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Awesome hike, but was recently burned by a couple wildfires. It is fascinating to see the forest return to life. The end of the trail, is the birthplace of the Rogue River. So interesting to see the water pour out of the dry hillside.

Great easy hike. Amazing to see the Rogue River coming out of the ground.

Beautiful hike! Went yesterday and then did Mt. Thielsen today. Yesterday the smoke wasn’t as bad so we could see all the way to the Three Sisters.
No water on the trail, and a good amount of sun exposure at the top. Bring water and sunscreen! Also, the “scramble” near the top was a three foot ledge to step up onto. It’s a non issue.

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3 months ago

Earlier posts and the USFS website are not accurate! The trail is open, clear and in great shape. Not a single tree was across the path. The Blanket Fire did a lot of damage in the area, including right around the springs, but, overall, the area is still beautiful. The area nearest the river escaped much damage, probably due to the moisture, and the rest of the area is a fascinating blend of healthy, blighted and burnt forest. Yellow Monkey Flower and Fire Weed were both in b full bloom along the river and on all the logs in the river. Hummingbirds were everywhere, and a lot of Dippers were in the water. And to top if all off, seeing such a famous and mighty river start almost immediately after coming out of the hillside was both humbling and impactful. The hike is fairly short, fairly easy and well worth the trip to get there.

3 months ago

This is basically a .5 mile hike if that. You can drive down the gravel road almost the entire way. Then you walk down a driveway to what seems like an abandon cabin and you are pretty much there. Follow the sound of water on the dirt path toward the river! Not much of a hike but good photo op.

About a mile in the trail is closed due to the most recent fire. Not too much shade from tree cover, but the river/creek is very beautiful. Crystal clear water & nice flowing sound.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

nice easygoing trail. well marked.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

easy two hours thirteen minutes. middle of September. nice

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Thursday, September 08, 2016

There are two separate starting point to get to the summit of Mt Bailey: a lower trailhead (10.5 miles out and back) and an upper trailhead (about 5 miles out and back). I hiked from the lower trailhead a short .4 miles from the Diamond Lake South Shore on NFR 300 (left turn from the paved Diamond Lake Loop. The access to the lower trailhead does not require a high-clearance vehicle. I cannot vouch for the access to the upper trailhead on NFR 380.

The 2+ miles between the lower and upper trailhead are easy to navigate, on a well maintained, forested and nicely graded trail. The last .5 miles are essentially flat on a sandy plateau. After crossing NRF 380, the trail is noticeably steeper but still shaded as the treeline is only reached shortly before the false summit. There are a few steep sections going straight up the slope but most of the trail is still well maintained with not too many rocks or roots. To wit the fact that trail runners are using this trail all the way up to the summit. On the way up to the tree line, a few good views of Diamond Lake and Thielsen peak are opening up.

The trail finally reaches the treeline a bit under the first key feature of the hike: a crated just below the false summit which, early in September, still has tong of snow on its South edge. At that point, the views are fully opened to the South with Mt Scott and Mt McLoughlin in plain sight. After rounding the crater, the trails switches-back to the false summit and the first sweeping views East and West as well as the spine to the true summit to the North.

The spine leading to the summit is the only section of the hike that is a bit 'technical". A few "gendarmes" stand on the way and the trail follows their Western (left) edge at the top of steep and long scree fields. A bit of caution here and there in that section can avoid bad surprises. This is also where the second main feature of the hike awaits you: a window in the "gendarme" face that frames Thielsen and Diamond Lake in dramatic fashion.

Past the last gendarme, the trail gently edges up toward the true summit (no marker, no summit register as of 9/2016). Continue a short .1 mile further and slightly down and get an unobstructed view of Diamond Lake and Thielsen. The horizon was a bit cloudy to the North when I was at the summit, but on a good day you should be able to see Diamond Peak and the Sisters.

Bottom line: if you can start from the upper trailhead, climbing Mt Bailey is a must from the efforts to rewards ratio.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The fire last year (2015) really did some damage but as you get to the end, and down to the river, it as green, and lush, as you could ask for. This is my second time doing this hike and I plan on doing it again next year to see how the forest has recovered. There are lots of mosquitos so, bring some good spray. If you don't want to pack in a lot of water, the river water is cold and delicious.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The other reviews do it justice enough. I'll just one important bit. BRING MOSQUITO repelant. My wife and son were bit a bunch. I think my wife got over 70 bites on her. I carried my 8 month old on my back the whole route. only in one spot had to pass her off to get around a fallen tree. It was a challenge being my first hike in years and having to carry a 25 lbs baby. Last year the fore burnt a lot of the surrounding area but right along the river it is very green and still looks amazing. Definitely use mosquito repelant before hand though.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boundary Springs is the headwaters for the Rogue River and is located in the northwest corner of Crater Lake National Park. The trailhead is outside of the park and is isolated from the normal paved roads and activity near the lake proper. We met one other person on the trail and essentially had the entire forest and the springs all to ourselves. This is a very nice quiet and isolated hike. The headwaters to the Rogue River are more an exit point to an underground river rather than what you typically envision as true springs. Although there were plenty of those around the area, the large amounts of water exiting from underground explained why the entire trail heads parallels a significant large creek/small river. I was expecting the river to gradually taper down to a small trickle by the time we got to the springs but that never happened. It's a little surreal looking at what seems to be a full rushing river come out of nowhere from the side of a large hill. I advise taking a good topographical map of this trail as there is one point approximately 0.6 miles from the trailhead where the trail sharply branches off to a hard left. If you are not paying attention you will miss this turn off the main trail. If you find yourself hiking in a direction with the river flow, you missed the turnoff. Presently there is a small sign on a tree wrapped in a small pink ribbon to mark this turnoff. The trail is essentially flat with a minimal overall elevation gain but there are the typical ups and downs of the trail as it parallels the Rogue River. Nothing more than 100 feet gain or loss at a time. We hiked this trail in late October but there was still plenty of water everywhere. A beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the low 60"s. Perfect for hiking.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

If you would favor indulging on the sight of the sapphire blue waters of Crater Lake, then Boundary Springs wouldnt be the hike for you. If you favor soaking in solitude at where the headwaters of Rogue River gushes out of the ground, then this is the hike for you. Logically, a hike to the headwaters of a river would bring you upstream. By chance, if you have come to your senses and realize you are walking downstream, you have missed the side trail that leads to Boundary Springs. Just double back and you will likely see the trail. My husband and I found the map and route description in guide books somewhat unclear. Taking along a more detailed topographical map would be helpful.

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