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Nice beach walk and stroll along river, visitors center with free brochures about Oregon and other more difficult hikes. Clean public bathrooms at visitor center.

It’s a narrow road with no view, and you share it with large mining trucks.

Homeless have moved off the beach... Probably just for the winter.

Went back and completed it to the mouth. Beautiful area... Be careful in the middle where the waypoint is. On the map it appears some kind of road tees to the short bluff above. There are a few homeless? camps/structures that seem to be permanent. Gave them a wide berth and had no issues. They definitely picked a pretty place to set up camp.

Great road with most of it dirt, gravel and rocks on the way to the bomb site. The best part was when I took the wrong turn up towards Mt Emily. Great views from there especially except for all the smoke in the distance and came upon a very nice rough campsite past the bridge and on the creek. My dog loved the creek.

9 months ago

Forgot this one I did about 2 years ago. I took off and told my wife to go down the south bank road and pick me up for lunch expecting to walk 6-8 miles. She went down the north bank rd and didn't find me and went to lunch with a friend.... My lunch came from an old apple tree beside the road. Some great views of the river.

Beautiful views of the Winchuck river, rock formations, tidepools and ocean. This area is probably the best tide pools near Brookings. The arches are about a mile up the beach and are a great bonus. There is a bald eagle in the area that I saw this morning a couple of times as well. I love seeing eagles. When there is bait near the mouth of the river there are a lot of Ospreys too. Be sure and check the tides and do it on a low tide. The tide during these pics was about 2.0'.

Short little easy loop suitable for many including those in an off road wheelchair. I f you were in a chair you could skip the beach part. The trail is flat and easy and safe for kids. I saw more people than usual here today. Layed down my 1st complete track on this one.

Nice meander along the beach. There is no marked path, or a real hike for that matter, but if you're looking for a meandering walk along the beach and some fun tide pools, this is a good fit.

Beautiful beach to walk on into California. There is also a trail in the trees that is north of the parking lot that you can access the winchuck river. Dogs love it too.

One of my go to walks with my dogs. On the Crissey Field end they have to be leashed but on the other end there are far less people and Pelican doesn't require a leash. Beautiful beach with great open ocean views. Off in the distance most days you can see the lighthouse and many rock formations including Camel Rock out in front of Crissey Field. You also have the option of playing with the dogs or fishing in the Winchuck river or off the beach on the Oregon side. Very common to see Seals, Sea Lions and Ospreys on the hunt near the mouth of the river.