The trail was in great shape! Just a little muddy here and there. Wild flowers are out Beautiful views of the river all along the way and the waterfall was amazing, so worth the hike! I clocked about 9 miles.

I agree with the other recent reviews and I thoroughly enjoyed this hike, especially the waterfall at the end. However, one thing to point out is that Hwy 224 runs along the other side of the river nearly the whole trail, so you hear quite a bit of traffic on this hike.

5/29/2020. The parking lot is open. The bathroom at the trailhead is too but it is thoroughly disgusting and lacks any TP. Wonderful hike! Started at 10 am. Not crowded. The weather was outstanding. Everyone practiced social distancing. All dogs were on their best behavior. The falls are very pretty. Wildflowers dotted the edges of the trail. I recommend getting close to the river when given the opportunity. It is stunning.

washed out
5 days ago

Didn't even make it to the trail. We drove up Abbott Rd. about 7 miles out from the trail in a 4x4 truck and we turned around. The road is VERY narrow and severely washed out the closer you get. Taking this way there is no evening out the road with a shovel either. We probably could have made it but the risks of damaging our vehicle on the ditched parts was too much. Don't waste your time in anything less than a 4x4, lifted would be better, hopefully you don't care much for your paint either.

As stated earlier, muddy in the beginning and then not to bad the rest of the way. Pup creek falls is the reward for this hike, but also 3-4 lesser falls on the way. Wild flowers were blooming as were the rhododendrons. parking lot is still closed.

5/23/20: Lots of cars in parking lot but not much interaction with others until the very end. Beginning of trail was very muddy. Will probably dry up. Trail can get narrow so not much opportunity to social distance if that’s important to you. Overall very great hike! Was definitely tired at the end! The falls at the end are beautiful!

Great hike! Although my recording stats were at 9 miles and 2600 elevation gain. Steep drops and for beginner pup owners can be a definite challenge if you’re unsteady on trails. Gorgeous views!

Great hike, not too busy, I probably saw 5 groups. The river is gorgeous as are the falls. Took me about 3:00, i meandered on the way out and had a quick pace on the way back.

over grown
washed out
12 days ago

Really great hike. Lots of places within the first mile to walk down to the river. Sunday afternoon and not too crowded. We clocked 8.3 miles. Moderate for sure, just all around lovely with a decent amount of challenging hills.

Nice trail, third time completing it. The falls look much better in person than a picture. It was fairly busy when I went last weekend. Lots of people and their dogs

Clocked in at around 8.2 miles. I would rate this as more of a moderate hike. It’s hard in terms of length, but the trail isn’t hard at all both ascent and descent. Pretty forest sections and the falls are pretty. You’ll run into an obvious sign directing you to Pup Creek Falls if you start wondering where it is after mile 4.

This hike was over 10 miles and very rocky. Beautiful falls and forest.

Great trail! Very well maintained

over grown
23 days ago

Tried to access trail on 5/9/2020 and could not due to snow and multiple down trees across FR4620. We parked and walked on the forest road instead but had to turn back before we reached the trailhead due to time constraints. We will try again later in the season.

Should not be rated ‘hard’. Good for a stroll. Not a great payoff view-wise, but a gorgeous waterfall.

1 month ago

The water at the end was pretty but you can see the road from the trail for most of the hike and there's alot of trail runners. We passed about 7 groups of people on the way back.

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