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Culp Creek, Oregon Map

Nice, shorter hike with some falls included! I will say that it’s rated on here as easy, but I did not find that to be the case. The trailhead sign even says that it’s “More difficult”. Plenty of uphill climbs on the way in. Totally worth it though! Went on a Sunday and didn’t run into anyone on the trail.

We headed out early today to hike the “Trifecta!”
And we were not disappointed!!
We read a lot of the reviews for all of the Falls!
Very EASY to get to if you use Google Directions!
We also left the navigation on. All trails are one after the other! And there is a sign that states the mileage to Moon and Pinard after Spirit...Granted there is not a “distinctive sign” for Spirit Falls but if you track to mileage the trail sign is easy to spot! We hiked Spirit Falls first. Then drove to Moon Falls (big sign when you arrive) and the drove up to Pinard! (Good signage for this trail too) Falls were beautiful!!
Doing all three trails was a nice workout and peaceful hike! This is the perfect time of year to hike these trails when it’s dry!
We headed back home going towards Cottage Grove instead of taking the 5847 back to Hwy 58. Much nicer route home as we live in Eugene.
Awesome day!

Great hike! Like your in a scene out of the movies..... very jungle and hidden. We loved it. Did upper and lower. Did see one single person just our group of four.

2 months ago

Hidden gem. There was no one there for the 2+ hours I was there and it was incredibly relaxing. Not a difficult hike at all.

3 months ago

Not much water in early Sept but a pretty hike on a gorgeous day. Gonna have to do it again after we get some rain and the falls are running. Ran into 5 or 6 other groups hiking today.

3 months ago

Beautiful place, saw no one the two hours I was there.

Love it. Great pool to float in, but best seen with full light in June midday.

3 months ago

Beautiful waterfall! The hike wasn’t too bad, but at the end it does get steep and I had to slide down so wear shoes with good traction.

4 months ago

What a gem! Coming down the trail was a bit tricky and slippery due to loose dirt/rock, but overall a great time. One of the foot bridges are broken, but easily passable. We took a left at the at the path intersection and found the lower falls.

We tried to drive to this Trail after hiking Spirit Falls, but we could not make it down the road with the snow. So if you do this Trail in early spring, bring chains!

Slick areas when rain saturates clay. The falls were gorgeous at day break!

started early and encountered noone on the trail, wildflowers are blooming, both falls are running, just an awesome hike!

7 months ago

beautiful falls, only a few muddy patches currently, easy hike

Great not as well know waterfall trail feat. two falls. The hike is fairly easy, moderate rating I believe is due to the uphill section for the first two miles to the Upper falls. Another reason, and I'm surprised not more people mention. The trail around behind the falls, from below facing it, looks as if the trail has been washed out. I weighed risking it, as I am 260+ lbs. and was hiking alone. I decided to forge on and was glad I did. Around the bend just before going behind it does get very hairy, especially with how wet and muddy it was at this point and time. I took it slow and was careful with my footing. To those who question if it's passible; it is, just watch your step, it's well worth it. Going behind is what makes this into an approx. 5 mi. loop and gets you back to your car, shortly after meeting up with Bryce creek trail. Don't forget to checkout the lower falls just before the end.
Great hike! Worth the drive and not too busy early morn. in later April.

7 months ago

Agree with the comment directly below me, the trail is VERY muddy right now don't underestimate it. Hiking boots preferred but my friend did it in Nike's and made it! 10/10 worth it though, beautiful falls and very full right now due to all the rain.

Very pretty falls once you get there with a lot of water running over. Trail is VERY muddy right now. Hike is closer to 1.5 miles round trip, going all downhill to falls and all uphill back.

8 months ago

2nd best of the three falls in this area. see also: Moon falls and spirit falls. Out of the 3 this is the longest and most difficult hike. Isn't to bad though, could be considered an easy, but might be difficult for youngens. Good payoff at the end, with a nice tall falls and a bench to relax and enjoy. Hiked in late March and it wasn't too muddy, but falls were full.

