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very family and pet friendly walk. great scenery and wildlife. The creek was outstanding beauty. Once at the lake we watched the osprey dive repeatingly from the air into the water and come up with a fish. Once in a lifetime moment. hour and a half walk each way.

This was a fairly easy trail alongside a creek that featured white water and mini waterfalls. The lake and mountain were stunning and I could not stop staring at the perfect reflection of the mountain in the water. This made for a great half-day hike.

Gorgeous views, and solidarity one year post Whitewater Fire. With the Whitewater Trail closed, I expected to see more people hiking this trail as an alternative. Strenuous hike, continuous incline the entire time. We turned around after 4.5 miles because we were not as strong as we thought! The views of Mt Jefferson and wildflowers were stunning and worth the workout! Would love to hike further next time to access the lakes.

11 days ago

Perfect conditions right now on the trail but almost 3/4ths is covered in loose rock so wear some supported shoes. Did this backpacking up to Scout Lake and it wasn’t crazy strenuous, just long. Took us about 4:30 to get up with some stops. If you’re looking to camp up, spots do fill up but Great Lake views! Loved it!

16 days ago

Some patches of snow once you hike down in to Jefferson park but manageable without yak traks. Beautiful area with multiple lakes! So worth the hike. Did it as a day hike but next time would love to backpack and actually camp

17 days ago

Great hike transition from forest to mountain side with some challenging switchbacks and elevation increase. Awesome views of Mount Jefferson along the way and beautiful views as you reach the top! I’d definitely recommend this hike for a rewarding challenge!

Hiked to Scout Lake via Woodpecker trail/PCT. My first backpacking trip in Oregon! Most of the trail is burned but seeing the new vegetation pop up is pretty amazing. Lots of dead trees to climb over but it’s nothing too serious. Also you will get to a bend that says whitewater trail pointing to the left and you will see the PCT pointing to the right. The PCT has a pink ribbon that may seem like it is closed but take the PCT and it will get you to The lakes. There is a stream you have to cross and it’s best to cross early due to it having a heavy flow in the evening. I had a late start and crossed it around 7pm and it was very dangerous but I made it! I lost the path a little due to snow covering parts of the PCT but was able to find my way with a map! It’s beautiful right now but I’m sure it is even more gorgeous when everything is in bloom! Also the Gray Jays are super friendly! Really cute birds that come up to you and are not shy!

Road to trailhead is CLOSE. If you plan to hike this, look for alternative TH.

Went on Sunday, great hike as always. Hiked along the ridge at the top for awhile to get a closer view of Mt Jefferson. Would like to try to hike the ridge all the way to Park Ridge sometime..

Still heavy patches of snow 5 miles in. We probably could have mushed through it to the top but the snow and thunderstorms moving in got us to turn around.

More like 8 miles. I tracked it on my phone. 4 up and 4 down. Also we felt like it was more of a difficult than a moderate hike. Bring plenty of water! You start at the parking lot. Take the left trail. 2.1 miles later you come to a fork. Turn left onto ‘bear point’ hike. 2 more miles and you’re there!

Did this trail and then took the PCT to Russell Lake. Until the whitewater trailhead, the trail is mostly through burned forest and both this trail and the PCT are not well maintained (lots of fallen trees to climb over/around). From whitewater trailhead to Russell Lake the trail opens into a tree covered meadow and is beautiful, though still covered in 3-5 feet of snow

Came via the Woodpecker Ridge trail further south on the PCT. Once we hit the whitewater trailhead, a consistent 3-5 feet of snow through Russell Lake. Lakes are mostly frozen but peeking out in parts. Still beautiful.

Had to turn back due to snow about 3.5 miles in. Very beautiful and remote. Will try again soon and update.

2 months ago

What a great hike ,,thanks to Nicole and kujo..I had a great trip with them ,,beautiful Oregon, ,

2 months ago

Good trail. Very family friendly. There is a gradual grade but nothing too crazy. Snow still dots the ground past the lake. Official camp sites seemed crowded.

