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Florence, Oregon Map
11 days ago

It’s a nice easy trail. Fairly well maintained and normally highly trafficked but it was raining all day when we went and we only ran into a few other people. With the rain most of the trail is wet and muddy with standing water. There is also a few trees down and medium size branches narrowing but not blocking the trail. Multiple off lead and aggressive dogs were on the trail today. And I’ve run into some previously. I’d recommend carrying bear spray, mace, or a baton as it’s narrow in some areas and unfortunately extremely popular with people who can’t control their dogs.

Trail was great. Nice to have multiple options. The worst thing is the homeless camp that’s in the parking lot.

17 days ago

Started this trail from ‘Dune Lake’. Has many benches to stop and rest. With short elevation changes, sandy spots and mostly wooded areas it’s a good relaxing run. It makes a big loop like the map shows. When you get to the beach parking lot the trail continues to the left. Then it shits you out in Sutton Campground ‘A Loop Group Restrooms’, go left to ‘Site A13’ then cut left to ‘B Loop’ around ‘Site A18’ stay left to ‘Site B13’ there is a bridge over the creek. After the bridge; Right takes you back to the Sutton Lake Boat Ramp parking lot and Left keeps you on the trail. There are exposed roots on many parts of the trail. Careful while running (ankle breakers). * Vault toilets; Beach parking lot / Sutton campground / Sutton Boat ramp / Alder Dunes campground. * GPS works. * Parking pass required if you are parking in any of the Parking lots / Campgrounds (Sutton / Sutton Boat Ramp / Alder Dunes / Buck Lake is PRIVATE.

An easy trail that you can only use with permission or guest use. It can get a little soggy with the rain.

18 days ago

I couldn’t find the trailhead. So, I wandered around. I would have given it 4 stars if I could figure out where to start. It would be great for ATVs.

Awesome! We did this 1/1 — easy but beautiful. Best hike of the trip.

Heceta Beach is one of my favorite spots on the Oregon coast. The walk up to the lighthouse is fairly easy, and offers amazing views. The lighthouse itself is really cool. It still uses its original Fresnel lens.

1 month ago

It’s a good trail to run. You can make the distance short or long depending on which loop you choose. Good elevation changes. Has benches along the way if you need to rest. I like to go when is nasty outside (the rainy season). You don’t see much people. Also had some snow stick up by the lookout. * No parking fee. * GPS sometimes goes out. * Has a vault toilet.

over grown
1 month ago

There are 3 trails here. Stop at site #1 and go up the stairs to find the steep ascent to the upper trail. Turn left(east) and follow the trail along the coastline. You will pass through a dark, creepy wooded area, but emerge at a small clearing with a partial view of the ocean. Turn around and follow the trail west, and it will run along the creek until a dead end. You can also access this part from site #15 just past the loop. All the trails have dense vegetation which is hard to get through at times. A very nice trail otherwise and the campground is beautiful. My dog and I liked it, but spotted some bear scat on the top portion fyi. We hiked it in late November, so there was no one else there and the campgrounds were obviously closed for the season.

.9 mile hike to the lighthouse. Well paved pathway. Easy to walk. It was OK. Not a muat visit, but if you address driving by US101 towards florence then just give it a try. Can click some pictures near the lighthouse.

Great hike with gorgeous forest and ocean views the entire way! Trail starts at the lighthouse which is a .5 mile hike from the parking lot so entire hike from parking lot makes it around 4.8 miles. Trail was muddy in spots but we expected it after it had rained the previous day and it was pretty easy to walk around the mud and continue on the trail. There is no gate at the entrance so you can hike at any time of the day (we got an early start and were there at 7am) but there is a $5 fee that you can only pay with a credit/debit card. Absolutely worth stopping and hiking this trail!

2 months ago

Trail is fine - the last 3/4 mile to the beach is not a trail but a soft, sandy road that’s pretty challenging to jog on.

You can make this as short or as long as you want. I challenged myself to do some uphill and downhill and also wanted to see the old lookout site. If you follow my route you’ll have a good workout. Tip: take a picture of the map and use a GPS device to keep track of where you are. P.S.-I don’t know where the 5.9 mile route is that Trail maps is referring to.

You can probably skip Chinese Creek section unless you really enjoy walking in the woods with nothing much else to see.

3 months ago

The first (and last) 2 miles of the hike are near flat, very easy hiking. From about 2.6-3.2 miles is where there is the big up and you will be sweating, but it's doesn't last for long. After the gain is a nice clearing (the first time and last time a view opens up), we sat there for a bit to enjoy some sun. Overall a fine hike, definitely not hard I'd say easy/moderate, but we enjoyed it. It took us 2.5 hours including our break at the top.

Gorgeous views of the coast. We did this is the late afternoon in early October and lucked out with a sunny and warm day and it was perfect. Super muddy and a bit slippery in the steep spots, but with good shoes it was totally manageable.

Incredibly beautiful hike with interesting way finding information signs detailing the history of the lighthouse and its operation.

3 months ago

This was a great easy hike. The grass and bushes were just the right height. There were really only a couple muddy spots. As soon as we came out into the open we were greeted by a field with a raptor gliding to and fro acrobatically just above the grasses, searching for prey. We also saw other wildlife. Be sure to bring binoculars.

this trail is great.

4 months ago

This a good challenging trail to run. There are some longer steep inclines. There are a couple sections with bigger rocks on the trail (watch your footing if you’re running). You can make it as short or as long as you want. Make sure you check out the viewpoint. This is connected to a bigger tail system. You can connect it all the way to the Visitors Center (which has fee parking & toilets) if you want. * No parking fee. * GPS is good.

A nice short hike. Stunning views from above of the ocean and beach. Next time I would go prepared to have a picnic on the beach!

Completed the Hwy 101 to Hobbit Beach section on Aug29. Dry day, slightly overcast, several others on the trail. The trail is a delightfully scenic forest walk that definitely feels Hobbit-like. Uphill back to the car, but certainly manageable and the time at the beach was fabulous!

Easy hike with great views

Easygoing and totally worth it

Really nice trail with amazing views. Trail is dry this time of year. Don't forget to check out the spurs off this trail, you will get some views you won't from the main trail, just watch your step!

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