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Beautiful hike! Take trail 2 back to the starting spot and walk through the valley. It’s wonderful!

10 days ago

Nice trail. Enjoyed the the river and the canal. Nice to see a more natural trail beside the bike trails.

What a great way to start a Monday morning. Trail was very well kept and excellent views up and back. We stayed on Trail # 1.

trail running
17 days ago

Good light run trail. Scenic but hard to follow at tmes

We like Baldy as a quickie hike when time is at a minimum.

18 days ago

Good morning hike. Went on a Saturday about 7:30. Just a few people in either direction. Beautiful walk thru the trees. Great views in every direction. First time up the hill. Won’t be the last.

20 days ago

Great views of the valley! First time on this trail. Only about a mile to the top using the moderate trail. Came down the steeper, shorter side. I wouldn’t recommend the steeper side if you don’t have good balance and joints :)

22 days ago

I love this trail. Nice workout. We went this weekend and didn't see too many birds. We also went bird watching on a "water trail" with a river guide with a local company Riparian Tours. OMG! We saw eagles and a bunch of osprey hunting right there near the boat. I love Eugene.

PS: for those interested: https://www.ripariantours.com/

23 days ago

Beautiful views from the top! Trail on Memorial Day was very crowded,, so probably not the best hike to do on weekends if you are looking for some peace and quiet.

We hiked the shorter more steep trail the first time I came here, it was a nice little challenge and even though it was raining and misty it was beautiful at the top. The second time here we took the moderate more gradual trail, it was a sunny day and we could see several mountains in the distance! Favorite hike in Eugene/Springfield area.

Lots of Poison Oak on the paths less traveled, be aware of your surroundings. Also had some people let us know that the last hike they went on here they found ticks on themselves. We made it out okay, beautiful day!! I highly suggest going off the beaten path and exploring, very much worth it as the main trail is always busy with people.

Hiked up the shorter steeper trail on the left side of the trailhead for a steep challenging but awesome hike for a well worth it view!! The view was killer and awesome! There is a small scramble up a hillside that was super fun but I only recommend it for those who feel fit to do it cause it’s pretty steep! We proceeded to hike down the other trail to loop around which was a much easier trail. So if you prefer a much easier trail to go up and down use the trail to the right of the trailhead!! All in all 5 out of 5 hike that was well maintained and had lots of room for a very populated hike!

25 days ago

Love the whole arboretum. Saw a screech owl napping in a tree on my last hike.

Took my 3 kids for mothers day 11,10 and 3.... It was very beautiful. BUT THERE WHERE 2 BABY RATTLE SNAKES. I'll still go on this trail just be watchful.

I walked this trail starting on Willamette Street, it is a shorter hike with small inclines both directions. Majority of trail is covered and dry. If you walk the direction I did look to the right about 1/2 way and you can view the city. 2 small side trails on the left lead to the road, nothing else. In my opinion this is the more challenging way if you go out and back.

28 days ago

Great views and terrific scenery on just about every trail. Check out the Three Sisters mountains to the East once you reach the summit!

29 days ago

Very short hike with 2 ways to the top. Left side is more steep and direct. If you take the right pathway it is less of an incline. It is shorter and a 20 minute hike total. At the top is 1 good view but this hike should be a pit stop not a day hike.

29 days ago

Trail #1 is moderate with incline to the summit. A few benches are scattered throughout the trail to help with rest if needed. Trail #3 will meetup with trail #1 about midway. Once you reach the top walk around the summit and enjoy the views.

Great place to walk in town. Kid friendly dog friendly.

The summit was pretty brutal, very steep and Rocky. Rocks weren't bothersome until heading down where it was slick ..had a couple scraped knees with the kids ages 5 and 6. summit was beautiful! a very nice, very local hike to take .

Great hike! Took the 2nd right on the way down (trail #4) and got to see a really beautiful forest! Total distance was increased to 3.9 miles.

beautiful way to explore the outdoors. Don't care for the main trail but the lower ones are great

Great trail... two fairly easy peaks to climb with lush forest and vegetation!

I love hiking this trail, lots of foot traffic and some horses. Its beautiful!. You get your work out. Few minutes out of town.

I love this hike ! Is a low key hike full of people. Pretty safe . Just few minutes out of town. I been hiking here for over 25 years .

My husband and I walked this, we took the path to the left, if was a great hike. Short and a bit of a climb. We had it all to ourselves. There were others there but we did not met up with anyone until we got to the top. Right before the top it was a scramble to get up, but that just made it a little fun. Views were spectacular, we came down the other way and enjoyed the walk down, although it was a big congested with foot traffic.

1 month ago

This hike is righteous any time of year. It has numerous trailheads with about three levels of difficulty, none of which are THAT difficult, but the short trailhead does have a small scramble.

My first time was in winter after an ice storm a cpl January's ago. From the big parking lot on Willamette St near Glenfiddich there's a cpl trailheads, the .7 mi "hard" that has a nice middle point that has good views of the valley towards the coast then at the top you get a nice panoramic of the valley, the coast range, and the sisters. maybe mt hood on a nice day. ..I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure .

my favorite way to go, since I have to access the trail by public transit, is the Fox Hollow trailhead. it's actually the Ridgeline trail, off Fox hollow. there's a bus stop near fox hollow and Saratoga that adds half a mile to the hike if you need public transit, it's not bad. the fox hollow route is basically an out and back that switchbacks and connects trails. it's all pretty easy to figure out using this app or the signage.

You can do this hike alone, as I have every time, but it'd be a lot cooler with a friend or s.o. or family. Be sure to bring a light if you're coming down after sunset. I've started at about 6pm and made sunset perfect timing and not had to be in too much dark.

go do this hike!

2 months ago

Not a very good hike at all. Was good weather, view was good at the top, however the “top” is like 10 minutes from the trailhead. Boring on the way down, and saw lots of houses along the way..

2 months ago

Great conditioning hike if you move fast. Decent incline whole way up. Okay views at the summit, however only of the east side. Would go again mainly because its 10 minutes from town, and easy to get too.

great walking trail and easily accessible in the middle of the city.

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