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Beautiful views & wildflowers!

20 days ago

My 5 & 4 year old could only make it half way, with frequent rests

1 month ago

I would rate this moderate instead of easy. Only because you should be prepared to feel the burn as you hike uphill the whole way. We managed fine while wearing a baby and having a 8, 6, and 3yr old hike along too. And the hike down is a breeze. When you reach the top you will want to take the trail to the left towards Bear Gulch. Just a few feet away you will see the tunnel. The opening is small, but it's a bit roomier once you are inside. Adults will have to hunch over to walk through, but your kids will be able to stand up and have the time of their lives. There is a sign in front that gives some history of the hydraulic gold mine, which is really cool. Definitely a unique spot and we enjoyed the views along the way. The climb is always worth it!

1 month ago

This was a fun little hike!

I’d probably put it at moderate and not easy, as the entire hike to the tunnel or other connecting trails is uphill. It’s steady, but all uphill. The kids, and myself, were starting to feel it towards the ends.

NOTE: once you finish the trail and it intersects the Bear Gulch Trail, you’ll want to go to your left (like you are starting the Bear Gulch Trail) for a few feet and the tunnel will be on your right.

The trail is easy enough for most kids to get there and smallish adults. I’m 5’8 and towards the end of the tunnel it becomes narrow and I had to crawl a few feet.

It was fun for sure and there are some stunning views along the way.

The trail is nicely wooded, as mentioned before, it is next to the highway so you will hear some traffic noise, overall I would hike this again!

Loved it. Did it yesterday and nobody was on the trail. Fantastic views. Highly recommend Mt Baldy. If you go there, be careful not to miss the correct turn off on the return route. It was deceiving and lost some time.

1 month ago

Great little mile hike from the TH to the tunnel. Quick hike with beautiful views towards the top.

1 month ago

My friend & I walked this on Good Friday it was the 1st hike for both of us this year, & it was very enjoyable. I think everyone who enjoys walking/hiking should try this trail at least once & the new hike trails at Britt (that are being planned) there in Jacksonville should create an even more satisfying day of hiking.

1 month ago

Amazing views the entire trip! Very nicely maintained trails; even a couple benches along the way! Uphill all the way to the top; but once you reach the end you find information about the history of the tunnel which we found fascinating. Tall children and adults will hit their heads if they try to pass through the tunnel! Beware of ticks in the grasses surrounding he trails.

1 month ago

Fun trail! Steady uphill the whole way, but worth it!

1 month ago

Had a blast today on this trail! I took my 3year old son and my 9year old daughter they both made it to the top and thought the tunnel was amazing.

1 month ago

Had a BLAST with my little family today great hike and an amazing drive definitely 1 of my favorite hiking locations

2 months ago

If you're deciding whether or not to hike this trail, definitely do it. Highly recommend it, even if you don't intend to go all the way to Baldy Peak.

Two important points:
1. Trailhead & Parking: The trailhead is not marked with any signs, and is just a ramshackle gate directly across the road from the driveway of 12700 Upper Applegate Rd (the location pin is right on). It's easy to miss if you've never been. You can park about 300 ft past there on the right at a nice gravel pull off and walk back to the trailhead, or park on the shoulder next to the trailhead, but it's really small.

2. The trail continues on to Baldy Peak, providing better and better views the whole time. If you're going to go up and have the energy, definitely go all the way to the top of Baldy.

Trail was accessible and awesome in winter, even after a pretty substantial snow the night before. It's an uphill trudge, but well worth it. Give it a go.

The directions to the trails are bad. Never did see the river but it was pleasant. The Panoramic Viewpoint was nice.

I'm giving 3 stars cuz what I explored was really pretty but I am pretty confused on where to go when I came out there. there was a little parking area that said tunnel ridge day use with what looked like a start of a trail but then directly across the road was a start to another trail that listed multiple trails such as bear gulch which I had seen pics of on this app so I followed that trail since i had seen pics on here but I think it was the wrong start or I didn't go far enough cuz I never saw the tunnel.

