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3 days ago

Beautiful clear day, the views were spectacular!
Trek was steep but not too hard, well worth the hike!

Fine trail if you are from the area and want to walk your dog. One view point. Otherwise no views of the river.

Terrifying. We made it to the windy top but I cut my hand on a jagged loose rock on the way. Poison oak is everywhere. Wear climbing gloves if you have them. Yes, quite a view

My absolute, hands down, FAVORITE hike I’ve ever been on. It is so incredibly beautiful at the top. My friend and I packed some snacks and found a nice nook at the top to sit in and took in the views for about 45 minutes. Go early so you don’t have to share the space because there’s not much room up there. It’s more on the moderate side, it’s not quite as hard as some of the reviews make it seem, it does have some rocks, just wear your hiking boots and be careful!

Good hike. Unfortunately when we were there the smoke was blocking the views of Mt. Hood. The lake is beautiful however and it was warm enough to jump in and swim. Really easy hike as well. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

Easy to find path that goes around the whole lake. Many options to go down to the water for a swim or to take in a breathtaking view.

This is right off 84. Gorgeous pit stop heading east.

a nice walk, very easy. family friendly.

Beautiful! Camped here the night before and noticed that the sign on the board at the campground listed this hike as now open. Loved getting to walk around the lake and before enjoying the view from the top. Looking out over Eagle Creek and the burn area was interesting, too.

2 months ago

Nice hike with a beautiful view of Mt Hood. Quite a bit of elevation gain, but much of the trail is pretty gradual. Took us a little under 2 hours round trip.

Tons rocks and poison ivy. Don’t take kids under 10 years old.

Pretty solid hike overall. It took me 45 minutes to get to the top. I would say I am in good shape, but not some elite athlete.

As everyone has said, it's steep. Can be pretty breezy at the top too. Worth it for the views.

Easy hike but not a stroll. There is a lot of uneven terrain (stumps, roots, rocks, mud). The bugs were pretty bad but not intolerable. Absolutely gorgeous hike, a lot of places to sit and take in the view. Oh and it was closer to 4 miles via our GPS hike tracker

was not closed and beautiful area, freeway noise aside the area is a great example of the magic in this area.

Easy walk around a beautiful lake. Many opportunities for pictures. The bugs were fierce but it was still worth it.

A nice walk to a very cool view of Mount Hood. Nicely maintained trail, but took a bit to find the actual trailhead. Steady climb to the top, which is worth it. Beautiful forest with lots of shade. Passed a few people but the trail wasn’t crowded. Check it out if you can!

2 months ago

Nice place to get a spectacular view of the gorge. I would rate it as moderate to hard due to the steep climb. Good hiking shoes is recommended as there are loose rocks in some stretches. Definitely going back in the Fall when it's cooler.

Cross the river and scramble up the left side of creek - worth the short hike to see the falls!

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would have been a 5 but the back side is not nearly as well kept as the front. great walk, easy to do, beautiful scenery both during the hike and on the drive, very enjoyable! there is a day use fee to access the park. no bathrooms or trash once you are on the loop.

Nice stroll around the lake. Great views of Hood. Trail is easy and crowded with lake goers.

Nice mix of forested trail and open, sun-exposed trail. Yes, it’s steep! Be ready for a calf/ham-string workout. I recommend good hiking shoes/boots and plenty of water. It’s early July and the trail was often DENSE with poison oak, so do be aware of that. Reminded me a bit of Angel’s Rest, with similarly rewarding views and a nice breeze at the top. It’s a great hike for a quick and intense outing (I suggest getting lunch afterward at Double Mountain or Pfriem in Hood River).

3 months ago

Pretty path, however pretty steep and it was very rocky about half the time. Walking stick recommended. Gorgeous view once you’ve reached the peak.

3 months ago

Quite a vigorous hike! 2 hours 20 minutes in/out with the 8-year-old kid and a pup. Gorges view at the end!

3 months ago

I recommend going the morning. I believe we headed up around 10 and barely saw anyone. On the way down there were many groups which would make enjoying the top a bit harder. Beautiful view of hood!

3 months ago

steeper than you think. watch out for extreamly heathy poison oak on the side of the trail.

This hike is rated as moderate because of the length but some of the switchbacks are very steep, and require you to go uphill through gravel/jagged rocks. It’s a beautiful pay off though!

I haven’t hiked it yet but the hiking Facebook group I follow posted pics of their recent hike to it and said it was open.

Beautiful view of Mt. Hood and easy hike with kids ages 3 - 6.

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