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Nice, easy hike. There were signs for bees, but we did not encounter any. The trail was very well maintained. There were lots of boardwalks and viewing areas. The visitor center is closed on Monday which meant the bathrooms were closed. We gave this a 4-star because there were lots of options on ways to go, but without a map, it was not clear on how to complete the loop.

I love this hike. It is beautiful but it is close to the ocean so it can be chilly at times. I start at the bottom of the hill trail head so the last mile is up hill. I would say that part is more moderate than easy...It is a very nice hike though. fyi: I am over weight and 56 years old.

It was a pretty walk but couldn't walk around the lake because of flooding which was a bummer.

Dear Oregon residents,
Don’t privatize a beautiful landmark and then complain when people walk on your land to see it. Gorgeous lighthouse.

one of my favorite trails

depending on time of year, much of trail is flooded.

Great easy/moderate depending on the ages/fitness of the hikers. Our kids really enjoy this trail.

Kinda difficult to get down to the beach. A local guided me by entering a woods with a "No Trespassing, Private Property" sign next to it.

Beautiful hike. Well maintained trails.

9 months ago

Did this one 2 years ago with my wife on an anniversary date.

The map on here needs to be updated a little. They have done an expansion that allows for a full circle hike. You start at the trailhead and walk for about .3 miles and come to a sign that shows you have a mile loop in front of you. If you go to the left, you’ll have to watch for the trail after the long bridge. My kids were outgoing this trip and stayed were they thought he trail was, but there is a wooden fence, like the one at the entrance, that marks the trail. They were headed towards the open dunes I think.

Hard to find access...

9 months ago

Great firmly packed sand beach near the end of Seven Devils road. Actually found this one by accident looking for Whiskey Run... Nice little creek and big beach the dogs really enjoyed

9 months ago

Awesomely beautiful beach that gets a lot of use. As small as it is it has 3 parking lots. There were a few kids wading, paddle boarders and kayakers there today. It is very protected with a reef out front. The water was shallow so it's probably warmer than most places on the Oregon Coast.

Very nice place to relax and look out at the ocean. I could hear the sea lions ♥️

Neat way to learn about the ecosystem of the area. They do tours certain times of the year to teach kids about the types of plants animals and fungus that grows. Also a nice walk.

This is a beautiful area and I never get tired of exploring it.


There are several ground hornet hives near the beginning of the Hidden Creek Trail.

The coordinates to the first hive we came across is approximately 43.294, -124.330 just be a bend in the trail. There are several other hives near those coordinates.

My wife is highly allergic to bee and hornet stings. We had to use her epi-pen and rush towards Bandon to the closest hospital. We called 911 and an ambulance met us just south of Bandon Dunes.

Doesn't exist

Really pretty walk. The platform walk through the skunk weed was suowe cool! There are a lot of trails to choose from along the way which made finding our way a little challenging. Thank goodness for the app because it helped lead us out.

took the 4 of us 2 hours ( at leisure) such a great.

a family favorite

The trails to the lighthouse point are illegal trails. The point (and island) are closed to the public. Please do not go there. There are viewpoints on state park land nearby.

Amazing trail.

Easy trail. Nice lighthouse

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Beautiful beach with several trails to different beaches. This is just one of the possibilities

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A short but beautiful hike around this lake. I did this trail at sunset which was really pretty. It's a simple but beautiful hike. Worth your time :)

I love this trail. There is so much beauty around every corner. The signage is really informative. I've hiked this trail a dozen or so times and it never gets old.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

This trail would receive more stars but... 1) take the right trail towards camp ground to the N bridge. It is lovely to shoot photos from, but dont expect this time of year to go any further than the campground. The trail around the lake on that half is overgrown. I tried going down it a ways but could see quite a distance and the trail was all swamp land covered in muddy water. I guess if you dont mind hiking thru the mud and becoming dinner for mosquitos, go for it. I had to back track and go left at the sign. It was worth being bitten by the little blood suckers as the south bridge has benches and I was left alone by the mosquitos there. I could have sat a while but it was getting a little too windy. I did go to the end of the bridge but did not see how far around I could have gotten to the marsh bog trail. I will do this trail again. However the tracking on my phone worked but would not upload to the site. I like my "mapmyhike" app much better. If you take this "hiking" trail, wear repellant, and put some on the 4 legged friends if you are walking them too. No birds seen, no fish seen, one dragonfly.

I would have given this 5 stars except for one thing, there was great signage but no mileage on most. It would have been nice to get an estimate on signage how far you had to travel. lucky for me I grabbed a brochure with map at the center and it mostly had mileage. I tried mapping with the app but 1st time out did not get it right. Best part is the boardwalks they built over the swamp area and all the skunk cabbage was undamaged and could be photographed. Have to go again, different times of year, I did not see it all, or walk it all. loved it.

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