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Estacada, Oregon Map

A beautiful hike. The trail currently has a couple of felled trees that I had to scramble over but nothing unmanageable. The trail was a bit muddy in spots. There are a few smaller waterfalls before reaching Pup Creek Falls. The parking area at the trailhead had a lot of trash. Beer boxes, wrappers etc.

1 day ago

2 days ago

Went on this one in the middle of March and it was beautiful out, blue sky’s for days. A little hard to find the trail head on the closed road, most definitely have to keep your eye out for it, it’s marked with a white snow marker pole and the ground has some gravel at first! There’s also quite a bit of dead fall on the trails so wear pants that are flexible to climb over and under everything that has fallen. You experience so many different things along the way, it’s wonderful and breath taking. I highly suggest this hike, just make sure you have plenty of water and good hiking boots!

The trail is super nice, there is currently no snow but lots of rain. Several parts of the path are covered with small rocks. There are some areas that can be dangerous due to the path being so narrow. But other than that it's super beautiful! We saw a bald eagle flying over the river, so cool!

Rough terrain with a few rockslides over the trail. Some trees down, requiring hiker to climb over. All snow and ice is gone. Waterfall was totally worth the difficult level. Hiking boots a must. Took us about 3 hours and 20minutes.

off trail
6 days ago

Fun, intermittently gorgeous, really tough for me. The road for the trailhead is closed, so you'll have to park across the river, maybe at the abandoned weigh station about a quarter mile north-northwest on 224.

Because the road is closed to vehicles, you end up having to walk it for a mile-and-a-half up and then down again on the way out, which is less than exciting. You could probably take a road bike up this portion and find someplace to lock it up (although, in the 4.5hrs my partner and I took for this trail, we only saw four other people).

Be ready to climb over trees and use some bungee cords to descend and ascend.

I have been on a lot of hikes to see waterfalls and this one was my favorite one so far! The waterfall was absolutely stunning and the views along the way were amazing as well. The hike took me about 4 hours to complete walking at a moderate pace so make sure you go early enough in the day. But definitely worth the hike!

My kids and I hiked from Indian Henry on Saturday, March 17. Unfortunately there was still a lot of ice and snow. Watch your step! This is one of my favorite hikes and I look forward to going on it again when the weather is a little warmer.

Not bad, sort of a mellow medium. Hard to see the trail in some spots. Watch out for Frisbees.

Pretty icey in a lot of the trail right now. Didn't have equipment so had to stop around the halfway mark. Would come back to do the whole thing in the summer -- pretty trail by the river.

washed out
12 days ago

Slick ice and snow, lots of mud, mud and rock slides, steep drop-offs, lots of elevation changes - all these conditions made this trail tougher than normal. The sight of Pup Creek Falls at the end was fabulous but I don't know if it was worth it. We ended up sliding on our butts a lot to traverse icy patches (or you risk sliding off the edge). We should've gotten spiked shoes.
We went today (3/13). A couple of ladies we saw at the trail head must've turned around because we didn't see them on our way back. They were wise to be cautious. Hopefully the trail will be better in about a week or so after the ice and snow melt.

15 days ago

Amazing hike. I enjoyed it a lot. I went in March 19 and it wasn’t cold at all and the waterfall was amazing. The best part is there were absolutely no other people on the trail. The best hike is one where there are no other humans. So it was amazing. This trail is not meant for dogs or children! I wouldn’t even try. You have to use the ropes left by other hikers to get up and down one portion of the trail

Good moderate trail. Current conditions are snow and ice.

While the trail runs alongside the highway more than I'd like and power lines take away from the beauty on parts of the trail the waterfall makes this hike worth it.

Trail was in amazing shape, muddy in some parts and the power line little sections didn’t bother me at all - they were few and far between, and afforded some nice views cuz the break in trees. The falls itself was absolutely breathtaking. Went on a Sunday and only saw three other people the whole hike.

The only downfall are stretches of hiking under powerlines and proximity to highway across the river. Best parts are Pup Creek Falls and some established forest.

The first half of the hike is up a closed service road. The “TH” (trailhead) marker is labeled with a sharpie on a reflective snow level marker. Blink and you’ll miss it. The trail from there isn’t maintained, there is lots of deadfall to climb over and under. There are 4 sections of almost vertical down with ropes left by previous hikers to scale down, and up the steep, muddy downgrade. It’s fun, and a bit sketchy. Once at the bottom, the trail to the left is blocked by deadfall and the trail to the right quickly disappears. Never made it to see the waterfalls, if the actually exist. Will try to back in the summer. I will post pictures.

