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A bit difficult to find Boca Cave but worth the time it took. Beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson.

19 days ago

can't really give this a rating but wanted to let people know that about a half mile into the forest road, it was closed. there really wasn't a place to park so we will try this later in the season. the road was nicely plowed though.

We tried to hike this on 3/30/19 but the road leading up to the trail is closed and we were at least 20 minutes away. Womp Womp.

over grown
washed out
20 days ago

off road driving
3 months ago

The road can be easily accomplished in the summer and late Spring months by any vehicle with a little bit of ground clearance. Four-wheel-drive is not required during the dry times; however, if you are visiting during the winter or early spring, expect snow and a lot of mud. Be prepared with a an off-road rated vehicle, good tires, and some recovery equipment.

The end point is beautiful. The campground is nicely maintained during the open season. Check with the folks at the Forest Service in Detroit to find out what roads might be closed prior to going up there. An off-highway permit is not needed; however, campsites do cost.

4 months ago

Very nice and easy hike for the family and dog. Long drive up a bumpy road so be patient. Snow was approx. 6 inches and the lake was frozen over. Parking is limited so arrive earlier in the day or be prepared to park lower and hike uphill to the trail head. You can see photos of the frozen lake and snow covered Mt. Jefferson on my Instagram @whiskeywoodsadventures

it was an amazing hike. fell down coming out of the cave.

Trail isn't too tough to get to super cool and unique scenery and views on the way to the cave.

Boca Cave is spectacular. When you get close to the top of Triangulation Peak, the trail splits. Right up to the summit and left to the cave. Path descends on rocky ground to cave but is doable. Rocky, wet scramble into cave. Don’t miss the framed view of Jefferson.

Foggy, narrow trail, and I couldn't locate the cave.

We hiked with our two dogs to the peak of the Triangulation Tr. to get the most beautiful 360 panoramic view! From there we hiked down into Boca Cave to see Mt Jefferson through the eye of the Cave. Photos do not do the view and experience justice.

Phenomenal! The peak is definitely worth it, and Boca Cave is easy to find and really cool. Hike up is a bit brushy, not to difficult.

Really easy summit hike and great to see both the cave and the peak at the top! Great camp spot up there too. NOTE: when going to the cave you will go through a burned forest area and the trail is relatively difficult to follow so keep your eyes peeled. It's a scramble with lots of loose rock, but doable if careful

Beautiful short hike with lovely views and dense forest along the way. Amazing reward at the top with a step back in time to the lookout cabin and a vista of mountain views.

Helpful Hints **
The directions off of here were wrong when I plugged it in. It took me to a gated off forest road. Just type in the trailhead on google and it'll take you to the right place.
The cave won't be hard to find if you know what to look for (I didn't, but eventually found it.) There's an obvious trail that y's off to the left by the summit. Follow that till you get to another viewpoint, and you'll see the burn area. Don't walk down into the burn. Walk along as close to the rock as you can and there's a small trail that dips to the left and goes down, and hooks left right along the cliff wall. The cave faces Jefferson on the cliff wall of the viewpoint you passed walking towards the burn. It's right underneath it really. kind of hard to explain, hope that helps.

5 months ago

A little further "out there" means more solitude.
Trail is easy to navigate if you've brought a map, the trail is as described save the last .5 mi feels steeper than I'd expected. The history of the very neglected watch makes this a great hike even if you don't have cloud breaks for magnificent views.

GPS had us on the wrong road to a locked logging road. Definitely take 2233 approach to the trailhead. The gravel section was brief and not too bad. Gorgeous views at the top of triangulation peak! Boca cave was MASSIVE. Really enjoyed the burned out beauty. The approach to the cave could be pretty difficult for some. my poles came in handy. Highly recommend.

a basic forest trail that leads to beautiful views. definitely fire damage that was pretty in its own way. Boca cave was spectacular, and much bigger than expected. I think our mileage was about 4.6 miles.

Pretty steep most of the way up. Beautiful views of mount Jefferson at the top. Be aware there is a lot of damaged area from wildfires.

