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3 days ago

Did this yesterday 6-14-18. The road to the parking area is dry and clear, but there are some deep tire tracks to watch out for. The trail is clear until you get above the tree line. I was able to get over/around the snow in my trail running shoes. However, when I got to the ridge after what I refer to as “the window” looking at Diamond Lake and Thielsen, the snow piled up against the rocks and over the trail seemed too dangerous for what I was wearing. I would say July would be the best time to start this one if you’re not into snowshoeing, etc. The views were spectacular and the trail is very well maintained. I definitely recommend it. Bring plenty of water because the incline is gnarly the closer you get to the top. Happy exploring.

Loved this hike! Was so easy and we ended up jumping in the water by the falls!

Great hike with amazing views! Rock climbing was super sketchy. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

It was such a beautiful trail that runs through a lush forest. Basically had the whole trail to myself except for one other person. The falls are beautiful, too!!

This was a very challenging hike, yet very rewarding. We still had patches of snow that were deep higher up the trail and it made it almost impossible to keep eyes on the trail, so we blazed our own. The climbing is not as easy as some make it out to be. The summit block may be class 3-5, depending on your abilities and experience, however, on the way up there is a section of class 5 climbing with quite a bit of exposure. This was my first summit, however, I went with two experienced friends who have summited Mount Hood 8 times between them. The variation we took, according to them, is more difficult to climb than Hood. Be safe, make smart decisions, and have fun.

Awesome hike. Easy and dog friendly. It was a little crowded but I’m sure that had a lot to do with the fact that it is Memorial Day. There are a couple of mildly steep hills towards the end but overall a great and relaxing hike.

Great Hike with spectacular views on the summit. We did it in early May and the snow was still pretty deep(obviously) and so we wore our mountaineering boots and just slogged up it. We brought snow shoes too but found that just the boots worked best. At the top the trail drops around to the left of the false summit and you have to traverse some slightly sketchy snow field we brought ice axes for this part and kicked steps in. We stayed up on the ridge on the way back down, but be careful of the cornices! They were pretty large and looked ready to go. All in all it took us about five and half hours to summit and another three back down. You could probably do it faster but we were carrying training weight. I'm knocking a star off due mainly to the snowmobiles that drove all the way to the summit and then spun circles around it. Quite obnoxious and sorta ruined the serenity of the mountain top that I crave.

awesome trail. easy hike with kids and dogs. very pretty waterfall.

Beautiful, albeit a little buggy.

I looove this place. Please pack out what you pack in.

Teensy short trail to the springs. 5-stars for the tubs--their formation and location. 3-stars for the actual hike. Straight uphill though not difficult but the trail itself was not well marked and in poor shape. Yay for toilets at the trailhead..! Thanks Oregon

Nice hike from Hemlock Lake to Lake in the Woods! We picked wild huckleberries and saw two falls, Clover Falls is one of them

2 months ago

Hiked this tons. Always a favorite. Last time I came it was closed. It must be reopened now. I was shown a cave off this trail a few summers ago, don’t know if I could find it again. Love the bridge at the entrance. Nothing beats North Umpqua hiking!

Attempted this 3 times and only made it to the top once. The last bit is insane.

on Grotto Falls Trail

2 months ago

Took my daughter, son in law, and grandkids on this hike April 2018. Temperatures were low 30’s so the mist coming off of this raging giant was turning to snow! The very short uphill hike ends up at a huge 100’ waterfall that you can actually walk behind to reveal a cave. Clinging to the ceiling of the cave hung sleeping bats. Recommend bringing a light raincoat during winter months since the mist coming off of this waterfall is intense!!

Great hike! we went Wednesday 3/28/18 & it was absolutely beautiful!

2 months ago

First time on this trail. Some ups and downs but not bad. Little muddy in a few spots. Nice photo op. Well worth the trip.

Great trail! unfortunately went in August so the falls was just a trickle. So if you're hiking for the falls, you'll be disappointed! They are very small in comparison to the beauties further north on Hwy. 138!

3 months ago

Took my lil guy on this hike which made that incline quite the challenge. But the scenery and trail were amazing had a lot of fun.

5 starts for hot spring... 3 stars for the hike, trail is in rough shape

Loved this trail. There’s definitely one hill that will get your heart pumping, but, the rest of the hike was mild and enjoyable. The trail is well maintained and followed the creek all the way to the falls. We really enjoyed the beauty of the forest and the waterfalls. Great way to spend an afternoon!

