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Jacksonville, Oregon Map

Nice snow hike and some huge bear tracks.

private property
1 month ago

Beautiful trail that connects with several others. We made it into a 5+ mile hike, combining bits of the Manazanita Hall Trail, Naverson, and Steep Canyon Trails with Cantrall Creek. A perfect fall hike, November 12, a dry year but water still flowing lightly in the creek. Leaves everywhere on the trail and some trees still in color. Gentle ups and downs, perfect for my frumpy knees. BTW: very well signed and maps about every 1/2 mile reassure the directionally impaired (me). Well-maintained trail.

2 months ago

Very confusing, lots of different trails.

I think this would be a great trail to hike in spring when the water's running high. A beautiful fall hike nonetheless.

2 months ago

Well maintained trail. Have done this one in the spring and now the fall. It is only 2.5 miles total.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. Not a soul in site. Heard growling about 3/4 of the way in near the Interpretative Trail cutoff. I didn’t see anything, but sounded like a bear. Hike in groups and use caution.

This is a great trail for seeing a lot of the historic mining sites. It’s also great for fall colors. The southernmost portion of the trail, called the Frenchman Mine Loop, has you walk through a little neighborhood, which is a little weird. But still gorgeous. Also, heads up—there’s a section of the trail between the Fir St parking lot and the California St parking lot that goes straight downhill (or up depending on which way you’re coming from). It is extremely steep and even going down is a strain on the knees. AllTrails map directs you to go this way, but if you look closely at the map, there is another portion of the trail that runs parallel to this section that has a switchback so it’s not as steep. I’d use that, unless you like feeling like you’re about to start rolling downhill at any second.

3 months ago

This is wonderfully groomed trail for multi use. I hear that is thanks to volunteers from the local motorcycle club. There is nothing extremely difficult and the trail is easy on the feet. So many different landscapes. the views are spectacular. I went just over 4 miles and thought I'd seen about all there was so I turned back after the second open ridge. Perhaps I should have continued. I think I must have been close to the Stein Butte lookout that I see pictured. But, all said, it was a good day.

I've given this because it is such a workout with a great prize at the end. Straight up on not the best conditioned trail, with no switch backs. definitely "hard" but satisfying.

awesome views great trail

Lots of poison oak so if you have little kids that like to bounce around the trail edges like a pinball machine then be careful! Other than that it’s beautiful!

the road to the trailhead is now cleared. today was a great hike to the top of baldy Peak.

nice place to walk. hard to walk my toddler though, I was constantly worried he would walk too close to the edges. there's so much poison oak too.

beautiful easy hike.great vistas.

9/8/2019 I took my eight year old son, and I have to say the intensity level was just about perfect for him. We sat at some pretty amazing view's, and drew some pictures of our landscape. We only ran into 2 groups of people. Very peaceful.

I enjoy hiking around the historic Jacksonville Cemetery, its peaceful and very light traffic.

on Stein Butte Trail

4 months ago

I enjoyed this hike! Great cardio workout, uphill to the top. Bring a bug net, I cannot believe how many bugs were flying around my face. The views are outstanding.

Nice trail, flat around the ridge with great views.

This trail is actually referred to as Rail Trail in the park and on maps. It’s an easy trail with some cool history. It doesn’t go deep into the forest, rather following parallel the road most of the way. It’s mostly shaded and has very little incline, so it would be good for families, kids and people who don’t hike much. The trail itself doesn’t actually loop. If you want to do a loop, the trail will split about 1/2 mile from the end (which I missed and had to backtrack on the road). If you catch the split, you’ll go off to the left, cross over the road and take ‘Ol Miner’s trail back to P1. I liked the ‘Ol Miners trail portion better. It was more forested with better views. I would not consider it easy however, it had quite a bit more incline and some really steep and narrow sections that require you to use caution. If you’re just wanting an easy hike on Rail Trail, I recommend just doing it out and back.

4 months ago

Mostly up hill going in. Nice trail but I went there hoping to hike along the water and well, there wasn't ANY! I DO NOT recommend this trail in the summer if water is what you'd like to see. Otherwise, not bad.

What a marvelous trail, green and shady and relatively easy to hike. Only 2 and a half miles, but taken at leisure, it’s a full morning’s walk. Watch the signs for other trails... so many about. But really rewarding!

I did the whole trail August 11th. It is pretty steep on the way up. I really enjoyed the way it went around the mountain. And the way back down to the Lake was a great hike. Walking back to the trailhead via the road was boring but easy Miles.

first 2 miles all uphill

5 months ago

Great hike! Easy, clean and scenic. There are a few really cool camp sites along the trail. There are also a few out house type bathrooms along the trail. Very easy hike for kids as well. Super easy to catch bluegill along the banks which is also fun for the kids.

Really wonderful trail to hike on, with alternating altitudes and vistas. Not a lot of wildlife seen, not even birds, but the flora makes up for it. Many stands of peeling madrones, ponderosa pine and manzanita clumps all around. Watch out for the abundant poison oak, which in this midsummer hike had turned a brilliant beautiful red. I wish the fire further north hadn’t ruined our views with its smoke, but the screening it provided cooled us off considerably. A few local folks around, but generally untrammeled. This day we were rewarded at the end of the trail with a lovely symphony, courtesy of the Britt orchestra.

Great trail for hiking and spectacular views. Good for biking too, but tricky. A few invasive species, St. John’swort, Yellow Starthistle, and Cheatgrass on the open slopes. Probably a sign of overgrazing. Watched a gray fox carrying a California ground squirrel on the trail in front of us. Saw a Western rattlesnake and a Gopher snake too. I really appreciated seeing the bench dedicated to Ed Reilly—he taught me a lot about forest health in Southern Oregon and is missed.

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