13 days ago

We arrived at the trail about 9:00 a.m. on a holiday weekend and imagine our surprise when we were the only car at the trailhead! We hiked to a beautiful campsite about 6 miles in and made base camp. Hiked the next day to the lake and back. We passed only 2 people the entire time we were on the trail.

PLEASE NOTE: from about mile 1.5 until about mile 5 there were many cougar tracks ON THE TRAIL. It was difficult to know how fresh they were - there were some human prints obscuring some of the tracks. We did find scat that appeared to be 4-5 days old so figured the track were as well. The deer and elk are plentiful and so I'm sure that is a draw.

Know what to do if you see a cougar before you hike around in the NW!