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Enjoying the walk along the river with my dogs.

Nice hike - lots of different scenery. Late Aug found lots of bear scat and no mosquitos. Not much water along the trail - mostly near the Soda Spring trailhead.

Beautiful scenery and a decent trail. For mountain biking this trail Should be rated difficult Saw three other cyclists and we all had wrecked off the trail.

I thought this trail was beautiful. You can see the river almost the whole time and you get a lot of variety with up-hills and down-hills. The rhododendrons were blooming when I ran it last. It is very overgrown, however, and I found a tick on me afterwards, so spray yourself before you go. There was LOTS of poison oak, too.

The comments below are not correct. The MOTT segment of the North Umpqua Trail is NOT closed. The NUT is broken up into segments, the Tioga and Marsters segments are still closed due to fire damage, per US Forest service as of 5/29/18.
I just hiked the MOTT segment May 28, 2018. It’s in great shape. In my opinion it’s the easiest of the segments, it’s nearly flat the entire time. Minimal elevation change.

8 months ago

This section is closed right now due to extensive fire damage. I haven't walked the entire trail, but it is nice. Very flat and smooth. Unfortunately, the fire did heavily affect this segment. The trail head if moving upstream to downstream is on 4770, which is also the road you take up to Twin Lakes

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8 months ago

My favorite section so far. So the trail head sign here says the trail is "5 Miles" however, I GPS it at 4.6 Miles. I walked/jogged this section up to the next trail head and back down to the Mott Bridge, GPS said 9.3 Miles total, I think the distance measurement in the description is based around "Out and Back", when this trail is actually a point to point, with the Mott Section downstream and the Calf section up stream. Great tree cover, good views, nice trail condition.

8 months ago

I've been working my way through each segment of the North Umpqua Trail, I haven't done them all yet, but this is by far my least favorite. It's a cliff trail with most of the trail being loose rock. Coming up from the panther section down stream, shortly after the first bridge around a quarter mile in, the trail has slide out. It can still be traversed, but in general the trail is not well maintained. Sections are very overgrown, making ticks extremely easy to pick up. I found them to very prevalent on this section. There isn't much for tree cover, the river is mostly not accessible as you are anywhere from 20-200 feet above it, and the main view is the highway.

Wonderful views, lush forest walk on edge of river. Not difficult. We walked for 30 mins in and out and didn’t see anyone. Recommend!

Love hiking along the North Umpqua

Not a long hike and super sweet springs

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Went in February/March Great section for trail running, fairly flat and right next to the river!

(AllWill) this was my frist hike. my pictures were in my early stages. the hiking path was clear and enjoyable. i found myself wanting to jog this trail.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

I hiked about half of this section from the Mott Trailhead. Beautiful trail and I LOVE the North Umpqua!

My favorite segment.

Pretty section of the north umpqua trail.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

This section of the North Umpqua trail is not too difficult. It parallels the river and all for a small section that has a few hundred foot climb and descent, tracks right along the river bank. Because of the recent heavy rails, the river was flowing high and all small creeks and inlets were gushing as eel. It was obvious that during the high water of last week that portions of the trail had been submerged. A lot of forest debris littered the trail and there were a few places where the trail just washed out. A small bit of cross country trekking got us back on the trail. We saw not another soul on the trail all day.

Monday, June 30, 2014

We hiked this segment in a downstream direction. The first two thirds of the trek has the trail cut high above the river into a steep mountainside. We could hear the river below but could never see it. The lush vegetation and the dense tree cover masked how steep a drop off it was off the trail to the river far below. Steep basalt cliffs rising above on the uphill side of the trail were quite spectacular. The last third of the hike dropped us down near river's edge and to a flatter terrain. A bright sunny day combined with the lush overhead canopy created both warm, bright sections of the trail and shaded, cool segments.

We hiked this segment of the North Umpqua Trail upstream. We got an early start and initially passed by some families camping at the Wright Creek campgrounds. Soon we were by ourselves on this very lush and green part of the trail, paralleling the river most of the time. There is a short interpretive loop of old growth forest that is well worth the sideline. The river alternated between active rapids and long deep, still pools and various sandy beaches. We passed a few fly fishermen and only saw a few other people on the trail at the end of the hike near the Mott bridge. There is no serious elevation gain on this segment and the trail is easy.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our winter weather has been unseasonably dry and the lack of rainfall for the past week prompted me to go hiking on Christmas Eve. As suspected, when we drove out of the valley along Interstate 5, the fog cleared and we were met with clear blue skies, interspersed with the occasional low flying cloud. We hiked the Calf segment downstream. There were remnants of the freezing snowstorm a few weeks back as we ran into melting icicles still clinging onto rock overhangs where water now flows. Some of the well maintained trail was still covered in snow but for the most part, it was a great hike. With the river still quite low, large boulders that normally are surrounded by water were forming the shoreline. This hike takes you through a part of the forest that was burned in 2002. Although the forest is recovering, many tall dead trees still stand along the steep embankment and make striking silhouettes looking uphill against the sky. The trail hugs the south embankment of the North Umpqua River for the majority of the hike with an occasional side trek up a feeder creek and accompanying bridge. The trek is not difficult but narrow in parts and it is a steep slope down to the river below which ranges from a few feet off the river to a few hundred feet.

This is one of the shorter legs of the North Umpqua Trail system. We hiked downstream to upstream on a cold wet November day and got pouring rain the second half of the hike. Nonetheless, this was a beautiful relatively easy hike. The total elevation gain over the 4 miles was just over 100 feet but there are the usual ups and downs on any trail that follows a river. Mushrooms were popping up along the entire length of the trail. The autumn leaves from the trees were scattered all over the trail and the three creek inlets were flowing with water. Most of the trail is covered in forest and there is a great old growth section at the beginning of the trail with many large diameter trees. Ferns and moss covered rocks abound and we even saw a few deer on the trail. Not another human being, though. A great hike any time of the year.

Monday, February 11, 2013

We only did this segment of the North Umpqua, but hope to come back to do the entire trail. It's pretty, with some rocks to climb around on. -But I just wasn't blown away by the scenery. Pretty standard river hike, friendly to all skill levels. We didn't see anyone else, there's a bonus!