creek road and drive towards Keno. Stop at mile post 11 and turn left on gravel road 3828, then drive 8 miles on the gravel road (it is a dead end). It’s a good road with a few small scattered rocks on it. There is no snow on the road at the time a posted this.

This is not an easy trail, but not difficult either. The moderate description is accurate from my point of view, but it will depend on your shape. It took us 1:30 hr. to get to the summit and 1:15 in the way back, plus the time you will spend enjoying the views. You will also find some good shades from trees up there.


Nice hike. Still very little snow. Gear: trail shoes, shell pants and top, thermal. Was upper twenties to start (9:30ish) and warmed up quickly. Trekking poles would have been nice. Once you are about a mile from the summit stay close to the ridge and avoid the scree field.

Nice easy trail. Beautiful day

2 months ago

I went again after the first attempt and I can say this is my favorite trail so far. It is really hard and demanding and also dangerous. I agree with the fact that this trail could be marked better. Even when I loved the snow the first time I went, I would never do this trail in those conditions, following the trail in the snow is really complicated and it was overwhelming for me. The second time,I got lost twice, one in the way down from the top. Fortunately I was able to follow a group of ladies that guided me to the main trail. I was by myself and I started late, I would recommend to get there really early if it’s the first time, so you can have time in case you need it. Besides everything I said, I would do it again and again. Loved it!!

2 months ago

Lots of trails and ways to get up and down. Park at the church nearby. Pretty dusty right now but fairly easy to get up and down. Took us about an hour to go up the front side and down the right side which is less steep and a little more windy. Nice views of the city and the lake.

2 months ago

Difficult trail that starts out easy and exponentially slows to a crawl scrambling through boulders at the top. The trail could be marked better! There are white dots on the rocks for the middle third but are mainly on the uphill side. Only 10% are visible while ascending making it a bit hard to follow. Near the top markers consist of small red ribbons in the few trees. If the trail was better marked I would probably rate it 5 stars. Great workout. Scenery good but many others better.

Great trail. Missed a fork. Poison oak in patches.

great trail with awesome views

2 months ago

great trails

fun day. poison oak patch

3 months ago

very nice

3 months ago

We went today, there was a blizzard, it was crazy! We weren’t able to climb up to the summit due the lack of visibility. Hopefully next time. We got some awesome views from the ridgeline. Took us 7 hours both ways, but we didn’t get to the summit. I definitely need to come back to get there.

Great hike. Made it to the summit in 3.5 hours. That was with a few breaks here and there. Took us about 3 hours to make it back down after resting on top for 30 minutes. Would do it again for sure!

Easy hike with not much for views. The small Squaw Lake is nice at 2 mile turn around. Ignore the start of trail shown in this app. The trail is marked with a sign on edge of parking lot, but this app has you start across the road and walk through several campsites unnecessarily. Follow the black dashed lines shown on the base map.

3 months ago

Great hike on very well maintained trail. Excellent trail construction across several lava fields. The hike is easy and good to see the difficulty updated to easy since earlier reviews. Great views of Mt. McLoughlin at several points. The hike does not have a marked end point so you can continue on past the turn around point on a very well maintained trail.

Easy hike on a well marked trail except the trail head. Park by lake on the loop close to trail head shown on map. Walk a short distance down the road that is gated where dam is on your left. Just past the dam the trail head starts and is marked there with a small sign. Hike is past a few small lakes little elevation gain.

3 months ago

Great in-town hike year-round. Easy access to trailhead. I like all the route variations and possible loops. Fun for snow shoeing too.

3 months ago

up to the dam, there is a lot of bird activity to observe. after that the road is hot and nearly devoid of interest. the way back is prettier than the way out, as you have a better view of the river. the falls we're disappointing. still, from the lake to the dam there was an amazing concentration of water birds, both variety and number. we also spotted a bald eagle.

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