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Joe K. and I had pretty much the same experience.

The trail was fine... still muddy in some spots, but mostly fine. It looks like people have been working to clear it.

It looks like most do it clockwise, we did too. The Eastern portion is interesting and varied terrain, but the frequent road crossings bring a combination of gun range folks and OHV users. I get it... I like to shoot guns and go Jeepin, but the peace of this trail is interrupted by it constantly. We also commented (like Joe K) that it felt like entering a war zone at times,

The falls are nice, and we enjoyed a couple of beers and a snack we packed (in and out). If we did it again we would probably just hike the peaceful Western Portion out and back.

As an MTB trail this looked like lots of fun, but ends with a long ascent if you ride clockwise. I would try it, but it's a bit higher singletrack than I'm really used to. Maybe someday. We didn't encounter a single person going the other way.

The trail was in perfect condition (as trails go)... mud is mostly dried up and fallen trees have been cleared.

It was a fairly decent hike through very interesting terrain cutting across historically interesting wagon roads and rail beds. The only major downside was twofold: the dirt bikes are really noisy, and there must've been 3 or 4 impromptu firing ranges folks had set up on either side of Nels Rogers trail -- it sounded like a war zone. I thought to myself I could've had a more peaceful trek through the wilderness if I had gone to Forest Park instead.

Once we made it past University Falls, however, there were no more dirt bikes or gunfire for the next 3 miles or so. That last section on the Gravelle Bros. Trail and the perfect weather made the hike worth it.

1 month ago

Trail is in horrible shape due to horses leaving deep ruts and holes in the mud

on Gales Creek Trail

1 month ago

Great for mountain biking since mountain bikers are typically the only ones who show up for trail maintenance days.

We did the 8.1 mile loop 3/16/2017. The trail is in horrible shape. There were so many time it was nearly impossible to keep going. The amount of fallen limbs and trees is enormous. Lots of snow and very wet with puddle that were impossible to avoid. It should be closed until it can be cleaned up and maintained. We were the only ones on it hiking.

beautiful scenery with an easy hike

6 months ago

7 months ago

A lot of different trails to explore here. Can be pretty muddy and slick when it's not really dry out. Spacious campsites in the area.

8 months ago

We started from the university falls trailhead. nice and easy hike for the kids. the one downside is the trail isn't marked well and with a bunch of kiddos that can be confusing at times. The kids had fun at the falls and fun father down playing in the creek.

The Rogers trailhead was taped off. Had to find the Gravelle Brothers Trailhead (which was by the entrance off highway 6). The hike was nice because my buddy and I were the only ones on it. Keep in mind we hiked on a Wednesday. The trail was woodsy and there was an awesome bridge going across the stream. Half the trail was through the logging area so clear cut garbage was not a pretty site. Once we got to the falls, it was a perfect spot for lunch. Very secluded. Can hear the dirt bikers on the roads around you at the falls. It is 5 miles round trip this way.

Was a great hike on Gravelle Brothers trail, but large portions of Nels-Rogers trail were closed due to logging.