Beautiful views and not too hard of a hike. Unortunately the ticks were trrible for our dogs so much so that I would not return. There was a lot of ticks and I mean a lot. The sinage was a bit confusing amd we got pretty turned around. But if the ticks were not so bad I would be there all of the time. It is surprisingly off-leash dogs allowed which is nice.

very cool trail. rating is easy as you're basically walking but the sweeping views are awesome. lots of wildflowers. exposure is pretty high with only glimpses of shade. watch out for bikers

6 days ago

We did a couple more miles today with our lifelong friends, Beth and Barry.

The trail is nice and easy, it doesn’t offer much in views but you are in the shade for most of the hike. Signs are a bit confusing but all in all nice family hike safe for all levels.

Beautiful trail. You’ll go through forest, grassland, desert time dryness. Enjoy the breathtaking views when you see them. No creeks or water sources. Have done point to point twice, starting at each side. Starting from 238, you’ll have a mile of immediate, decently steep, incline before leveling off. If you end at 238, it’s a mile of decline after your legs are already tired.

7 days ago

Such a great trail system for running! Beautiful area!!! Lots of different trails to choose from. We did Deming to Grub Gulch. About 12 total miles.

Lots of flowers, beautiful bridges and benches to sit on. Pretty easy. Lots of trails that spin off though. I liked all the signs with historical information.

mountain biking
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18 days ago

Fantastic single track, varies from nicely groomed to returning to wilderness. Rode from Deming to Wolf Gap. About 2 miles overgrown bush west of wolf gap. Ran over a rattlesnake, scared the pants off me. Would do again, want to do the whole trail.

Nice easy trails in the woodland. Entry points and nearby trails are heavily trafficked, but once you get a mile in it thins out to moderate. Diverse ecology, lots of wildflowers and historical points of interest, but a fair amount of road noise and sightings of nearby homes. For a trail system close to a town it’s very nice, but it is not secluded.

25 days ago

My friend and I loved this trail. We drove from Sacramento for this hike most definitely worth the drive. Yes this hike is strenuous, but worth it. The views half way up are great, but the views at the top are so amazing. We did see two snakes on the trail, so keep an eye out! Take lunch and have a picnic on top of the mountain . Also, during the warmer months make sure to bring enough water! It is basically 5 miles straight up.. it took us a little less than 5 hours up and back, but we got caught in the rain and jogged down a little bit!

Beautiful views and wildflower sighting. Pretty easy going/flat for the most part. Lots of sun exposure. Amazing hike and will definitely do it again.

We started on the Hwy. 238 side. Went the entire distance of the trail, turned around and returned back to Hwy. 238. This trail was a first for us, and easily one of our favorites. Enjoyed the various wild flowers, and the views were beautiful. Will definitely repeat this trail again.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. During the great “quarantine of 2020” we were able to get out on a new trail suggested by a local friend... (we needed an excuse to to to the new Chik-Filet in Medford). We had planned to let our two year old twin girls wander the trails as much as possible... but when we got out on the trail we noticed we couldn’t look more than 10 feet in any direction with out seeing poison oak along the trail. We put the girls in hiking pack child carriers and did the hike because we were already there. I enjoyed the history lessons posted through out and liked the wide trails which allowed for adequate social distancing. If we had known about the poison oak we would have picked a different hike. Too risky for kids who don’t know better. It has its appeal for runners and hikers alike and if you are ok with poison oak then it’s a good easy- moderate hike.

Gorgeous views and mostly flat if you start on the Sterling Creek side

on Stein Butte Trail

1 month ago

Great trail! About 2/3 in you get a nice view, but if you’ve gone that far it’s worth going to the top! Beautiful view!

Easy trail for a quick hike. Lots of pretty wildflowers. No good views though.

Great loop trail for young children. Conditions are great (mid-April).

Nice trail with a couple good views

1 month ago

Don’t do this one fasting! It’s pretty strenuous. I got to the first summit before having to call it a day because I was so hungry! Can’t wait to try again!

1 month ago

Great trail! Well maintained. All incline 5 miles to the top, totally worth it. Even on a cloudy day we were able to enjoy some views! Took us 3hrs 15min, but we ran down a portion of it. Walking only, I’d say plan 4hrs.

Just a nice mellow trail to go on and bird watch or take some pictures. Gets me out of the house during these wild and crazy times.

1 month ago

Fun two-mile stretch of the trail for a Corona Thursday hike. A few spring flowers blooming, Shooting star, Violet, Fawn Lily, hounds tongue, Osoberry.

Great trail for kids. Muddy in some spots.

super laid back trail. get your blood flowing and beautiful scenery.

absolutely love this trail! beautiful views and well maintained trail!

2 months ago

Great hike! No snow on the trail right now. Started around 9AM and finished around 1:30PM. Bit steep at some points but really straight forward hike. Only thing to be aware of is ticks. They are very abundant right now and not only on this hike. We pulled about 25 and counting from our dog so far.

such a beautiful nice hike this time of year

My first hike since I've moved to the area. Was a great evening jog for the pup and I. Amazing views!

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