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Grants Pass, Oregon Map

Beautiful easy hike with lush rivers and waterfalls. Takes approx. 35 minutes to make the loop. Some trails turn into streams and back to trails. Can be a little confusing to stick on the trail but it doesn't matter that much, it's not a large area to get lost in. Good for parents and kids.

Great short hike follow the map it is easy to go off trail but the trail is easy and very peaceful. We did this with our 1 and 5 year old and had no problems our favorite hike so far.

8 days ago

This trail was gorgeous! the views of the river were great and we even saw a river otter!

however, from the trail head to the falls and back was 4.9 miles and not kid friendly.

great hike with awesome views! Just lots of rocks and steep drop offs..leave the kids behind for this one!

12 days ago

I only went as far as Whiskey Creek cabin, well after a short detour that passed the cabin. It was a great day for the hike. I pretty much had the trial to myself. The only problem that I had was trying to cross some of the waterfalls because of the recent weather. I am a nervous nelly and that is why I had a problem. However, if I could do it, then anyone could. :-) I wil totally do this hike again.

Very easy trail though it’s easy to go down deer trails when hiking it as it’s not always clearly marked. Decent little water fall during hike, muddy right now.

Did this last year and was not disappointed. Best long trail I’ve done in quite a long time.

25 days ago

LOVED this trail! My husband and I completed it in a grueling two-day trek. The eastern portion is clearly signed at every landmark with mile markers, but the western part is hardly signed at all (but the trail is still easy to find). The views are breathtaking and it made for a wonderful trip.

Amazing hike today. Rained making it a little slick in spots but still beautiful. Recommend this hike.

1 month ago

Loved this trail! After you cross a giant fallen tree the trail continues to the right, but it’s not easily seen. We lost the trail at that point, but picked it up again soon after. Pretty easy hike, but there are spots the trail is on the side of a steep hill, so wouldn’t recommend for small children. Great if you are wanting to bring a dog because there is not much traffic on this trail.

very easy with kids

1 month ago

I love this trail. It's beautiful, just the right amount of different exertions and it's out where there is no cell service. there's little swimming holes along the way and fishing spots as well. I love being able to get out and away from the craziness of town. there's a second trail opposite side of the river that's a bit easier, more for taking the kiddos on. it's a beautiful hike all year long.

Favorite hike so far in proximity to Medford. Beautiful views and no road noise so you can enjoy the nature in its entirety. Lots of little waterfalls on the way. And views of the river bending back and forth with trees in the background. Mostly shaded if coming from the south trailhead. It is pretty rocky and narrow like everyone else said. Kinda scary since I’m afraid of heights and the rocks are mostly damp, although not super slick. I’m surprised little kids go on this hike.

Nice easy trail to hike on a sunny winter day.

Beautiful! all the way!

This has been my favorite soo far.. its very easy to get off trail we did it a bunch... but its worth it to adventure out a little bit... its very beautiful and we will be going back during the summer❤️❤️❤️ easy hike!!

2 months ago

Great trail with some beautiful views

I would do this hike again but with no kids. The pictures didn’t do justice on how close you come to the edge of a drop off. We didn’t finish the hike due to how dangerous it became for the kids. ( we brought 5 kids under the age of 6. ) let’s just say I was completely uptight and uneasy the whole time. However if you are going with a young teen or adult it’s perfect. Very beautiful


Beautiful winter hike. Hiked with dogs and kids in the rain and it was still fun just dressed according
Bridges slippery while raining so be careful, trees canopied the trail and Water was stunning. Easy hike
Lots of fun.

Great views of Grants Pass. It's better in spring, before it gets too hot and the grass dries out, but the autumn leaves are beautiful in early fall.

This is a nice trail through space hardwoods. The path is loose gravel at some parts and several steep slippery ruts to climb. There were motorcycles in the adjacent granite pits. The trail ends on a peak with a cell tower. Some nice views of 199 and Upper River Rd. Overall a decent, short trail if your in semi-good shape.

I have hiked the entire trail twice and the Mariel, Blossom Bar is my favorite section. These sections can be reached by vehicle and worth the drive for a day hike or spending the night. Awesome hike anytime of the year!

Mostly Shaded all year round. Some people are expecting the word Falls to live up to its name. There is no Water fall at the end if this hike. it is more like a Gorge, especially when water levels are high. It is neat to watch rafters navigate through as well as Large Salmon Jumping. Young kids should be watched closely on some sections where the trail narrows and edge is steep. This is a great day hike.

Loved the trail but agreed getting to the trail is difficult terrain but the Sky Crest loop not hard. Trail does drop off the sides so make sure the group has safety awareness.

3 months ago

This is definitely a moderate trail. Lots of rock formations to go over and through. Some water to walk through at times, but easy enough to get through. Beautiful views and the waterfall was breathtaking! Worth the strenuous hike at times.

Beautiful day to be outside! The trail is well maintained and absolutely gorgeous!

3 months ago

GREAT Views all the way

4 months ago

This trail is especially beautiful! I followed another hiker's specific trail directions and was able to find my way, with my chihuahua. There are wonderful views as the trail traverses up and through the mountain. I didn't go all the way to the top because I started to get a wild animal instinct and started to feel unsafe. This trail is SUPER isolated, I didn't see one person. The only downside was I did this trail in the summer and there were hundreds of ticks in the grass. I don't know if that changes with the seasons? Anyway, I will go back and do the entire hike. Cheers!

Great trail!

Beautiful fall views.

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