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Glide, Oregon Map

i have been going here for decades and i am so disappointed its packed people parked along the road tubs nasty and packed thank you social media... i most likely only be going in the dead of winter now

trail running
16 days ago

Late October (35f) might not be the optimal time for visiting this trail. There were lots of tall, dead plants that were frozen in the meadows. (We are probably days away from snow at this trail.) The views would probably be fantastic, with wild flowers blooming in June or July.
The trail itself was not in bad shape, with no downed trees across the trail, but many gigantic old growth trees shading the path. There are several meadows, but the trail is predominantly shaded with trees and mixed light.
My friend and I added on a connector trail that was an extra mile and a half, taking us to the top of “flat rock “. (The view from there was spectacular! We could see diamond peak, Bailey, the tip of Thielsen, and maybe mt McLoughlin(?).
There was plenty of climbing in the first couple of miles and then downhill to finish. Going counterclockwise, we also added in the “snowbird trail”, which is a connecting 0HV Trail. Be sure to take a photo of the map in the parking lot, or bring a map if you decide to use this trail, as it can be confusing which direction is shortest, when you are returning.
We saw no other hikers.
Be aware, that the bathrooms were locked up for the winter already. There is fishing in the lake, and a campground which was closed for the season. I do believe you can hike into the snowbird shelter for camping if you desire. The view from there is of a meadow, with trees behind it.

18 days ago

This was our first summit and it did not disappoint. Weather was foggy and misty. Lower section of the trail through the forest is gradual. When the trail meets with the PCT is when the steep grade starts. It only gets worse from there. The main trail is to the left on the mountain but is hard to find at times. Very rocky, do not trust your footing. Many loose boulders and slabs. You feel this one in your glutes the next day!

We did the pinnacle, on a very windy, foggy day with no experience. It wasn't all that bad. Took us a bit to scramble up- maybe 15 minutes. Hung out at the top for a bit and came back down. Came back down SO fast (not even 5 minutes). Including *many breaks* we did this hike in a little less than 8 hours.

18 days ago

Completed 9-8-18

19 days ago

Completed 9-9-18

Completed 9-9-18

Just wonderful.

8-18-18 western route. my fist time and made it! the hike through the woods is moderate and beautiful. There’s glimpses of Diamond Lake in front of Mt Bailey where we started. Once we got into the clearings it’s a gravelly hike up until we got to bigger and and more solid boulders and rocks which had better foot holds. At the base of the spire is an 80 degree rock climb to the summit. There’s plenty of good hand holds and even ledges that u can stand on to climb up to the summit. It took me 4 mins to get to the top and I had a friend at the base to give suggestions on which way looks better. The view is the best 360 I have ever had! The climb down was longer, ~15 mins. I had hiking piles until the rock scramble. I will do this again!

I loved this trail! It was pretty easy hike and the waterfall at the end was spectacular! We had the trail to ourselves.

on Toketee Falls

27 days ago

Watch out for dog poop on the trail! It was kind of a bummer to have to be more aware of piles of poo than actually enjoying the scenery around. Overall, it's a beautiful tiny hike!

Highly trafficked place, many varieties of people... I went twice at night and once in the day. Seeing it in the light was so disgusting that I will never go back (and I am not a germaphobe). It is a beautiful place but it is ruined by the amount of people that flock to it. Road to hot springs is very pot holy, high clearance vehicle recommended but not needed.

28 days ago

My favourite waterfall although hike is short and usually very crowded.

28 days ago

This remains to be my favourite summit hike. The elevation is high, but no high enough for severe altitude sickness. Ridge at the top was my favourite part. Took me 3 hours up and 1h 45min on the way down. It was a beautiful clear day, wore a sweater and a tank top. Sweater only came in handy at the summit. Drank 2 litres of water and a gatorade bottle. Will come back one day.

great falls. easy beautiful hike!

1 month ago

beautiful! I was lucky enough to go at an unbusy time.

1 month ago

a decent hike to the fall, and is near susan creek falls which is convenient

1 month ago

I went during early spring in the morning shortly after sunrise. Everything was mildly wet and as the sun rose higher and started to warm the air I could see a misty fog coming from all plant life. I had never seen anything like this and found it to be quite mystical because the trail itself leads you into what feels like a fantasy Forrest. Along the way are towering sequoia, ferns and trees covered in long strands of lichen. All along the path is little river in which you follow to the end of the trail to a double tiered waterfall. It’s a fairly simple hike with a nice incline at the end. During spring I recommend water proof shoes as the water from the river bellows over the path and can get quite muddy. During summer the canopy of trees keeps it cool and the temperature is quite tolerable. During the fall it takes a new shape of the color changing leaves and I have yet to experience it during the winter. It is a beautiful drive to get there and promise you won’t be disappointed!

1 month ago

Great day hike. Look down into the crater lake bowl, great views of diamond lake and can see for miles. Pretty easy to the PCT junction then a fun rock scramble( just be respectful if other people around as lots of loose rocks) capped off by a fairly easy 80-100ft rock climb up to the peak. The climb down is a bit more challenging though.

At the top there is room for up to three people at the same time maybe so enjoy the views take pictures and leave your name in the metal canister there if you wish. Overall a good workout but more than worth it!

1 month ago

Beautiful but not as long as I would have liked.

First three miles are a climb at about a twelve to fifteen percent grade, scramble starts on the last mile, the last seventy feet are the climb and if you're lucky and there's a ripe someone who's climbing it that day lets you use, you're in luck. Best hike of my life. Tough. But so good. Bring layers and something for your skin for the windburn! Last mile is exposure central!

Bring poles for the top section. It's a great trail that gets more fun as you progress. I recommend climbing fast as this one can be used as an excellent conditioning hike.

2 months ago

Nice easy little hike!

Nice easy walk, could be beautiful view but for the smoke. 09-15-2018 no snow very dry. The road in has some washboard 1st mile than some wash spot. Most suv wont have any problems, no 4x4 needed. Unless it’s raining or snowing.

This was a thrilling ascend, East side. not a lot of room on top, but enough to eat a sandwich and head back down.

Great trail for beginners. There was one spot towards the end that got a little steep and may be hard for some people. Beautiful scenery the whole way and not too much traffic. Will definitely be doing again!

Trail unsustainable, crowded parking lot. Not sure where the day use fees go. Graffiti everywhere, used tampon sitting in the middle of the hot spring. All in all nature ruined by humans.

2 months ago

Nice easy hike. Quiet.

2 months ago

Easy-moderate (only because of this incline) well paved hike/ trail!

Trail is not marked except for a small sign on a tree. It's easy to go the wrong way when trying to hike down to the parking lot. Clothing is optional there so beware if you don't want to see naked people.
There are at least 9 pools each ranging from very hot to luke warm. One pool is near the river. The 4th pool up is my favorite. It has a great view of the gorge and river.
The incline on the hike is 1,000 ft long. There are rocky areas. There is hand rail on the area that has difficult footing.
I highly recommend seeing Tokepee Falls just 3 miles from the hot springs.

I've seen many waterfalls. This waterfall is my favorite. It's so beautiful .

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