SOLITUDE!!! Not another hiker and only an hour from Portland?!?! Unreal. The directions given on here are a bit weird. There a few different ways to start. Don’t start at the point given on this app. You can keep driving practically the entire way. I plan on coming back another weekend and doing a little off-roading and exploring.

The downer is that the viewpoints aren’t that great, and no waterfalls. Also...lots of gunfire

Lots of up and down which we like. Beautiful views of the river. Easy enough for our 4 year old but not boring.

My girlfriend and I went on a beautiful day hike with plenty of sun and 40º+ weather. Overall, we enjoyed the hike. Here are some facts and opinions: You follow the Clackamas River most of the entire way, the sound is never far away. The road is about the same. Powerlines are also there to say hello several times throughout the way. The old growth groves are impressive and there are also a couple other tree groves that you'll go in and through along the way that make for nice variation. The hike is just moderate by any non-paved standard. There are several nice little falls along the way, with the big one at the end being the finale. They are nice and pretty, but definitely not "more impressive than Multnomah Falls".

We did find a few poo'bags but besides that it was appreciably trash free. Some mud on the trail, nothing crazy... but white tennis shoes will get a taste of the wild.

Overall, I recommend this hike as somewhere to go to explore and not be too picky about everything always being perfect.

Some overgrowth once you hit the power towers, love that you're walking right along the hillside often.
You get a clear view of The Narrows but once at the falls you don't got much of an area besides standing to look.
The best place is .3 before the falls when you cross the Creek on those rocks.
All in all good for those wanting to try more than 'easy' but in my experience the ending wasn't too grand.

Overall, not a bad hike at all. Pleasant meandering among old growth, great views of the Clackamas river, not too far from Portland yet not crowded...HOWEVER....the trail offers nothing truly spectacular, and about 1/3 of a mile of it is almost directly ON highway 224. The worst is the trash and sketchy tweaker cars parked at random trailheads along the way, waiting for you to leave your vehicle alone for several hours

Pictures do not do this waterfall justice! It’s beautiful and worth the long hike. It took about 4 hours to complete so to its distance but it was not a very strenuous hike. It had a couple hills but none too challenging for the everyday hiker. My girlfriend and I hiked it in mid winter and found that there were a couple more beautiful small waterfalls on the trail. Like a 4 in one hike! One of the most beautiful and our most favorite hikes of all. We’ve hiked many trails and seen many water falls and this is definitely one of our favorites because of the beautiful terrain and creeks and falls on the way in and the sheer beauty of the main falls. Absolutely stunning.

Hiked it yesterday starting from the Indian Henry trailhead. As far as trails go...meh. It’s not nearly as challenging as stated above and I’m not in particularly good shape. No snow but tons of ice so be careful

The good: it’s not too far from Portland and easy to find. The old growth and views of the river are beautiful and there are some great camping spots.

The bad: it’s not too far from Portland. I went on New Year’s Day and ran into 7 people, but I’m guessing any other day of the year the place is overrun with Subaru man-bun instagramers. Also, the trail never veers very far from highway 224, So you’re always in ear shot of Kenny-ray and his big ass diesel Chevy tearin’ down the highway. Lastly, a lot of the hike is under high tension power lines.

Overall...it’s meh

Nice trail with a perfect amount of uphill climb, nothing too strenuous. Went in the middle of the day and only passed a couple of people. Trail was easy enough but icy patches and fallen trees added a nice challenge. The rocks were icy and slippery going over the creeks. This is appropriately rated as moderate. I didn’t find the views during the hike or falls at the end all that great.

2 months ago

This trail is certainly not wheelchair friendly as it's listed. Today there was a downed tree in the middle of the trail with no way around other than over and the trail can be steep and rocky in some places. Aside from that, it's an easy walk with some alright views.

I was the only person on the trail this afternoon, but I expect it would get fairly busy in the summer with the river having some good swim spots in this area.

My girlfriend and I have been on many hikes all across Oregon and this was definitely one of our favorites of them all! It took us 4 hours to complete the round trip. The main falls were stunning and one of the most beautiful waterfalls. The trail contained some beautiful views along with many other smaller waterfalls that made the 8 mile hike worth it!

Nice hike a good day out

Great hike, however I would rate as easy. Little muddy, so make sure you take extra shoes and socks, and towels for pups feet, or wash off in the river. Short distance that older kids can conquer, fun for whole family.

Wonderful day hike.

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