We made this hike in September. It’s was beautiful. The camp site at the north west lake was perfect and surprisingly well maintained (no trash).

We avoided battle axe mountain since two of our group were new to hiking and we got started out late.

First of all, what the sh*t Nancy. Dropping a trail's rating just because you don't know how to Google or call a ranger station is BS. (Referencing the below review).

This is an awesome trail with excellent payoff for moderate work. There is a primitive campsite up there too, but no campfires especially right next to the burned area! Next time Im tempted to hike in my gear and stay the night! World class views of Hood, Three Fingered Jack and South Sister, and obviously Mt Jefferson taking point and center. The cave was an awesome added bonus, you must follow literally foot prints and somewhat of a trail downhill through the burned area after passing through the campsite. Be careful as its slippery. The trail all around was enough to feel accomplished but also easy enough to not feel ragged. I started around 430pm and was back to the car at 730pm after watching the sunset from the summit. Total distance on my pedo said just under 6 miles.

I would like to go but I do not see any roads to get there. How is this accessed?

This hike is great! Amazing views:) including the cave, the round trip was 6 miles.

Beautiful view, amazing sunset from the peak if you camp. Cave adds a nice side adventure and interesting walk through the burn.

This is an excellent hike with so many beautiful views. Make sure you fill out the paper in the little box at the trail head (northwest forest pass) and keeping your copy on you as you hike...we got stopped on the trail by someone with the forestry service that asked for it. You can be fined if you don’t. The hike was very dusty but so many different terrains and great views I didn’t care. I did bring extra water which was helpful. The cave was not super hard to find, you have to go downhill through the burnt forest and around to the left. Pretty much follow the foot prints. Also this app is amazing and if you open the map somewhere you have phone signal and leave it open you can use it even if you don’t have signal. It will show you as a blue dot and you can “follow the red line” to your destination. I’m surprised how many people use this app and don’t know that. So many photo opportunities it is a great hike. You will get your heart rate up a bit in some parts of this.

I loved this trip! Made it this weekend with my dog. People at the trailhead seem worried about finding the cave, but don’t fret! Is pretty easy to find, especially with other people there. First you should go up to the peak. Right before you get there, you’ll see a campsite to the left. That’s where the cave trail is. Keep going straight to the peak.

After that, head back to the Boca trail and follow that. There’s a patch of now burned forest going downhill. Go downhill. Some people tried to go straight and up, but that’s wrong. Follow the footprints down and to the left, you’ll encounter some jagged rocks, and the trail pretty much shows you the way from there.

Really beautiful up there yesterday! I’d go early because it can get a little busy and there isn’t a lot of room to pass hikers going the other way. Finding the cave can be a little tricky, but we had luck following the footprints in the dirt.

The trail starts on a small gravel road, and be careful not to miss the trailhead about 2,000 feet from the entrance on the right. I have never been on a trail without seeing any other hikers—so if you’re looking for a private, wild, and true hike, this is it! The views are incredible at most points, and it never got too hot due to wind. The bugs are almost all gone, but try to wear pants to help combat plants from cutting and poking your legs. Most of the trail is single-file and quite rugged. Overall amazing, easy to get to, and only hard in distance. The ascent isn’t bad at all.

Awesome hike with beautiful views! It was clear today and you could see several other mountains in addition to Mt. Jefferson. The cave trail is close to the summit - easier to find on the way down. It’s not far, and there is a trail that veers off to the right coming from summit. A large rock in the middle of that trail marks ‘cave’ with an arrow. The cave itself is down through the burned area (but there’s a trail) and is kind of a scramble. Recommend taking poles for this part. There’s a rock formation at the top of the burned area and the cave is down below the opposite side of that formation. So worth the scramble!! It’s beautiful.

Beautiful hike, beautiful view!! Sad to see how much has been devastated from fires but AWESOME to see how much rebuilding is happening and the incredible work of NPS & volunteers. P.s- I could not find the cave even though some folks told me it was “so obvious.” Oh well, amazing nonetheless!

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