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Gaston, Oregon Map

Great place to train that is conveniently located to west side communities in the Portland area. If you are hiking, keep an ear out for mountain bikers. Early morning is the best time to hike - the lake is still quiet with mostly fisherman and a few kayakers. Later in the day the tranquility is broken by jet skies and party boats. I have done this route twice in the last month and my Garmin showed 14.5 miles.

No parking and is monitored by cameras

Can’t go there. Please remove this from the list.

Great hike! The trail is closed in places due to maintenance so we had to detour quite a bit and ended up with almost 16 miles. Loved the varied elevation and views. It’s easy to get off track; I was glad to have the map downloaded but even so we went down an abandoned trail and got stuck in blackberry brambles and had to backtrack. There are water fountains at the main recreation areas to refill your bottle, which was great (and bathrooms!). It does cost $7 to get into the park, as well - card or cash.

Great trail! Good combination of inclines, declines and flat areas along with forested, open grass lands and water views! Because some of the trail is closed due to a landslide we walked 6 miles and turned around and walked back. 1800 foot accumulated elevation gain!

Beautiful bike trail. Amazing views. I went in the morning and didn’t meet anybody on the trail. There’s some small parts of trail closed, but they gonna open on September 2018. Overall a nice mtb trail.

This is one of my favorite falls close to home; the parking is limited but the walk and scenery is beautiful!

Complete waste of time and travel. No parking at all, closed off. Private property and you don’t feel welcome. Please remove from list.

In winter this is a long, swampy and somewhat monotonous hike. It has nice places to sit for lunch and abundant bathrooms, which are mostly closed in winter.

The trail is closed in some areas currently, not super well marked, it’s definitely more friendly to mountain bikers than hikers. I would not recommend this trail for hiking. We hiked the full loop. Do not recommend during rainy season, either (this one was totally on us though!)

Very limited parking and the few spots there are to park are about 1/2 mile away from the trail. Very simple trail and the waterfall is right off to the left about 2 miles up. The waterfall is definitely worth the hike!

Don't waist your time , it needs to be removed from the list

Loved it! As a beginning hiker this was perfect. The lake was beautiful and you get to see marsh land, fields, and deep forest areas. You have to walk on the road for short bursts but it isn't bad at all. Took us 7.5 hrs but we stopped often for pictures and lunch. Watch out for mountain bikers as this trail is popular with them but all we met along the way were extremely courteous. A++

No actual trail, just on a logging gravel road. No parking. Lots of horse poop. Pretty falls, but that's about the only positive thing to say about this hike.

Boring! Long but you see the same thing he the whole way, and mostly on flat surface.

Light traffic nice area for a little hike.

Vote of zero stars!
Vomit, feces, meth heads, tweeters and drunken idiots abound.
Gravel road and clear cut all around
No parking
Vehicles towed
If u enjoy garbage everywhere and drunks
Then u might like this

Beautiful falls, not a good trail. Like it's been stated, it's more of a gravel road taking you to a good swimming hole.
Parking is terrible...

This trail is more of a gravel road for cars that people walk on. About two miles in there is a really beautiful waterfall that makes an equally great swimming spot, but that's the best part of the whole trail. The Lee Falls description says it's 7.5 miles, but really it's 3ish miles out until you hit a no trespassing sign, and then if you keep going you have about another mile until you hit a federal no trespassing sign with a huge gated fence. That's where we turned around. There are power lines for most of the trail because of the water regulation plants beyond the no trespassing signs we encountered.

There really isn't anything exciting past that first waterfall to be frank... If you're looking for a good hike, this isn't the place. This is more of a short hike to the waterfall so you can go swimming in the deep pool below it.

As far as parking is concerned, THERE IS NO PARKING BY THE TRAIL HEAD. THERE ARE "NO PARKING" SIGNS EVERYWHERE. If you want to go to this waterfall, I suggest going to the trail head (a big yellow gate) and turning around. Drive back up the hill you just came down until you find an alcove to pull out on. The little dirt patches on the side of the road are around a quarter of a mile away from the trail head, but that's the best parking you're going to get.

I enjoyed the hike but was pretty disappointed we had to turn around early. If I went back I would only pack to go swimming. I WOULD recommend this trail.. just please be aware of the parking situation and that the trail is cut short by fences, so you really should only go for swimming and viewing the gorgeous waterfall. Have fun!

Got to swim after

No place to park so couldn't take the hike. WA county needs to maintain road and create parking.

Hostile land owners no place to park

Loved this nice stroll. Did a couple days ago. I logged it at 14.9 miles because the trail was rerouted, and not clear where the trail was at certain times. (So, backtracking) Every turn was beautiful. Completed time was 5hrs 23minutes.

mountain biking
Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tried to enjoy the trail with my family but a bunch of running jerks tore up the trails in the Hagg lake mud run and did not come back to repair the trails..... ridiculous

Good for walking, biking, trail running, etc. Many spots to duck down to the lake. A lot of people.

trail running
Thursday, September 29, 2016

I ran around the entire lake - about 14.8 miles total. I did lose the track a few times, so maybe you could do it in 14.3 lol ... Some areas don't have signs, you also have to go on the street a few times, however, I did like how diverse the terrain is, meadows, trails, creek crossing and a large log to cross. Had a lot of fun! You get to see some awesome views of the lake a various vantage points. God is an amazing creator!!

This was a super boring hike. It was hard due to the distance, but there isn't much to look at.

not exactly sure how this received the hard rating. moderate Maybe. While riding around the lake is a fun adventure the current trails are in need of some maintenance and some of what's being done to them makes no sense. jumps have been put in on gravel paths. one very fast section of hard dry ground now also has gravel on it which simply serves to slow you down. it was an area that had virtually no erosion and the dirt was extremely hard. Other areas that are further inland receive very little maintenance. over the years I've tried to do what I can to help keep the trail system and check but this current group really doesn't seem to know how to build a bike trail

Hiked it on a Monday from Recreation Area C counter clockwise. It was a very pleasant hike in cool July, very little or no mud. There are lots of blackberries on the North half, which were a nice treat. During the week there is not a lot of trail traffic, so that is nice. The trail was very clean. Lots of places to gaze out at the lake, and hundreds of cuts available to lake or road, so you are never too far from a break. Cell coverage was ok with Verizon. Have a good hike!

mountain biking
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lost the trail a few times and it was pretty overgrown in several areas but other than that was a fantastic time. Wouldn't recommend as a casual ride, it's challenging by both the terrain and time in the saddle, you will sleep good after this ride.

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