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A mostly easy easy trail, only some portions are actually moderate. Primary aged kids and dogs on leashes were comfortably walking this trail.

Great trail that took about an hour and a half to walk. Second falls are best if you walk the trail clock wise from the parking lot.

This is an amazing experience for anyone who appreciates nature. Both of Latourell's falls are some of the most inspiring waterfalls you will ever see, falling over 100 feet from a volcanic rock wall into a relaxed stream with a bridge. Very great spot for pics. Upper falls are an uphill climb the entire way, but only a mile to the rewarding up close views. Then a scenic loop back descending through the woods. Under an hour total hike time. Two incredible waterfalls you will be happy to have witnessed!

This was my second hike and it makes me want to go back for more! At first it was a bit challenging as it’s all up hill. But then it evens out fairly well and of course you go down hill after that.

You come to a point where there is a tree bridge (where a tree has fallen across the water). You can go right on the trail to cross the “bridge” or go left. Go left!!! There is an AMAZING second waterfall. So worth the extra mile or so.

My tracker says this hike with the trail to the left was 3.6 miles. It took maybe 1.5 hours total. So worth it! We’re slow and take our time.

Oh! And we ended up on the main road and we were confused. Cross that road and go down that trail into the park and follow the path to the right. It takes you back to the base of the first waterfall and to your car.

Love the upper fall. Beautiful. A gem by the city.

Incredible. Every time I go it gets better and better. First half of the trail is challenging. My tracker said I walked a total of 3.5 miles, including the upper falls area. Instead of crossing the tree bridge, continue straight to see an entirely different (equally as beautiful) waterfall about another mile in.

Did the full 2 mike loop for he Upper and lower falls. The lower falls are much more impressive for photos but also very crowded.

Hiked on March 5th. Great views of the upper and lower waterfalls. Multnomah falls and others were closed due to the fires, but this was a great hike to take its place. The fall can be viewed from the parking lot, so its easily accessed if you are looking for something easier than a hike.

Great forest hike that ends up on an awesome sandy beach.

We went over spring break. Water has a way of calling to me. The sounds, the colors, the mist... Beautiful!

Hiked this today. Go early because it does get crowded. I started around 9:30am and by the time I got back the parking lot and surrounding areas were full. Some muddy spots, so some area are slippery. Beautiful hike! Once you hit the upper Falls the mist will cool you off.

Love this hike! It’s pretty short, but the falls at the end are beautiful. This isn’t a super easy hike for people with disabilities as it is kind of steep and there are stairs, including some steep stairs to the viewing deck. Older kids would enjoy it.

The trail was great! It was muddy like other people said but we live where we live and it didn’t hinder the hike at all. No obstacles on trail and well maintained. So glad this beauty is open! If you want the solitude then take the upper falls hike loop. I had it all to myself this morning and I started late.

Came here on a random heat wave June 2016 because Oneonta was ridiculously busy. To our surprise we found we were accidentally on our way to a nude beach. We didn’t actually leave the trail so we never seen anything. The beach seemed inconspicuous, which seems perfect if you’re into that kind of thing. Overall, not my kind of hike. However, I like forest trails....

One of the best hikes that I’ve been on but make sure to wear the proper shoes.

Wasn’t the best but then again I’m more into long hikes

My husband and I loved this hike. There are two waterfalls and a well maintained trail. I used my trekking poles for stability in the muddy areas and for grip on the steeper parts. I’m pretty heavy and not in great shape, so I took several quick breaks, but it was very doable and I’m looking forward to going back again soon.

I haven't been on this hike... but I do know this trail is closed due to the fire in 9/2017... Not sure why this page isn't indicating the closure...?

1 month ago

Visited mid-March. Sunny but cold. Most other trails were closed due to the Eagle Creek Fire. Muddy and some sections are steep. Fairly crowded. Hiked with 10yo and 4yo who completed the loop without complaining. Passed a few folks stopping to catch their breath. Upper and lower falls are beautiful. You'll get a little wet at the bottom of the upper falls. Only complaint is the lack of trail markers. Lots of folks were blazing their own.

1 month ago

Absolutely amazing :) it was sprinkling/hailing through the trees, little muddy and had small fallen trees to step over. The hike in takes you past beautiful creeks and some stunning scenery! You start on a slight decline, go uphill for a short ways, and then it winds you down to this amazing riverside beach with a view of a waterfall. The hike back is a lot of incline, it's a great workout! Very peaceful and serene hike, I'm in love :) Personally, I love the mud, but if you aren't a fan you should steer clear of this trail during the wet months :)
Happy Trails!

1 month ago

3/24 Latourell Falls, beautiful!
Crowded, which I didn't like. However, because it was so muddy most people didn't go far..

Great views, lots of fun-but suuuuper muddy right now

Short hike ➡️ Beautiful Falls

2 months ago

Beautiful, quick and easy.

This trail is spectacular and is definitely worth the walk especially is it’s basically the only falls trail open right now. Definitely do it clockwise.

One of my favorite hikes. Great for beginner hikers or a quick daily walk in the woods. In the spring and summer I do this hike 3 to 4 times a week. Also going on a sunny morning it's a photographer's dream location.

Hiked this trail a number of times, and it is one that is relatively easy at most points but has a few rough spots if you're not careful. Great view of the Gorge.

Beautiful but very popular expect to share the beautiful views. Trail is in good condition but still has areas that are muddy!

Great hike for young kids. My 4 year old handled it like a champ. A lot of traffic on a sunny day with the other gorge hikes still closed but worth it!!!

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