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Florence, Oregon Map

Quaint & fun little trail

6 days ago

Nice easy peaceful walk this morning. The trail has lots of soft spots and roots to trip on but overall an easy go.

Such a beautiful hike to the lighthouse.

Love this trail! Check it out sometime!

Nice hike! Beautiful scenery! Totally worth it!

Nice trail. Liked the diversity of forest & beach, we added the out and back to the lighthouse.

Really easy hike up to the lighthouse. Tours end at 3pm. If you’re lucky you can spot sea lions swimming in the ocean!! Parking in the lower lot can be scarce, but it’s worth it.

Took this trail last weekend and it was absolutely beautiful! We happened to catch it on a gorgeous January day (60 degrees) and the views were stunning! The trail was a bit uphill to the lighthouse but definitely worth the walk. We didn’t take our dogs because we thought we would go into the lighthouse but ended up not going inside so we could definitely have taken them. Nice area at the top with great views of the ocean and waves crashing on the rocks below. Nice wide path. I would definitely recommend this one!

Nice trail through beautiful forest landing you on a pretty stretch of the beach. Watch your step on the roots.

2 months ago

I hiked this part of the Oregon Dunes NRA on New Year's Day under clear skies and calm winds.

After finding my way around the park itself (talked to a ranger), and paying the $5 fee, I settled on parking at the Day Use area at the southern tip of Cleawox lake.
I immediately climbed the tall-ish dunes right off the left of the trailhead, providing me with good indications of where my path should lead me. A short up-hill of the sandy trail leads to the first expansive view of the main dunes area to the south and the forested strip separating the dunes from the beach. This is a good vantage point to map a route to the trees and access to the beach.
As I was the first one on the trail (30mn after sunrise) I could meander my way leisurely across the dunes, enjoying the morning light, looking for photo opportunities and plotting a course that follows the crest of the dune and the part with harder sand.

Only when I reached the tree-band did the first ATVs start buzzing in the distance. A strip of water separates the dunes from the trees and a main thoroughfare for ATV follows this trip. At 'rush hour' it may not be a very friendly place for hikers :-)
I headed further south along the edge of the water until I came upon the main crossing to the beach (Chapman's OHV trail). There also, it is probably better to avoid this section at periods of high ATVs activity. About half way to the beach is a north-south "trail" (Hunters) but, on this January day, it was flooded in both directions.
Once out of the trees, it is a very short distance to the grassy bluff that overlooks the beach.
Exercise more caution at the "pass" across the bluff as vehicles coming from the beach come at high speed to negotiate the sandy slope.

Once on a beach, I took a short rest sitting on a tangle of large logs where I would could look at the vehicular action while staying out of the way.

I then header north with the intention to make a loop by cutting back inland around the South Jetty Road. The walk on the beach was very pleasant and the washed up logs make for more excuses to take pictures. The portion of the beach I walked (for Chapman's to Heidi's beach is also shared with OHVs but traffic was relatively light and drivers mindful of the slow on the wet sand.

A few "pedestrians" enjoyed the undisturbed sand at Heidi's beach. I did the same before crossing over the bluff to the South Jetty Parking #1. From there, I could not find a safe/enjoyable return route directly to the John Honeyman parking lot and decided to just walk the South Jetty Rd to 101 and then another 1.75 miles to the park entrance. There is sufficient shoulder width pretty much all the way to not have to worry too much about road traffic.

All told this is just about 10 miles (around 3.5 on blacktop)

The trail was 7.0 miles not 5.9.

13 of us from two hiking groups hiked this trail today. Not far north of Florence, Oregon and a short distance to trailhead. Road off Hwy 101 & is well paved 1 mile up and then gravel with just a couple ruts for two miles to trailhead. Bathroom at trailhead. Corals, hitching posts & water tub for horses. Trail was recently maintained, well marked with maps, etc. Beautiful hike with various trees, a couple creeks to cross, benches to sit, views to see beaches, evidence of elk and possibly bear and there is a meadow & bench to stop for lunch. I would definitely hike here again.

beautiful hike took my 3 children my doggy (leashed) and there are many places to hike and if you need to rest!

I was a bit disappointed with this small walk. Yawn. I suppose it had history to it but all I saw was a short maintained trail with boards telling you what used to be.

Beautiful trees on the short loop from the end of the road. Several benches to rest on, but at this time of year too damp. Many roots require close attention when walking.

4 months ago

I hiked this on 11/4/17 with my dog. The views are definitely limited. If you want to be deep in the forest, near the ocean, with no crowd, this is a great hike. Here is a video of my time at Cummins Creek Trail:

Fun hike-lots of flat sections

Actually this trail connects to the Hobbit trail.

5 months ago

As mentioned the road up turns into gravel for the last 2 miles with potholes. There are short trails to the top with limited view. There is a long loop, Nelson ridge with a limited views. Its rocky with post holes from horses as it is a Horse Camp area. Its weird Mt Biking isn't mentioned but it is a unspoken rule that bikes are allowed here as there used to be a Mt. Bike Group that used these trails a lot and they were the only ones that kept the trails open.

5 months ago

This is a more secluded area to access the beach. Problem is there are crazy homeless tweakers that will car clout you. Squatters stay there many times and hear they harassed the Snowy Plover counters that used to park out there. Keep in mind the beach is closed for the Snowy Plovers March 15th -Sept 15th.

5 months ago

The drive in on Mercer Lake rd is almost one lane and dangerous. Be ready to slam on the breaks as people often cut the blind corners. Make sure your lights are on. The trail is mud until Spring, early summer the grass and weeds are 6 feet tall with massive mosquitoes. After they cut the grass which is not every year its very hard to walk as there are piles of grass on the trail. After living here and walking the trail for 20 years I find it funny someone would mention the wildlife. Something I have noticed is there is very little Wildlife. My theory is that as a Dairy Farm in the past they sprayed a lot of chemicals to kill weeds and grow grass for cows. The wildlife you will see are Bears because yes they also like the berries. I once saw an owl. Stay away from this area during hunting season as wounded bears are very dangerous.

it's just a residential road

5 months ago

Hiked this on Sunday 10/8/17. Pretty trail- mixed growth trees, huge sword ferns and Oregon grape.
Trail starts of wide, graveled, and leisurely. You reach the loop about 1.3miles in. Once you hit the loop the (left fork) trail becomes single track. I saw two groups of mushroom gathers and two bikers, no other hikers. With a detour to the Cummins Basin viewpoint my hike totaled 6.8 miles; with 1188 vertical ascent.

The scenery at the Lighthouse is beautiful!!!! Not a bad trail too!

Beautiful trail!!!! I recommend it. Goes to a very nice beach.

Great view at the bottom. Interesting trail.

5 months ago

OK, so this isn't much as a hike. But it is a terrific walk, with lots of historical info that makes the trail come alive. Take a while and stroll down memory lane, it's worth the visit. You can get to the trail head from two sides, I recommend going up one and down the other. A nice little gravel road in the forest.

Fun little hike to stretch the legs a bit and get fresh air.

We made it to the lighthouse while it was still clear then left as the fog was rolling in. Fun little trek :)

6 months ago

Nice trail. Views limited but very nice dense woods and shady!

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