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Super short trail. Went on a hot day, lots of bugs, and trail was super overgrown so i went home after 15 minutes of trying to find a clear path

1 month ago

Very easy hike and lovely. The little lake is fun for the dogs and is quite pretty. By taking some of the side trails one can add some difficulty and or distance.

Nice views once you're at the top!

Did this hike a couple of weeks ago. It is a nice afternoon activity. It was moderately busy. Dogs are allowed off leash. My fur baby loves the water!

1 month ago

Nice for a quiet midday hike.

Great moderate hike. Saw a wild turkey and wild flowers. Directions are accurate. Left me wanting to explore the many other trails in that area.

Woodpecker Loop Trail is one of my favorite trails at Finley. It's short, but very beautiful and enjoyable. I like to hike all the way around 1 way and then turn around go and hike it in reverse. Doing that, you'll get about 2 and a 1/2 miles in. Great trail, good mix of trees and open sky. Lots of wildflowers in the spring and early summer.

1 month ago

My new favorite trail! Highly recommended...

Gorgeous hike! Trails are well maintained.

My new favorite trail! Relatively easy hike — first quarter flat, second quarter up hill, third quarter flat and last quarter downhill. Lots of grassy space on top with 180 degree views from the Cascades to Mary’s Peak. Heard an owl hooting on the lower wooded section.

nature trips
2 months ago

I took this loop to learn about 100 different native weeds, flowers, plants and trees. The trail has quite a bit of poison oak, best to stick well to the trail. A stream and 2 ponds (1 with a bench) are along this trail so good chance to spot frogs. Of coarse, this is a goodly place for birding.

decent trail. I usually end up way off coarse due to the trail being short. I combine other trails/ roads to try and get my goal of 20 miles a day.

2 months ago

Fairly easy hike close to home and fairly short. Trail not well marked so we got lost and found ourselves paralleling Walnut Blvd before backtracking and finding the right path. A bit noisy with road noise and power equipment in use by the apartment buildings adjacent to the trail.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Not to difficult even if you’re out of shape. A few good hill climbs, but overall gorgeous and very fun

Good trail. Decent amount of people. Not really what I expected, but was still fun. Wouldn’t do it again but glad I did it!

Way too muddy today. I guess that’s what you should expect when it’s been raining all week including earlier today. Slipping and sliding the whole way. I think it will be a nice hike ewith a dry “er” trail. There were some pretty big tracks in the mud, which were probably from a black bear or a very big dog or someone with a black bear footprint maker walking stick, whatever that’s called. My dog is “supposedly“ a malamute and German shepherd mix, more on the German Shepherd size and those prints were way bigger than his. At first I thought mountain lion but after a little research, visible claws is unlikely to represent a cat.

Hreay trail. We met the director of Land Trust and learned a lot about the area.

Great trail! We did have to park across the highway because there’s only 4 spots.

4 months ago

This was fun hike. Was a little steeper in places than others said it was. That being said my family of 5 did this hike in a couple hours.

love the Allen Throop loop but I usually add it to Mulkey creek trail and start at Oak Creek side of bald hill. Cardwell hill I did'nt enjoy as much as these.

5 months ago

I did this as a night hike it felt pretty comfortable even in the dark would like to go back during the day to check out the scenery

First off its impossible to get lost. The loop basically climbs in elevation and loops the ridge. It was helpful to keep my app on hand to check how the trails connected. This is not aggressive riding but still very enjoyable. We were able to find some grade and water crossings to challenge our animals. I would recommend this for a good day ride. You could easily return for several trips and find new routes. Riding clockwise be aware the last stretch back to the start is on the paved road, approximately one mile.

Great trail with great elevation gain.

Nice trail, not muddy. A couple of picnic benches along the way. Would be beautiful in the springtime.

Easy access off of hwy 99. Parking has 4 spots. Across the street is parking at the mini mart. Few people, my 12 and 6 year old had no problem. Made the trip early Janurary 2018 just alittle rain. Great hike in the woods.

5 months ago

the lake is Beautiful early morning. I usually combine other trails in with this to make it more of a workout.

Bring good company

So fun - quite muddy in January - but still fun.

Steep and pretty.

6 months ago

Nice trail for walking or birding, but there are signs posted around the parking asking people not to run on the trails. Too bad.

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