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We took this trail over the weekend. I'm going to be honest, I we were very disappointed. We were thinking we would see something at the end, reminiscence of something. If you are also looking to see something, save yourself the trip and go back to the woods and drive the trails in there, at least on the other trails you get to see waterfalls. This was just a bumpy dirt road, and VERY boring.

History pulled form USDA.
The Japanese Bomb Site Interpretive Trail provides access to and tells the tail of the Wheeler Ridge Japanese Aerial Bombing Site, the location of the first bombardment by enemy aircraft in the United States. It is one of only such aerial incidents ever to occur on mainland American soil--both of which occurred during World War II. On September 9, 1942, two incediary bombs were dropped from a Japanese floatplane that had been catapulted from a submarine with the intent of starting a wildfire. The bombing was an act to take revence for the American bombing of Tokyo the previous April. Fortunately, due to damp weather, the fire did little damage and was easily extinguished. A small deck on the interpretive trail provides a view of the bomb site, which today, shows little evidence of its history.