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would have been a 5 but the back side is not nearly as well kept as the front. great walk, easy to do, beautiful scenery both during the hike and on the drive, very enjoyable! there is a day use fee to access the park. no bathrooms or trash once you are on the loop.

Nice stroll around the lake. Great views of Hood. Trail is easy and crowded with lake goers.

18 days ago

Quite a vigorous hike! 2 hours 20 minutes in/out with the 8-year-old kid and a pup. Gorges view at the end!

I recommend going the morning. I believe we headed up around 10 and barely saw anyone. On the way down there were many groups which would make enjoying the top a bit harder. Beautiful view of hood!

I haven’t hiked it yet but the hiking Facebook group I follow posted pics of their recent hike to it and said it was open.

Beautiful view of Mt. Hood and easy hike with kids ages 3 - 6.

Easy trail and mostly flat for approx 1/2 of the loop. We started at the boathouse area and headed towards the amphitheater and boat launch then started the loop. There were a few areas on the other side of the lake where we had to traverse water and muddy areas, but it was easily manageable and we mostly avoided the muck. At the start there were several campsites and people hanging out fishing, etc., but not once we got to the top of the lake. There were a fair amount of people out on the trail and a lot of dogs. People were friendly and courteous, as were the dogs.

on Lost Lake Butte Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful. Started at 9am on a Sunday and there was no one on the trail!

It’s closed because of the Eagle Creek Fire.

Easy walk around the lake , some decent views. The terrain is very easy to cover. Lots of interesting camping and fishing spots. The general store and boat rental place is nice.

Lookout is not guaranteed obviously, was cloudy up top by the time we arrived. Trail is steady climb up, easy terrain and very quick back down. Not much going on from scenery or interesting trail terrain but not a bad quick hike.

Fun, quick, and pretty steep. Made for a great workout with beautiful views at the top of Mt. Hood. There was snow over a significant part of the trail, which made for slow going, but our pups loved it. We began our hike around 9 AM and only met one other couple on the way up. It was considerably busier on the way down.

A nice easy loop. Beautiful scenic views of the lake and Mt. Hood.

Such an inspiring place to be, silence and serenity and freezing temperatures. Luckily the sun welcomed us at Lost Lake.
We had to park our car 3 miles down the mountain because of snow. But it was worth the hike.

Due to snow we had too park our car 3 miles down the lake...Next time we will hike this trail. Instead we hike up to Lost Lake and had an amazing time there.

Attempted to do the hike today, but the road (NF-1310) up to Wahtum Lake was barricaded and closed off about 5 miles shy of the trail head. Can't wait to try it again in the spring.

10 months ago

Nice trail, most parts lay in the forest so it is doable also in hot summer conditions. Awesome view on top! Don't forget your boardshort or bikini!

10 months ago

great hike. uphill all the way to an awesome lookout at Mt Hood

beautiful view of mt hood and surrounding landscape. serene and surprisingly not too crowded.

Decent challenge on the way up, but the trail is in really good condition until you hit the shale. What a view at the top!. The walk around the lake is awesome, and flat enough for almost anyone to get out and enjoy. The only tough part for some are the steps at the end.

If you fancy camping here, there are 5-6 developed camps at the top with tables, fire pits, and (the most decent smelling around) outhouse. $15/night for spots, $5/day for parking.

Would love to bring my mtn bike here!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Completed 7/19. Took about an hour and twenty up and a little under an hour down. View at the top is well worth the 1.9m hike.

If you follow the "true" trailhead, you have to cross a road in the park right after beginning the trail - upon reaching the road, look for a stop sign. That's where you resume the trail. Then, at the junction with Skyline Trail, keep left to follow LLB trail.

You're under the tree canopy all the way to the end, so maybe grab a flannel or light jacket. Lots of chipmunks.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Nice walk, very easy! FYI, tons of people on the weekend.

Boring. You just walk into the wood inside the cloud of mosquitoes.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Did a lollipop route via Wahtum Express -> PCT -> Herman Creek Trail to Tomlike Mtn, then returned on the Anthill trail. Was surprised to see snow still lingering (guess I shouldn't be), but only on Herman Creek Trail & the start of Anthill. Easy to tackle though, maybe a week or so of warm weather till it's all gone. Kinda muddy and water-logged in places as a result. A few blowdowns on Herman Creek too, nothing crazy.

The path up Tomlike is not an official trail and is unsigned. The turnoff is about a 100 ft east of the Anthill junction, on a switchback. I heard it's a scramble/bushwack type of deal, but that's only partially true - there are clear boot paths you can follow. A few times the way is obscured by brush or when it crosses bare rock - I had a few "ok, now what?" moments - but with a little effort could always re-find the trail. It's on a ridge that narrows, so pretty hard to mess up. I had no off-trail experience and did ok, but maybe not a good hike for your first time out.

There are 2 tricky parts: about 1/4 way through if you follow the same use-trail I did (which mostly hugs the right/East-side of the ridge at first) you'll see a hill of rocks and it's unclear whether you should go up or around. The solution was to just go straight up it. Cairns are supposed to mark the way, but didn't really see any; I added one to help.

About 2/3 way through you'll hit a much more massive jumble of rocks (slate?)... Again, the goal is just get to the top best you can. Luckily the rocks have pretty good traction. If you squint you can make out flattened paths people have used. The middle way seems best (as opposed to the far right or left sides) - you can't skirt around it, from what I could see. I tried on the way back and really tired myself out getting back on track.

As for the destination itself? Even though Chinidere Mtn is taller, Tomlike is more scenic imho. Wildflowers, perfect views of Hood, St Helens, Adams (& distant Goat Rocks), and even Rainier poking out. Majestic af. Windy. Plus the solitude - on a Saturday afternoon 4th of July weekend with the Wahtum lot packed, had the whole place to myself. Anthill Trail on the way back was also lonesome - and had neat view looking down Wahtum Lake plus more Hood (w/Mt Jeff as a bonus), some glimpses of the eastern Gorge area. Am I breaking some sort of hiker's code talking about this? It's much too good for me to be the only one there.

Monday, June 26, 2017

A great hike with wonderful views of Mt Hood!

Nice walk. Just be aware there are times when the trail is almost the lake.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A little steep. Just take your time. The view at the top was breathtaking! Only drawback, on a busy day could get crowded at the top.

trail running
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Beautiful relaxing run in the fall, would recommend in the fall.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trail is mostly snow free but very wet and muddy. Some signs are down or missing. Multiple trails in the area make it easy to get disoriented. Trail near summit is blocked by downed trees but new a trail through the talus is forming. The view from the summit was incredible as always. Still a personal favorite.

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