4 months ago

This trail is home to my first backpacking trip ever. We left Kelsay Valley Horse Camp around 4:30 pm (we were hiking in early August) and set up camp at Lucielle Lake, which is about 1 mile from Maidu Lake. We wanted to go the extra mile that night but we had completely ran out of daylight. The next day, we made it to Maidu Lake and spent a couple hours eating lunch, napping, and taking in the scenery. We tried a little fishing, to no avail. Maidu Lake is significant because it is the source of the North Umpqua River. This segment is the first portion of the North Umpqua Trail. The hike from the horse camp to Maidu Lake is primarily uphill. There is potential to be virtually eaten alive my mosquitos so bring ample amounts of repellent. I ran out of repellent while on the trip and brought home about 30 mosquito bites as a souvineer.

Very short hike but it is an extremely steep uphill hike to the hot springs. The pools at the top are the hottest and they get significantly cooler as you go lower. There will be naked people. I drove up here 3 or 4 times before I actually made the hike to the hot springs. This place is always busy. I would avoid going during the weekend, holidays, or spring break. The best time to go would be early in the morning, on a weekday. I also advise that you do not leave any valuables in your car. Keep it locked and hide/cover anything worth stealing (bags, purses, etc.).

4 months ago

For my purposes, I rate this trail as a 5/5. It’s a fun adventure trying to find the correct trailhead and then bushwhacking to the bottom of the falls.

To find the trailhead, you take the first right turn after you pass Lake in the Woods. The trailhead will be on the left side of the road.

The trail itself does not lead you to the base of the waterfall. It rather just passes by the waterfall and you will hear it, but not see it. The trail eventually leads to Hemlock Lake. In order to see the waterfalls, you have to go off trail and down a steep slope through heavy brush. It helps to keep track of your mileage hiked on the trail or have a GPS, so you know when it’s time to leave the trail. The venture out to Grotto Falls is very beautiful and you pass several smaller waterfalls on the way.

The hike is moderate/difficult depending on your fitness level. I would not recommend this hike for people with young children. Venturing to the base of the waterfall is possible if you have a dog, but I would not recommend it.

Although you have to go off trail, remember to be considerate of your delicate surroundings and pack out everything that you pack in.

4 months ago

One of my favorite waterfalls off of Little River Road. The trail head can be difficult to find if you have never been there before. The trail head is across the road from Lake in the Woods. You will see a sign designating a hiking area but there is nothing that specifically states you are at the Yakso Falls trailhead.

I highly recommend doing Hemlock Falls while you’re here. The Hemlock Falls trail can be accessed from the Lake in the Woods campground.

4 months ago

It’s a long drive from Roseburg to the trail head, but it’s well worth it. This short hike allows you to walk up to, and behind, Grotto Falls. If you make the drive all the way out to this waterfall, you might as well visit some of the other waterfalls on Little River Road. You will pass Wolf Creek Falls on your way out here. Yakso Falls and Hemlock Falls are further up Little River Road, if you continue past Road 2703 (which takes you to Grotto Falls).

This waterfall is most impressive during Winter and Spring. During Summer and Fall months , Grotto Falls is merely a trickle instead of a roaring waterfall (but it’s still a pleasant hike nonetheless).

It was a gorgeous hike but pretty hard to be counted as moderate. There are railings for a tiny part but totally should be almost the whole way. And I'd suggest going early as possible if you would like to have a pool to soak in.... I also had a small child with me, so that makes it harder. :) But it was good and beautiful.

5 months ago

Hiked in mild January weather with just a few snowdrifts to cross, lucky for this time of year. A fine hike to start in lakeside Doug fir and ascend to the ridge past mature woods and meadows to more alpine forest. The trail surface was fine, the grades easy enough. The route offers 4 or 5 view points of 90-120 degrees. The route would have a 5 star rating except that it lacked the more panoramic views. We encountered 3" wide cat tracks in the snow, and think they are likely from a bobcat. Also elk tracks, But nothing sited as we were probably too noisy.
I could imagine this as a fine mtb route as well, based on my mtb experience, but saw little evidence of previous riders. But I may well return in the summer with mine.

Signage was good on the trail other than some had fallen off their posts and could be missed in snowier conditions.

Ok old growth trees

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