8 days ago

A moderately difficult trail, fairly steep in the beginning, but it levels out after a couple miles when you enter the white-barked, burnt trees that overlook the river far below you. This is a great place to stop for a snack and some pictures. The trail continues upwards but it seemed less steep to me. Most of the switchbacks are in the first couple miles.

There was some snow as we went higher, and this obscured the trail completely. It was difficult to follow after that, only picking up previous hikers' paths but not knowing if these hikers were also lost! This trail meets up with the Timberline trail and we weren't sure if it continued past that or not. We were looking for a little cabin that was said to be at the end of this trail, but were unable to find it. The map we had was not detailed enough, so that didn't help at all!

Over all it was a great trail, very beautiful with varying types of trees and foliage, lots of burnt trees too from the fires, but nothing that detracts from the beauty. In fact, the burnt sections add a dose of reverence and other-worldliness that has beauty in its own right. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is moderately fit and who can handle some steep sections. Some stunning views of the valley and surrounding mountains too!

Note: We did come across a black bear fairly early in the hike. Clapping and talking to it steadily, while slowly walking toward it, worked at scaring him off.