2 months ago

went 4/22, still a decent amount of snow on the trail. Gaiters needed, but no snow shoes to reach the lake. some clearing to set up a tent on the shore.

The bridge is out about a mile in. the trail has a closed sign at the head.

Great for families and their first-time backpacking trips

As previously mentioned, FR 4220 is pretty treacherous even in a jeep, but completely doable.

We hiked this trail late October and of it weren't for some previous hikers footprints and the rock stacks, we would have lost the trail entirely in the snow fields. In some areas we would sink up to our hips in the deep snow. Fun!

It's mostly an uphill hike to reach Park Butte, with some flat areas near the base of your final climb, but totally
worth it. Make sure you use the apps trail route to keep yourself on course because it's easy to get lost in the snow and in the burn areas.

9 months ago

Hard to beat this hike through the wilderness forest. The first mile was clear; the upper portion had a fair bit of snow on it from this year's early snowfall. The lake was beautiful. And went beyond the lake to the PCT, as far as Moon Creek, which is right at the base of Mt. Jefferson--stunning!

I would absolutely not begin this via the ollallie lake trailhead on the PCT via FR 4220 as mentioned below. This road isn't even good for your car even if you have high clearance. The entry into Jefferson Park via that route is, however, quite epic, but you can also risk getting lost in the snow fields if you go to early in the season. So if that happens, hit up Pyramid Butte, because you'll never ever want to be on FR 4220 again so you may as well do it.

At the top of the ridge (Park Butte) you'll have an epic view of a good portion of the state of Oregon. Ollallie Butte, Mt Hood and Mt Adams to the north and a spectacular view of Jefferson to the south as well as the valley that carves southwest from Park Ridge.

The descent is also epic, and the enjoying the crystal clear lakes is also an experience.

Just cancelled plans for this trail due to USFS alert saying the trail is closed due to active fire.

11 months ago


Went on July 24th and it was beautiful. But I had to be escorted on an alternate route by firefighters due to a fire that took out a good portion of the trail. Last I checked the trail is still closed because of the fire.

11 months ago

Phone was running out of charge, so only recorded the trip one way up the mountain and down into the valley. Elevation gain is no joke compared to the Whitewater trail (which was closed due to fire). Jefferson park is breathtaking- definitely worth the slog up!

11 months ago

Unsure of why exactly this trail is rated as difficult, the hike leading to Pamelia Lake specifically is pretty laid back. This was my first solo day-hike, maybe it's difficult with backpacking gear. Elevation gain is very minimal and spread nicely throughout the ~2.5 miles to the destination. Maybe I just went at a good time in the season. I did this beautiful hike 2 days ago after learning that the Whitewater trailhead to Jefferson was blocked off due to a fire. Evidence of that fire was definitely clear, I could smell smoke during the hike and I could see it like hazy fog over the lake/surrounding mountains. Pamelia lake is so relaxing, I didn't get the chance to do the Grizzly Peak or Hunt's Creek trailheads but I will definitely be back soon with my friends! Lots of butterflies.

What a beautiful place ! It's a steady incline most of the way to the lakes, but so worth it ! There were mosquitos but it was manageable . We will be back !

Such gorgeous views at Jefferson park! The trail is mostly melted out, but there's a bit of snow left that isn't hard to cross. However, the mosquitos came out in full force our second day there! For a day hike, we continued along the PCT and climbed up to a ridge with a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood. There was quite a bit more snow but we were able to navigate and cross easily. There is a glitch in the All Trails gps track for this trail on the way up to Jefferson Park. We ran into someone using Gaia Gpa who had the same issue, so the trail must have been rerouted or something. Before you hit the PCT the app will show you're off course, but you're not. Once you hit the PCT the All Trails app will line up again with the trail.

Mosquitos weren't bad last Sunday but things changed over night on Monday... bring bug spray! Beautiful views!

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