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Cross at the beach or take the log then double back on the other side to catch up with the main trail. There isn't a trailer head marker but it's the only one there. If you are in shape it's moderate if your not use to hiking then it will be hard as it's all up hill climbing about 1500 feet to over 2000 feet. The good thing about this hike is that it's not your typical well beaten path. It's on the side of a mountain so you prob won't see many if anybody and you can just enjoy nature. The spring time brings a lot of ticks so check yourself frequently and thoroughly we pulled off a total of 20 ticks. I recommend and would do this hike again.

easy trail for young kids and nice year round

Beautiful trail. We took our 4 year old and 11 year old and they both loved it. Use caution with small ones, we had to hold our 4 year olds hand because the drop-off was pretty steep. So many waterfalls along the way. A great early spring hike. Watch out for the poison oak, lots of it!

on Rainie Falls Trail

18 days ago

I had a lovely time on this trail! Late March hike, lots of water, the waterfalls were flowing. Definitely got slippery a couple times and you need waterproof shoes for trekking in the puddles. There were many times where you must climb over rocks and have good balance, so just note that when deciding if this is right for you. River was flowing strong and the pretty green moss everywhere was so vibrant. Definitely recommend. Moderate difficulty. Enjoy!

1 month ago

1 month ago

8 of us, ranging in age; 11 months to 59, took this hike this past weekend and everyone enjoyed it. Beauty and sights of spring all around us.

Been here many times. This was the most water I've ever seen here. Beautiful!!! We crossed lots of little waterfalls. It was not a good trail for the physically compromised though. One of my favorite hikes.

1 month ago

Not a bad little trail.

This is not a good trail for running, as there is quite a lot of exposed rock with significant uneven surfaces in parts. I tried running this trail, but ended up spraining my ankle on one of the more challenging parts of the trail. And on the way out, I came across an older hiker who had sprained his knee quite badly. There is lots of exposed rock on the trail, with precarious footing and slippery surfaces in some spots--in March, at least. This might not be a problem later in the year, when it is warmer.

When coming to the "falls" I actually ended up walking past the "falls" because they really are just a few white water rapids. I was expecting falls of some sort, and hiked past the rapids until I started losing the trail, and subsequently looked at my GPS and saw that I had hiked beyond the 2.0 mile distance of the hike. I suppose the "falls" are better in the late summer or fall, with lower flows down the Rogue.

Otherwise, a good 4 mile out and back with some nice views of the river!

Very nice hike and great scenery

1 month ago

Will add my two cents about finding the trail on the other side of the creek. Agree that the best way to stay on the trail is to cross at the shallower "beach" area about 100 feet before you get to the big tree that goes across the creek. The trail is easily visible from this shallower crossing area. But it was February when I went so going into knee high ice water wasn't ideal for me. But in the spring/summer this is the way to cross and continue on the trail.

When you cross at the big tree, it's tough to find the main trail again. The best way is to probably follow the fallen big tree up the hill a bit, you'll reach a trail. Then go right. This trail doesn't continue for long and it pretty much ends at a clearing with a steep valley that flows down into Shan creek. You'll see a huge Boulder below you to your right, right before you reach this valley. At the bottom of this boulder is where the trail is. You can maneuver your way down there, but it's pretty steep so be careful. Or you can try crossing that steep valley and picking up the trail a bit higher. Neither way is really that easy, but it's doable.

Once you do find it, you'll start the climb. It's pretty much constant uphill for the next 1.5 miles. The trail will switchback to the left pretty soon once you find it on the other side of the creek, and will head that way for the rest of the journey. The uphill part of the trail can be fairly strenuous since there's really no respite from the constant climb. Sometimes it may seem like it will not end but just keep going and you'll reach a "road". It's fairly anticlimactic and there's really nothing to see at the top, but the climb down is now pretty easy and there are some great views coming down.

Overall, a really fun and sufficiently challenging hike. I don't have much to compare it to as it was one of the first hikes I went on since I moved out here a few weeks ago, but it was gorgeous, and I look forward to doing it again in the summer when I can cool off in the creek a bit!

Lastly, I will say I missed the trailhead the first time. It's not very obvious if there aren't cars parked there as there's lots of turnouts and all of them (from the road) look like they just have a steep drop with no trailhead. But just look for the second turnout after the sign that says gravel/one lane road. The first turnout will be slightly elevated and look like a parking area (and will probably still have a bunch of trash). This isn't the one. Go to the next one and park and begin the journey!

good views, lookout has been condemned

Everyone in my party enjoyed the hike

2 months ago

My favorite hike I have to say is down to Rainie Falls. I go annually twice a year. It is beautiful hike and it always clears my mind. Its my sanctuary!