3 months ago

This area is nice and right in Jacksonville. It’s pretty easy as well. There really aren’t much views or things to look at, but if you are in the area and wanted to take a break from the city, I supposed this could
Be a nice refreshing walk.

Thought someone should mention that the dirt road to the trailhead is a bit bumpy and only 1 lane. I wouldn’t recommend taking a low riding vehicle to get there

Directions took me to a cemetery... I don't know if I just missed it or my directions weren't working but I wasted 30 minutes of my time and gas. Never had this happen before.

I have hiked this trail on many occasions it has a few tough part but a nice hike. You can hike it to baldy mountain trail and continue on baldy mountain trail to the top where you will come out on a mountain road .when you reach the road you can go right the road a short way and you would come to mule creek trail and take it back down to mule mountain trail and back to your car. it takes me about 4 hour to complete this hike and I'm a avid hiker. it also possible to hike over to little gray back mountain trail. but you should have two vehicles to do this hike parking one at mule mountain trail head and and one at little gray back mountain trail head. Or leave a vehicle at one and get drop off at the other trail. but make sure you know the way too get from one trail to the other. If you are starting at mule mountain trail. Take mule mountain trail to baldy mountain trail turn right on baldy mountain trail following it until you reach the mountain road then follow the road probably a couple of miles until you come to where it intersect another road turn right at this junction then follow the road until you reach a four way intersection ( I would estimate it's about a 1/2 mile or so. when you reach the four way intersection turn right and follow this road about a 1/4 mile or so to little gray back mountain trail. you will past a road gate on this short section of the road and the makes a hard right and this is where the little gray back mountain trail starts keep a eye out because last time I've did this hike the trail head wasn't Marked very well. And I have done this hike coming from the other way. From little gray back mountain trail,and it took me a couple different try until I figured out how to get from one trail to the other trail. So if try this hike give your self plenty of time to do it and if you going from little gray back mountain trail to baldy mountain trail to mule mountain trail. You will want to make all the right turns left turns. And now I think there's signs letting you know the way too go.

We were really excited about this hike. We drove a hour to it.. our 7 yr old was so excited about the tunnel... so the first part of the hike is completely up hill the hole way, we got to the top and didn’t see the tunnel so we went back down hopping we just missed it... but no its at the top around the corner from the sign.. we where so upset we missed it and worked that hard to not find it... so for those going to the tunnel go past the sigh at the top.. on the way down its really easy and goes by fast.. enjoy

Great hike.... not to much up and down, and would be great for bikes although we walked... def do again.

5 months ago

Great hiking spot.

Fairly strait forward and some fun elements like the Bigfoot trap. Trail was well maintained. Some nice views up top as well.

Really pretty view from the top of panoramic view/trail (I think that’s the name). There are a bunch of trails we went to a couple different ones. If you donate 50cents you can get a super informative pamphlet. I believe the price is to assist in maintaining the park so if you take one I think it’s only right to donate! Anyways, it’s a super easy trail, a couple uphill but many downhill and flat areas. I would definitely recommend this trail, it has an awesome view and is very shaded. Watch out for ticks! My dog got one in her armpit so make sure to check your clothing and body as well as your pets.

Beautiful at sunset!

Not bad. Probably better in spring time.

9 months ago

Nice challenging incline on the way up. The way down is quick and easy. The tunnel is pretty small and insignificant but still cool. My recording should say 1.9m, I forgot to turn it on until part way thru the hike.

Easy to get too with some really pretty views. A couple steep parts but a rest in there and you'll do just fine. Perfect for kids.

Nice trail, good for kiddos. My boys are 5 and 7, they did great.

10 months ago

Great trail. The miners shack has since fallen down; look for a flattened pile of wood on your right. Turn left there to get to the bigfoot trap.

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