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Great before or after work jaunt! I do this all the time but never tracked myself before this. I was surprised it was more than 4 miles as it’s so easy breezy, but a great in city workout in an out of city setting!

This is my neighborhood trail as I live nearby. We do this trail often, as an out and back and also as a workout hike up to the water tower and down around Gabbert Loop. The loop from our house and back is a good hour and a half.

I often jog this trail to keep my heart rate up. Most if it is pretty easy, except the section up to the water tower from what I call the cross roads. You can get a good work out on that climb. Most of the trail is well groomed and wide. The loop is more if a "single track," that is, a bit narrower.

The trail is quite pretty and diverse in its flora. The forest changes through out the year with the changing season, keeping the hike interesting year round. It's especially beautiful after a snowfall.

I am fortunate to have this trail literally in my back yard.

Im a beginner but this was fun. we did not do the loop outlined here but there are plenty of trails to take and places to explore, plus you can hop in the river when you are done. Fun times and I'll be coming back to see more.

Nice easy walk with the kiddos. Found a fancy rock. Made our little ones day.

3 months ago

Even though this trail has some cons, increased public awareness of it is how it can improve. As it is now, not very many people know about it. The trails are neglected and mostly unmaintained. As the result, they get overgrown, especially with unpleasant plants like nettles. I got some serious sting from nettles from my visit here! The scenery is beautiful, and the park should have a fighting chance. Other than increasing frequency of use, I'm not sure what could improve the trails. Maybe there's no money in Portland's park budget to send anyone out to keep the plants trimmed. While I was there I wished I had a machete to clear the path a little better for the next person... but I had no such tool. Plus, I don't know what the rules are on doing such things. Another concern about Jenne Butte is that homeless people hang out near the bottom where the trail intersects the Springwater Corridor Trail. If that bothers you, then you can avoid going down the trail extension and just stay on the loop above. It also can get rather muddy near the bottom. I recommend parking at the north end of Equestrian Drive. The dirt road to the west seems to be a private drive of some sort. Google maps shows the road turning and going east, but this is not correct. There is an interruption, and you can't go beyond the last row of houses, so park in the neighborhood. The trail also has exit/entrances in a couple other spots. You can see those in my recorded track, since typically scout all those out.

3 months ago

Grant Butte would be great IF more people visited it and made it into what it could be. I have lived in Portland most of my life and never knew of its existence. And that's the problem: not enough people know about it. Because of this, almost no one goes on the trails, and they get overgrown. Some of the trails marked on OSM are so overgrown that they don't exist anymore. It made me wish I had a machete so I could cut a path. There is some nice beauty in the forest there, but it is a challenge to get through. I recommend wearing long pants. There are nettles and tall grass and blackberries, etc. I'm grading this on the curve since I see its potential. If it was maintained better it could be a nice park to visit. As it is when I visited.... not the best :S

on Sandy River Trail

4 months ago

Hiked 7/1. Great for kids. $5.00 entry into park. Feels secluded and peaceful. Trail is easy but still feels like a hike, not overly trodden. Only saw 1 other couple all morning. The river is really neat; you can get out there through the grass easily, and the rocky shoreline is a lot of fun for just playing around or being peaceful. Probably good fishing too. Some mosquitoes but nothing crazy. Would definitely do again.

4 months ago

Mom and I hiked every trail here. Earlier the same day I hiked Gabbert Butte to the south. The two trails connect at the water tower. A small loop is possible at the top. A trail splits off to tour the abandoned bus. The unmarked trails are a bit overgrown. It would be great if a wider loop hike could be made. As it is now there are essentially four out-and-backs from a central point where there is signage. For a longer hike, continue south around Gabbert Loop.

4 months ago

Hogan Butte offers a great view of Mt. Hood. It's not much for a hike, as it is a very short, paved trail with informational signs. There is a historical house adjacent to the parking area at the bottom. Only cars with disabled permits can park at the top. It is a short walk up the road from the parking below. There is a covered picnic area and a few other places to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. The park is brand new, so the paved areas don't show up on satellite imagery yet.

Fun trail with plenty of choices. Powell Butte has number of trails to choose from. It's mostly flat open area, but there's some woodsy areas as well. Family friendly, easy going trails. Feels like an alpine desert. Nice place for beginners.

I enjoyed this short nature hike loop in Gresham. It has a pristine feel once you enter the coverage of the tall trees. It connects to the Gresham Butte Saddle Trail to the north. Dogs and bikes are not allowed because it is a sensitive wildlife habitat.

trail running
5 months ago

with beautiful views & cool information posted on the plant/animal life in the surrounding area, with also a super cool physical display that shows the water system&how it works. just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids!

trails are great&maintained well, some steep spots for a stroller but good multiple options for trails.

I do wish there were swings at least for the kids for afterwards.

Most definitely relaxing, easy hiking, family friendly, and it's pretty amazing to see their old growth forest, the amazing HUGE trees!

I almost always see wildlife here including: deer, rabbits, squirrels, heron, otters, beaver, osprey, and many other types of birds.

This was an easy hike and I love that my fur baby was able to accompany me. There are clear signs of where to drive up to and park. It’s a clean and organized environment as far as parks and hiking trails go. A lot of the trails are paved with some that are more of a natural terrain. I saw people also biking on these trails. My little family went on the Mountain Trail and then the Horsetail Trail to loop back to the visitor center and parking lot area. It was a short loop of maybe 1-2 miles.

I pretty much had the trail to myself on a Saturday. Rust was nice. However not the most scenic of trails.

This was a great park, there are many trails that weave around. When two trails intersect there are yellow signs that help guide you.
If your looking for a trail with no one else around this is not for you. It is pretty heavily trafficked but not over crowded.

Wide open area at the top with fabulous views of Helens, Hood and Cascade Range. Lots of forests around the base with smooth dirt trails. A very nice new entrance with parking lots, bathrooms, water fountains, benches, information and sculptures. Trails range from paved, to gravel to dirt. Horse trails too so watch out for piles! Busy on nice days but so many trails to chose from!

Easy and relaxing

meh. lots of dog poop on the ground, not many trees. crowded.

I love getting off work early and doing this quick loop... Rain or shine it's always enjoyable!

10 months ago

A nice hike well above the Sandy River. Not sure why they refer to this hike as Oxbow CG. There is not a CG. This hike starts at the end of a road in a wooded residential area. There are 6 “No parking at any time” signs at the TH. I parked in a small lot less then 1/4 mi back down the road and walked to the TH.
A nice hike that descends to a bluff area where you hike the loop and then ascend back to the TH. Peek-a-boo views of Mt Hood and Sandy River.

Lots of greenery and would’ve been a great view if it wasn’t so cloudy. Easy hike. Done December 5, 2017.

Did a version of All Trails loop that was beautiful with leaves turning. Did notice, though, that All Trails trail names seldom correlated to trail markers or locator maps. Still, lovely hike.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

This is one of our favorites in the area. This route is nice, but we like to take a left at the Elderberry trail from the Cedar Grove trail and follow it along the forest until it hits the Service Road, then take the road straight to the water tank info center and parking lot. It adds an extra 10-15 minutes. It's not a hard hike and is not too uphill, but has a nice balance of meadows and woods. Rained on us, but still was very pretty.

on Sandy River Trail

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Great hike to do with the young ones. Lots of exploring options.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nice views. Busy, family friendly. Shorter than anticipated.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Monday, September 04, 2017

Bit smokey outside and warm. Nice area and can make it a longer walk if desired.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

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