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Fall Creek, Oregon Map

It was lush and beautiful. Watch out your step though. Some spots are dangerous for unexperienced hikers. We lost the trail after 4 miles due to fallen trees and other things blocking the way. It’s easy to lose the trail if you do t know where you are going.

Beautiful gentle hike along Fall Creek with some great swimming holes along the way

2 months ago

I’m not sure if the map of this trail needs to be edited, or at least re-designated, but as of today (08/06/2018), this trail describes a simple gravel road. I took pictures to show that the directions lead to a somewhat larger than average turnout at the head of this road. There is no trailhead marker, nor any designated signs along the road. The gravel is a little coarse, so it is possible to hike, but not very comfortable. It is also a steady incline most of the way up until you turn around and head back—and the turn-around point is little more than an odd fork in the road. It is plenty shaded, and it might be somewhat scenic if you come earlier in the season; but most of the wildflowers were past bloom when I went, and there wasn’t much else to look at. The road does seem to follow alongside the creek most of the way, but there’s only one point of easy, direct access, and that point is very early in the trail, at what might be called a campsite only very generously.

The trail is the forest road I assume? Unless we missed it somewhere. Also the falls we found were way below the road, decent sized but not sure if they were the right thing. Beautiful forest, wish there was a dirt trail!

I love this area, we used to go to a couple swimming wholes just up a ways from Bedrock. Unfortunately the last decade or so has not been kind to the Fall Creek wilderness. The trail was a little over grown when we went. It was absolutely beautiful walking and seeing the river from this perspective. Great little swimming wholes that could only be accessed from the trail. We had a hard time finding the trail towards the end because of the fire. I would say it is a moderate hike.

I hiked all the way to a campground then had ro turn around cause it was getting late, beautiful water views along the way, there is a part of this trail where the forest is burned down and it burnt the bridge to cross over, if your willing to cling some steep dirty ashy hills then it's completely doable.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Great trail. I would recommend back packing and walking out next day. Or parking another car at the end. If it's summer bring you suit

Beautiful trail! Great for a solid workout too! Kept decent pace, slowed down a bit near the end. Made it to the burn and back on about 2.5 hours. About 5.5 miles in, there is a bit of overgrowth and a few trees down, but seem easy to climb over if you want to keep going. Will definitely do this again!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

For those of you that didnt complete the whole trail.
Starting right before Dolly Varden CG(which has a bridge you can jump off of into the deep water to cool off) the trail goes up creek(right side) until you reach the Clark Fire Burn Zone and come to NF-18 just after a bridge.
Cross bridge to other side(Left) of river and continue on Clark creek trail(not well marked). At this point you can notice much less traffic and over grown grass. recommend stopping at slick. a short 50ft walk and you get to see the old native cave.
trail forks at bedrock CG. continue on Trail or head to camp. To get back on trail, go north from camp site #1 trail heads north off of dirt road(not well marked) in CG that turns around at the gate.
From here the trail heads up the mountain and at some point you stay right(up creek) at the jones trail junction, which continues up the mouintian. The trail was the most over grown in this section. I did some clearing while out there but some inlet portions are overgrown. after a while the trail joins back with fall creek and you will have more opportunities to stop for a dip.
At the junction of Rd 1828 you will find a parking lot.( Trail head #4 on google)
From here cross over road 18 and find continue on with the trail. Often you will find people here camping at the trail head. trail continues north and you cross over a trail bridge to be back on the right side of the creek for the duration of the trail. At some point you will reach a section that has tape strung across the old trail and the new trail heads up the mountain to avoid a dangerous slide area. it reconnects to the trail no problem.
Trail ends at road 1833(trail head #5 on google).
Overall amazing trail not difficult just needs a little more traffic to avoid being swallowed by the forest.
P.S. Continue 3 miles up fall creek to see fall creek falls. Cross over bridge, past 2 slide zones, people parallel park on right side of road.
Hope this Helps!

Monday, July 03, 2017

We only went 2 miles out (4 total) because the dog was getting tired. It was beautiful and fun to hike! We loved all the swimming areas and little beaches right off the path.

Friday, June 23, 2017

It was quite fun to do towards the end of winter but extremely muddy and slippery which made it that much more challenging.

I hiked this trail on Easter. Was planning the 12 miles, but when trail "ended" at bridge, I was unsure where to continue for the remainder. Gorgeous trail, muddy and some fun agility for my lab and I with the downed trees. Lots of great swimming holes for cooling off. Absolutely will go again!

Early spring is a fantastic time to enjoy all the wild flowers, just watch out for the skunk cabbage!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

A favorite of mine but do expect sticky mud and fallen trees blocking the trail!

Absolutely beautiful setting! Brought my 12 and 7 year old daughters and they did great. We wanted to make it to the top but they were done by the 5th mile. Bring kids that are good hikers and comfortable with long distances. I definitely recommend this trail to all who love to hike along the water!

Monday, February 20, 2017

This was a beautiful hike but there are a bunch of trees down in the trail and also about 1.6 miles it it has an abrupt end. Looks like a bunch of trees down and mud slide. I would love to go back when the trail is open all the way to the end.

One of my first hikes after having had a brain injury. The injury caused problems with balance for awhile. It was fun, beautiful, and totally managable. We also brought our 3 year old for her first hike. She especially enjoyed playing in the waterfall at the end. There were a few places that made me nervous because they were kind of narrow, rockie, and rootie. :) All in all it was a wonderful walk especially for a first time hiker!

Trail is a little narrow and Ricky. Burnt forest about 3 miles in. Over all had fun, would hike the trail again.

Nice for a summer hike with dogs. The trail runs beside the river much of the way so if you wanted to you could have quite a few spots to choose from to take a dip. A lot of roots n rocks in the trail so not best for trail running. Overall nice though.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Beautiful scenery, cold but amazing creek with high banks. Crystal clear water and tall trees all around. Cool camp spot I'll definitely be going here again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

very nice hike for dog and i.we left from across road and hiked a couple miles found some nice pools in the creek.But flow is very low and not much flow in creek.Very peaceful hike in old forest planning on doing more later date.nice hike.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Beautiful trail that follows alongside Fall Creek. Trail head right before Dolly Varden campground. Parts of it very muddy.

A rather "typical" creek-side trail, globally not very strenuous (for the section I hiked between Dolly Varden CG and the hill above Bedrock CG)... but not so easy either with mud/rocks/roots and the classic short ups and downs to follow contour of natural obstacles along the creek.

The first 3.5 miles were shady (walk through old growth) while the next 2.5 to Bedrock were more exposed but also more level/easy with good views of Fall Creek. Bedrock is a good place to pause for lunch/snacks (especially when the camp is totally empty as it was for me)

The climb of the hill above bedrock uses medium size switchbacks making the climb longer but not as hard as a more direct route would.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

This was a wonderful hike. We only hiked to where the trail meets up with road 18 so it was a 7 mile round trip. There are 9 foot bridges along the trail. You hike along Fall Creek almost the entire time. Hiking through the old forest fire area was extraordinary. We plan on going up and doing other parts of this hike soon.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

From TH at Dolly Varden CG to end of trail (junction of 18 & 1833) and back. Trail is divided in three sections, Lower, Middle, Upper. Division are where trail crosses road 18. Lower and Upper are flat. Middle has some elevation gain before returning to the creek. Middle section also part of a large forest fire. Lower and Upper sections are forest while the Middle section gets above the trees for nice views. Expect lots of company on the trail for the first 3 miles.

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