Spectacular hike! Around every twist of the trail was a fresh display of nature that was more breathtaking than the last. Even the drive in was gorgeous. I came in from the west on Row River Road which turned into Brice Creek Road and brought me into the National Forest... I had originally typed "Upper Trestle Creek Falls" into my GPS.... I never found out where my GPS wanted to take me. I took one look at the tiny, scary, one-lane, gravel path called "National Forest Rd 2232" it urged me to turn left on and decided nah, I don't want to die today. I had ZERO phone service at this point (I'm from out of state, not sure if local phone carriers provide better coverage in this area...) but I figured I'd carry on down Brice Creek Road. There were little campgrounds, picnic spots, etc along the way and in short time I came across "Brice Creek Trail - East Brice Champion Creek Trail head" which was a great place to start. There was a outhouse and a board that had posted some directions for different trails, and there were signs marking how to get to the upper and lower falls along with how far each was. The temperature was supposedly near 50 degrees, but it felt chillier in some areas. It was super damp and chill near the falls, and the weather was on and off sun/sprinkles. I was grateful for for my layers and raincoat to adjust along the hike. I took about 3 hours to do the 4ish mile loop. The trails were a little snowy in some spots, and other spots required a bit of balance and coordination, so I definitely took my time. There were also lots of nice spots to just sit and take in the beautiful creek, falls and forest. All in all it wasn't too challenging or strenuous, though. I think it required the perfect amount of effort for a nice afternoon hike :)

This hike was magical as it happened to be snowing when we did it. We didn't do the lower falls because of time but the upper was incredible. We connected this to the Brice Creek trail and had a blast. Will be excited to see it in the summer too.

Super fun hike. Lots of wildlife and not to crowded of a trail.

Great Views of forestry and hills in distance on the way. Waterfall was amazing!

10 months ago

Totally underrated little gem in the Umpqua. A few miles past the trailhead for Trestle Creek Falls but before the turn off for Bohemia Mt and Fairview Peak Lookout. Great little add-on hike. The lower falls, only a half mile in, is by far the best part. The upper Falls is neat, but could easily be skipped if you’re doing this as an add on hike.

This was a great hike!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wonderful short trail. These waterfalls are worth the drive.
Here is my video on the place:

Monday, November 06, 2017

Short hike with a lovely waterfall.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Started on upper trestle creek falls TH. Got to the falls around the 2 mile mark. Maybe a little after. Consistent uphill but not too difficult. My 4 yo walked the whole way. To continue on the loop walk behind the falls. Could be scary if wet. Continued on the loop to lower trestle creek falls. You will come to a junction where you can either go left or right, go left to stay on the loop. Then you will come to a fork with a sign for the lower falls. An additional .3 miles. Come back on that trail and continue on the loop. (You will exit on Brice creek TH) Total of 4.5 miles. Would love to go back when the falls are fuller. still beautiful. Family friendly.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

See my review of these 3 closely spaced waterfall hikes under 'Moon lake hike'. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I thought Moon lake was the prettiest- which is yours...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Love waterfalls. Always worth seeing once. A lot of people. Never what I'm going for I dislike stopping in a regular to let people pass

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I've been doing this trail for over 20 years. I always combine it with Brice Creek Trail. I usually put in at Cedar Creek campground or West Trailhead on the Brice Creek Trail. When you combine the two trails you get approximately 13.6 miles of adventure for an out and back trip. I've done hikes, trail runs, and mountain biking here. It's enough of a trail to make you feel like you have accomplished something for the day. Upper and Lower Trestle Creek Falls are rewarding vistas. You can finish off with a swim in one of the many many swimming holes and camp at the end of the day. Side note. I'd like to invite hikers to carry some sort of drop bag so we can pack out some of the litter that gets left behind. Not just for this trail, All trails. Happy trails.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

The trail is 5 stars, but the mosquitoes are pretty heavy. I wouldn't suggest doing this without plenty of bug repellent! The waterfall was so pretty though and I'd love to do it again.

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