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1 day ago

Awesome hike. SO difficult (for me) but absolutely worth it. Once you reach the look out point up top you have an incredible view of the surrounding mountains (whetstone, battle axe, etc.) and can see Mt. Jefferson looming in the distance. You can also see the valley down below to your right. A truly beautiful, challenging, entertaining hike. The only downside was we were unable to find any water once we started the hike. We had our filtration system but couldn’t use it. Supposedly if we’d continued just a bit further there may have been a creek, but we’re not sure if it would have been dry because of heat. Overall, great experience! I definitely recommend.

I really enjoyed this hike. The water is an amazing blue green and there are many pools to take a swim in. A little too cold yet, but will be going back. Weekends are very busy. If you like solitude you will not find it here during peak times. Definitely worth a trip out, but likely better during the week.

Great diverse trail from Opal Creek trailhead to Cedar Flats. This trail is an out and back hike with a total closer to 13.5-not 9.3. Be prepared to climb over logs and hike both road and single track. Jaw Bone Flats is a quirky little must see, as well as, Opal Pool.
I wouldn’t recommend for first time hikers or children under 10, unless they are well versed in hiking.

3 days ago

Hiked this with my younger brother, and I must say that it was very pleasant. Easy and was just plain enjoyable. Definitely bringing more people with us next time.

4 days ago

This is a long but easy hike that is great for dogs and small children. We went all the way to Opal Pool and it ended up being about 8.5 miles round trip. My kiddos are both under 6 and they did a great job. They were tired at the end and fell asleep immediately. Bring snacks for sure. Not the most strenuous workout but beautiful and enjoyable.

*Road has been repaired. Must nicer than previous trips out here.

The water was so beautiful. The hike was pretty easy, even with three kids. The crowds of people were definitely a turn off, though. I’d go again, but very early in the morning.

most beautiful place ive ever been

11 days ago

It’s a nice walk for a hot sunny day! Can’t wait to come back to swim here.
On an off note it was insanely busy... sunny Saturday .. weekend ... bad time to go! Have went during the week before though and it was so peaceful.

**potholes have been fixed so the gravel road to the trail head is in awesome shape!

11 days ago

Really easy day hike! Beautiful river views

Great hike. Steep in some areas with serious falling hazards. Don’t go if you aren’t ready to work out hard. Don’t go if you have a fear of heights. Also note that forest service actually did maintenance on the road out to Henline. Still gravel and a bit bumpy but vast improvement.

17 days ago

I tried to get up to welcome lakes but didn’t feel
Like climbing over anymore logs on this day and a t storm was brewing. Still a nice hike, elk creek is beautiful and the burn areas are very interesting to look at

Why no paste. I’m not typing it again. Accidentally put on different page. You let me copy/cut on old review but no paste on the new one. Bs fix your app, this is dumb!
Great hike....

A bit of snow on the trail, but easy to get to the top.

19 days ago

The hike to opal creek trail was mainly a gravel road. After about 2 miles there is a bridge on the right hand side of the trail. If you take this path its more of a hiking trail - had some steep sections where you need to watch your footing. This trail wound its way to Opal pool and then you can loop back onto the gravel road to your car. Went today and we had the place to ourselves, only saw 3 other people...and no one at all at Opal Pools... The water is gorgeous and clear - which is great for a swim. Marking it a 3 star hike because of the gravel road most of the hike.

Beautiful trails and the water is gorgeous

its very doable until you get half a mile from the top. at that point its about knee deep in snow.

Absolutely stunning hike. Although the 6.6 miles is not entirely accurate , from the start of the trailhead to the finish it's over 8. But the hike is stunning all the way to the falls which are indescribable. The drive that's unpaved though is TERRIBLE ( full of potholes) so be prepared with a good vehicle!

Hiked this one few weeks back but couldn’t reach the top because of snow. Tried it again today but turned back at about 1400’ because the snow got to be too much still. Great trail and if you like to get some elevation and exercise.

Snow starts around 2800 feet. By the time you reach the ridge line snow is about 3 feet deep in some places. Trail is covered and unless you have a map and know where the trail is, is very difficult to follow. Turned back just before the summit because gusts were around 40 mph.

Made it almost to the top but the snow was too deep and the trail was lost. Great hike only a couple of people on the trail. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because not many views but it could be different at the top. But a great work out

Went all the way there and saw the parking lot with about 30 cars, stopped and turned right around. Not my kind of hiking I prefer only a couple people on the trail not a crowded zoo. Tuned around and hiked henline mountain trail instead. Much better

1 month ago

Nice area but was already kind of busy. I can only imagine how it is in summer...

The only reason I gave it four stars was due to getting to the trail head. If you love to rough up your vehicle then by all means travel the last 5 miles up there early spring with pot holes the size of a car. BUT! Totally worth it. The pools and streams where beautiful and still recommend the hike

2 months ago

The water here is the prettiest blue to turquoise.

Couldn’t get my sportwagen through the snow today unfortunately but looks like a beautiful area! Going to try again in a month or so

The water and waterfalls are beautiful!

Such a great hike! So many beautiful pools to stop at. Also a good place to go backpacking. I’ve been twice and plan on going again later this spring.

3 months ago

Always a beautiful hike! One of our favorites

3 months ago

Came up here with the intention of getting as close to Elk Lake as my 4x4 could make it in the snow then hiking the rest of the way in. I literally got to the trailhead and had to park it. Still a good hike and a decent workout. Made it all the way into Elk Lake in about 1.5 hours. Vehicle tracks all the way up. The lake was sufficiently frozen over otherwise I would've tried to fish. The snow on the road was wet and pretty slippery. You won't need snowshoes unless it's new powder. Otherwise, I suggest bringing a pair of Yaktraks or low profile crampons. A little overkill but it was exhausting slipping every step. The views along the first 1.5 miles are pretty nice.

Did this trail last summer. Great for beginners, since it's fairly flat. Definitely a popular trail though, lots of people, kids, dogs, groups playing music, ect.
The old mine town is very cool and the waterfalls and pools are so beautiful, that it was well worth the crowds.

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