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Jacksonville, Oregon Map

the dog and I hiked this today! Magnificent views! a lot of birds too! Like the other reviews noted-it is a steep ascent! it is a bit of a drive to the T.H. on rocky road, it would be nice if someone took a chainsaw to the downed tree blocking the rest of the road 3/4 of a mile from the T.H.!

we hiked this Trail on 10 20 2018. first of all the directions are a little misleading. turn on to Beaver Creek from upper Applegate Road from there drive until you see the sign to turn right towards the trailhead once on that road stay to your left until you get to a fallen log across the road. that is as far as you can Drive park there and it is three-quarters of a mile walk to the trail head. the trail starts at the end of the road to the right all the signage is gone. this Trail has had no maintenance and we would definitely rate it as hard it is very narrow and steep and places it was very slippery. once you get to the top the views are breathtaking.

lots of different ways to go

absolutely loved it!!

absolutely beautiful

Ran in Sept 2018. Starting from hwy 238 the trail starts off as an old overgrown fire road. After a mile or so it turns into single track and is much more pleasant. elevation gain for entire trail is probably close to 1500 ft (not 350 or whatever this app says). the first couple miles are all uphill and moderately steep.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Squaw lake is a gem. Trails are wide so whole family could ride around together or enough room to share with others. There were a couple of rope swings to jump in the lake for a refreshing swim. We swam with fish and skipped rocks. Definitely going back again.

Maps took me by a road that starts in Talent (it was the closer one) and it was a nightmare. The road, called Anderson Rd was horrible, not maintained at all and you have the impression you’re always lost. If you don’t have a truck and 4x4 it can be frustrating. The best route is by Jacksonville, taking Upper Applegate Rd and then Little Applegate Rd. These roads are pretty well maintained. The hike is short, but you can keep going by the next trails.

Great trail in an incredible area to hike in. Hiked too much today and my phone died. Hate it when that happens. Was able to charge it before I did the next trail in Grants Pass. Hats off to the Jacksonville Woodlands Assoc!!! A truly great place to hike.

2 months ago

Great trail that I and my dog, Brook were alone on. Met a nice gal walking a friend's lab that looked a lot like mine where we parked. This one runs on the edges of the neighborhood. It was enjoyable hearing the hammers go on 3 different construction projects. This would be a great place to live, especially if you liked to get out on some trails.

The 1st of 2 times today me. my phone or the app acted goofy. I wasn't able to lay down a complete track and didn't catch it on time. It took about a mile to catch it... Probably me. Great trail I enjoyed and met a nice couple who were fellow Lab owners. In all the trails I did in the area today I went through parts of this 3 times. Awesome area to hike in.

Great trail with some unique history. A mix of Madrone and Oak trees with a little Manzanita. In one area the trail was the divider... Only saw 2 other people on the trail. Two teens carrying some food maybe to a nearby house. It also was the only trail I've ever done that went through a cemetary. Oddly enough I saw a commercial on tv the previous night talking about tours through the cemetary. Once a year they actually do one in historic garb... App acted goofy, locked up and gave me a warning and I retraced a small part of this one to lay down a complete track.

Great trail with a lot of gold mining history. A lot of blood, sweat and tears from the past. Met a nice lady with a Doodle to play with my Lab for a bit. Great place to hike with some very nice people. I really enjoy the mix of Madrone, Manzanita and Oak trees in the area. Thoroughly enjoyed the 7 trails I did in the area today

Very nice trail. I enjoyed everything I've done in this trail system including all the people I've met and talked to on the trail. Bravo to Jacksonville.

Great trail!! My GSD and I went hiking on the Petard trail and had loads of fun!

Dog shit central.

I hike this trail several times a year it is easy, but there are a few steep sections. There isn't much if any snow during the winter which makes it an excellent place to hike when other places are snowed in. A couple if years ago while hiking the trail there was a rattlesnake that buzzed at my dog on the edge of the trail. Beware if you are hiking with children. That was the only time I saw a rattlesnake but I have heard them a few times.

Short but sweet. Great if you have little ones.

Make sure you get the map at the ranger station to make this hike more interesting. The path was very thin in places, which can make it harder to walk with younger kids.

4 months ago

Beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. My InReach Explorer said the total hike was 10.4 miles, and the first 3.1 miles up were pretty steady incline through not so interesting forest. Then there is a clearing along the ridge line for a bit, and back to forest a bit more. The final push up to the lookout is the hardest part. Because of the views only being a small portion of the total hike I only give it four stars, and would've given three if not for the lake view and proximity.

I would not recommend this trail for backpacking. I had planned on backpacking but ended up hiking back to the trailhead and camping at one of the nearby dispersed spots on the California side. It was a great workout carrying an extra heavy pack with the water in 95 degree heat (start early bc it didn't start heating up until around 11 and was chilly before that)! But not a hard enough trail where you couldn't hike to the top and back in one go and still have time in your day to enjoy the lake. It allows horses, so the trail isn't very difficult other than the moderate elevation gain. Also like someone else said, there are no good spots to camp out on the trail. Not worth it. Just hike it, and bring lots of water.

trail running
4 months ago

The trail system is behind the Britt grounds. It's across the highway if you park by the library. Wildflowers are everywhere early spring. Watch for poison oak in summer! It's a nice mix of hills and flat.

Easy with kids, just keep the little ones close at narrow parts of trail. Boys loved seeing a few lizards.

trail running
5 months ago

This is a beautiful trail that has gorgeous views and an abundance of wildflowers in the spring. I have run the first 4 miles of this trail two separate times. My first run was in April and the trail was clear. In June, however, many places had grass growing over the trail chest-high and it made for an uncomfortable run. I would recommend this as a good trail for a springtime hike.

Great trail for trail riding. A few downed trees. Saw my first black bear going toward little Applegate trail head. Pretty good climb from bear gulch trail head. Beautiful forest.

Good short hike

It was open last weekend. Nice easy walk

5 months ago

Nice little trail in a very good area to hike. Jacksonville did themselves proud on these trails. Something here made my phone decide the GPS wouldn't work for awhile.

Nice trail through an interesting area with many different types of beautiful trees. Come across quite a few people close to the TH.

Beautiful drive from historic Jacksonville through the Applegate valley with occasional peeps of the river. Several quaint little country towns along the way.

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